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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Fighting

Congratulations to our New Black Belts – 04/19/2015 – Elmwood Park, NJ

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Congratulations to our New Black Belts – 04/19/2015 – Elmwood Park, NJ


Jr Black Belt 15 y/o & under    
School Last Name First Name Degree
BAY RIDGE       Hodges               Tyler           1ST
BAY RIDGE       Lynch                Mathew          1ST
CHALFONT        Dalesio              Zac             1ST
ENGLEWOOD       Klein                Emily           1ST
FEASTERVILLE    Gaffin               Ty              1ST
GLENDALE        Gonzalez             Gerardo         1ST
HAUPPAUGE       Mezquite             Henry           1ST
PRINCETON       Conn                 Lilly           1ST
RED BANK        Moore                Hunter          1ST
ROCKVILLE       Lajeune              Gabriel         1ST
STAMFORD        Wolfe                Jason           1ST
School Last Name First Name Degree
BAYSIDE         Dominado             Vic             1ST
BETHLEHEM       Wcislo               Karolyn         1ST
MANHATTAN CHELSEA Nieves               Raynaldo        1ST
NORTH PLAINFIELD Kaper                Igor            1ST
NORTH PLAINFIELD Rivera               Lisa            1ST
Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Women Punching

Why Tiger Schulmann’s Is Your Fitness Solution

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Kickboxing at TSMMA Old Bridge

Hitting the heavy bag at Tiger Schulmann’s.

There are many choices you can make if you want to lose weight and get in shape. There’s tons of gyms with personal trainers, there’s cardio kickboxing classes, and there’s even exercise equipment at home. So why is Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts better and more effective than any of these countless options in your own area? The answer becomes clear in a matter of minutes. Or rounds, in this case.

What makes the TSMMA program in a class all itself is the amount of benefits you receive all at once in one training session. In fact, it’s threefold: you learn a skill, how to defend yourself, and tone up, all at the same time. Through kickboxing first and later on close-range defense, you learn the martial arts. Whereas Tiger Schulmann’s used to be strictly Karate, the strikes you’ll learn with a partner on the heavy bag show you a modern and practical style of combat – punch by punch, kick by kick. Eventually learning the close-range aspect of grappling in a completely different type of work out, you will become a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist on your journey towards a healthier and fit ‘You’.

And that’s what everyone wants, right? To be fit, in better shape? So why train with TSMMA instead of those other ways? For one, you can take a cardio kickboxing class, but they’ll probably have you swing your arms without technique, without consideration to practical use, which could also lead to injuries. Why spend so much time throwing punches and kicks if you’re not being taught them properly, when you can spend that time honing your skills the right way, while getting shape also? The techniques you learn at TSMMA work – we wouldn’t have a Fight Team  full of successful professionals at our Headquarters if they didn’t work! You may not want to be a fighter, but you’ll train just like them. In the process, you’ll get in great shape. The specific toning that comes from hitting our bags & pads with our techniques can’t be replicated with dumb bells, elastic bands, or instructional videos. Our instructor and students will motivate you to do your best and stay consistent, which will make the pounds fly off, the muscles build up, and the mirror or scale become places that make you smile instead of dread.

Lastly, all at the same time you’ll get in shape and learn martial arts, you’ll also  learn how to defend yourself, which is important no matter your gender, age or size. You want to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation, but you can’t help anyone until you know how to help yourself first.  That all starts on our mat. Someone trying to steal from you – or worse – doesn’t care about your personal space; they will do what they want to do regardless of your feelings. If that happens, you will be ready. You will defend yourself using the techniques we will teach you. Forget a stolen wallet or purse; it could be the difference between life and death. The saying is, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”, and when you know the TSMMA way, you and the people around you that matter to you will be safe.

In essence, this narrows down all those options, to one. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts is the only way to learn martial arts, get in shape and learn self defense, all at the same time. And with a Free Trial Class, you can come in and get a taste of all this today! Call 732-705-3351 or visit to schedule your free class NOW!

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FREE Child Abduction Prevention Seminar On May 2nd 2015

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Below is a horrific CHILD ABDUCTION video




I’m 34 years old and was only a year old baby when this happened, but I remember my mother always scaring me so badly I never walked away from her in public.  It’s just terrible what happened to poor Adam, but the only good thing that came from his murder was the organizations to help lost/abducted children and the award winning television show “America’s Most Wanted”.  Due to that show, thousands of terrible men and woman have been arrested and sent to prison where they can’t hurt anyone anymore?

According to CHILD ABDUCTION statistics, approximately 2,000 kids on a weekly basis are abducted here in the United States.  That’s insane!  2,000 children are taken away from their family on a weekly basis, and there are two times of the year that those numbers increase exponentially.   Those two times are during the holidays and spring.

During the holiday’s the best deals are going on in the shopping malls.  This is actually where and when Adam was abducted.  His mom wanted to see something that was on sale and Adam wanted to see the games.  So she let him play with the other kids while she was off checking out the sale items.   You see, back then things like that was not common so why would that happen, but unfortunately it did.  That’s what happens even today, people think “that won’t happen to me”, so when they are fighting for the best deal the parents aren’t paying attention to their children.  In the background are people that are shopping for the wrong thing, and when the parents aren’t paying attention their children are abducted and sadly most kids are not found.  If they are it’s just their body.


The other biggest times of the year that is huge for child abduction is the spring time.  The reason behind that is that especially in May, because even though April is nice there are more rainy days than sunny.  So in May it’s usually always nice and the kids go crazy from their prison (home during bad weather) and run all over the place not paying attention to their surroundings.  Kids run into a paring lot after their basketballs/footballs and become an easy target.  Maybe walking along side of the street and a man asks for help to find his daughter’s lost puppy, give the kids soda and candy to give away.  There are so many ways kids are lured into someone’s car to be kidnapped, it’s just so sad and disgusting.

On Saturday May 2nd at 12 pm here at the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s we are hosting a FREE CHILD ABDUCTION SEMINAR.  In this seminar I will educate the children on the dangers of strangers and the many ways they trick children so they can kidnap them.  I know you’re probably thinking, “well, I teach my kids to NEVER talk to strangers”.  Kids will still talk to them, especially if they are tricked.  You can tell them till you’re blue in the face, but honestly they will still in most cases talk to or go with a stranger.  They are not truly educated and armed with confidence.

That’s where my self defense program and child safety seminar come into play.  My martial arts program truly builds confidence due to the simple fact is I teach kids how to defend themselves in any situation from any attacker, kid or an adult.  Besides empowering the kids through my program I educate them on strangers and so many situations they might get approached on the street by a stranger.  They will be armed with confidence and knowledge, and this way what you teach them at  home will be re-enforced!  Truly giving the kids a “FIGHTING CHANCE!”

For information on my CHILD ABDUCTION PREVENTION PROGRAM please call me Jared at 845-501-7096 or email me at to reserve your spot!


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The 90 Day Challenge Finish Line

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kickboxing 90 day challenge

Dear 90 Day Challenge Participants,


Congratulations on your participation and journey through TSMMA’s 90 Day Challenge.


The Weight Loss and Transformation Challenge started back on January 19th and officially concludes on April 19th!


$20,000 in prizes are now set to be awarded to 12 winners of the contest and are detailed below.

90 Day Challenge Prizes

If you choose to compete for prizes and stated so on your application, please follow the contest guidelines to ensure proper entry:


1) Before and After photos must be submitted to TSMMA location by Monday April 20th.


2) Photos should be emailed or brought into the school on a thumb drive. Refer to the photo guidelines below for qualifications:


3) Please wear the same clothes (or very similar clothing) worn in your “Before” photos.


4) The Following Photos are to be submitted:


  • Front Facing (face to camera)
  • Rear Facing (back to camera)
  • Side View (right or left side facing camera)


5) Winners will be required to attend a promotional photo shoot at Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters in Elmwood Park, NJ — approximately one week after the conclusion of the contest.


6) Winners will be chosen by a panel of TSK Franchise Systems, Inc. personnel, and will be judged on each entrant’s “Before” and “After” photos.


Thank you again for your particpation in the 90 Challenge. We are excited to see the results!


Tiger Schulmann’s MMA


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Kickboxing Helps Overcome The Pain Of Addiction

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At some point in your life, you have experienced pain. Whether it be physical or emotional, pain is something that no one escapes. It can be caused by physical injury or emotional stressors. It may be temporary or chronic in nature. It can be sharp, achy or dull. It can be so excruciating that our bodies and minds collapse from distress and exhaustion. Some individuals live with pain everyday that is so great, the rest of the world seems to fade away until we are completely cognizant of how much we hurt. In many cases, most onlookers would never even recognize that someone they know feels that way. Pain that is not visibly observed is usually the most dangerous. Many people manage this type of pain in different ways, looking for methods to cope, ease or cease its continuance.

Tiger Schulmann’s mixed martial arts (TSMMA) has been a place of refuge for many individuals looking to rebuild their lives from traumatic and stressful events that have impacted their health and happiness. Although most students join the kickboxing classes to lose weight and relieve stress, many enter the doors plagued by the pain of depression, addiction and rape. The martial arts component of the TSMMA program is the keystone to its success. A kickboxing class is never simply about coming in to defend yourself or get in shape, but to establish structure and discipline that will eventually carry over into your life. There are several students (which remain anonymous) who have gained such attributes and continue to build on a foundation that was once desolate and damaged.

“Some individuals live with pain everyday that is so great, the rest of the world seems to fade away until we are completely cognizant of how much we hurt.”

Romelio Vargas is one such student who feels it is important to share his story of how he overcame his painful journey with addiction and maintained his sobriety with kickboxing. At the age of 65, Romelio is the oldest active student training at the TSMMA Vails Gate location. His quiet and professional demeanor on the mat would never indicate that addiction had impacted his life. Like many young men drafted in the Vietnam War, Romelio was proud to serve his country and was sent to various parts of the world. During a time when marijuana and alcohol were both prevalent and acceptable means for social engagement and coping during wartime, Romelio managed to avoid the temptation of drugs and alcohol while overseas. However once he returned home, he was exposed to a new life that would test his resilience to change and his resistance to temptation.

He began spending his paychecks on alcohol and ultimately progressed to marijuana and cocaine. Although the threats of addiction continued to rise, Romelio managed to mask his internal struggles with a somewhat stable lifestyle through marriage, the birth of his son and becoming a homeowner. In addition to dealing with the common pressures of everyday life, Romelio’s addiction began to catch up and increase the weight of his stressors causing personal pain and suffering that took over his life. He began selling drugs to support the cost of his addiction, and ultimately being arrested for DWI is what liberated him from the everyday pain of being an addict.

Romelio has been training with TSMMA for over ten years

Romelio has been training with TSMMA for over ten years

Beginning a rehabilitative program was standard and necessary for Romelio to overcome his addiction. “I thank God for teaching me a lesson and I also thanked the officer who pulled me over.” Romelio has been sober for 27 years and prides himself on the fact that his daughter has never seen the effects of his addiction and that his marriage has lasted 37 years.

 “TSMMA is my sanctuary. I can leave my troubles outside. This is ‘ME’ time.”

Although Romelio’s addiction and sobriety predate his start with TSMMA in 2004, his decision to join was fueled by the need to supplement the support he receives from his sponsor and alcoholics anonymous meetings. “TSMMA has helped me continue to replace bad habits with good ones and improve my self-discipline with kickboxing classes.” Romelio feels that although there are many other outlets, TSMMA has been the most successful in helping him get through bad days. “It is my sanctuary. I can leave my troubles outside. This is “ME” time.”

Romelio enjoys "me" time everytime he steps on the mat

Romelio enjoys “me” time everytime he steps on the mat

Many of the students who have joined TSMMA to overcome their struggles have managed to maintain their self-discipline and heal their bodies through kickboxing. But TSMMA offers much more than just the kickboxing workout for your body. It has become a necessary outlet for many individuals struggling with all types of pain, ranging from mental and emotional afflictions to addiction or traumatic events.  It is an outlet for the mind to organize, expand and heal in times of turmoil. Although kickboxing is no substitute for rehabilitative and therapeutic treatment, the TSMMA program has been a key supplement for individuals seeking a path to physical wellness, an intimate group of supportive peers, a motivational boost for the mind, and a healthy challenge. TSMMA prides themselves in providing a comfortable and secure environment for every student that passes through their doors. It is a safe space meant to impart trust and hope in those seeking assistance to overcome their fear, insecurities, anxieties and vulnerabilities. It is the expectation that our program assists students in coping and helps them succeed in managing whatever ails them.

If you are looking for a way to change your life and empower yourself to be the person you were meant to be, sign up for a FREE trial class at a TSMMA location near you.

By Lauren Rose


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Belt Ranking

Our Martial Arts Rank System and it’s Meaning

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Tiger Schulmann's Mixed Martial Arts Belt Ranks

 Why do we have a martial arts ranking system?

I remember as a young martial arts student, I attended a school that had no ranking other than white belt and blackbelt. If you asked the instructor how long it would take to get a black belt the answer was at least five years. Although myself and a very linmited number of students continued training, most students would quit after a short period of time. There was no way to tell how far towartd your goal you had come or how much longer it would take to get there.

At Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed martial Arts we use a belt system consisting of different colors. When a student first starts at the school, they may only have one goal in mind. Maybe it is learning to defend themselves that is intruiging or maybe they see themselves getting in better shape. As white belts they train with this one goal in mind. As the student continues in their training, the belt system gives them small attainable goals so they always know how much progress they have made and can see how far it will be to reach their long term goals.

Get your body moving and engage your mind as well

Get your body moving and engage your mind as well

As each student progresses, the goals tend to change. Instead of learning self-defense a student may desire to compete in a tournament. Instead of getting in shape alone, a student may decide to become a great martial artist. A big part of this is due to the fact that with each of these achiements comes new found confidence. Building self-confidence is the key to making a student successful, not only in martial arts, in every area of life.

When a student sees, through our ranking system, the achievements they are making they become even more goal oriented and strive to attain even higher goals. Higher ranking students begin to become more detail oriented. They strive for perfection in every technique. This becomes the norm in all aspects of their everyday life. Young students do better in school and adult students do better in their work.

Martial Arts Begins at Black Belt!

All members in the school are striving for that long term goal, the black belt. This is an achievement that not everyone makes. It takes many years of training. Along the journey students learn to have self-discipline, not just in martial arts but in everything that they do. They become self-confident and are not intimidated by anything or anyone. They also continually work to become better human beings since this is the true meaning of the black belt. When a martial artist receives this honor they soon learn that it is not an end to their training but a beginning!

Martial arts black belt

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