Tiger Schulmann’s

1st Weight Loss Challenge Starts This Monday

Woman Weight Loss Before and After Tiger Schulmann's program

Those who train here at Tiger Schulmann‘s  Morris Plains know the physical benefits you gain every time you are here one included is weight loss. Every kickboxing class is designed to deliver a full body workout, from cardio and muscle strengthening, to flexibility and mental relief from stress. However, in order to be in great […]

Courage From Karate Overcomes Mountains

Little Girl Climber Thumbs Up rotated clockwise

  Our 6 year old daughter Zoe started taking classes at Tiger Schulmanns Karate about 8 months ago. Zoe has always been very small for her age and only weighed a little over 3 pounds when she was born. Most people including kids her own age think she is younger than she actually is. They make […]