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How to Beat The Winter Blues With Kickboxing

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The holidays are over and there is a new year upon us. While many are thankful to have gotten through the holidays and get there lives back to a normal routine, many are having that letdown feeling – commonly known as “The Winter Blues”. Although that down in the dumps feeling can hit you any time of the year, it is especially prevalent in the Winter months following the Holidays. The combination of post holiday let down, sundown at 5pm, and the inability to enjoy the outdoors do to freezing temperature have been known to bring even the most positive person down a bit. However, there are ways to beat these winter blues, and one of the best ways is through diet and exercise.

kevin in the snow

Regular exercise has been proven to increase your energy level and boost self esteem, as well as ward off feelings of anxiety and depression. It also reduces stress and improves your sleep. Exercise also releases endorphins in your body , which have been known to put you in a positive mood.  In other words, exercise makes you feel great.
A healthy diet is just as important as exercise to lift your spirits in these cold, dark months. Not only does a healthy diet lift your energy levels, which puts you in a better mood, but the self confidence of having a body you can be proud of will will boost your self esteem and keep your outlook positive.
So where can you go to get the best exercise and nutrition program around? Right here at Tiger Schulmann’s Morris Plains! Our Beginner Kickboxing classes work every muscle in your body, burn over 800 calories in just one hour, and leaves you feeling refreshed and happy. Not only do we offer the best and most fun workout around, but we also specialize in teaching our students proper diet and nutrition. Most people know Tiger Schulmann’s has been teaching the highest quality martial arts for over 30 years. But what they don’t realize is that we having been teaching proper nutrition and getting thousands of people in shape through our 60 and 90 day challenges for over 16 years! Our nutrition program is not a fad diet, tons of bars and shakes, or some point counting lunacy. We pride ourselves on educating our students in proper foods and nutrition habits, and teaching them how to be self sufficient in keeping themselves on a healthy diet they can maintain for the rest of their lives.
So  beat those winter blues with kickboxing! Come on in , and take advantage of our $99 new member special. Don’t hesitate, beat up those winter blues with kickboxing, and get in the best shape of your life at the same time!


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Rockaway NJ Karate Student Has Second Chance To Reach A Life Goal

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My Journey to Black Belt

Rich Receiving Belt

Rich Receiving Belt

by Richard Johnson

It was roughly fourteen years ago when my journey began.  It started quite unexpectedly since I had not set out to obtain a black belt in martial arts but to relieve stress and anxiety which had crept up upon me unexpectedly.  Being quite athletic in my younger years, I had always been quite active in some sort of sport throughout the year which had apparently allowed me to circumvent the stresses of life.  It wasn’t until after I graduated college, was working full time and had attempted to return to college to obtain a Master’s degree that I realized that I was no longer impervious to stress.  At that time in my life, money was very tight, of course, as a result of renting an apartment, driving an ‘85 Toyota Supra and commuting roughly 35 miles to work one way, each day.  Although I continued to press on with my ambition in college, I did not realize that the more I pushed forward, the less I was mentally able to handle the stresses that were slowly building.


“The stress and anxiety in my life had finally reached a plateau”

I believe that I was extremely lucky one evening when I was driving to college for class.   Like most people in New Jersey, I like to drive fast (my wife would vouch as she yells at me all the time about it).  I had received a notice from the school that my classes were to be cancelled due to my lack of payment for the semester.  I thought that I would get there earlier to straighten the financial issues out with the Bursar office, but instead I drove home.  While driving very fast on the highway, I blacked out.  The stress and anxiety in my life had finally reached a plateau.  However, I must have been guided that evening because I didn’t remember the two exits I passed or the busy traffic I awoke in, but I was still within the lane I was originally driving in.  I realized at that point that I needed to do something and it had to happen fast.  I couldn’t drive fast enough to get home while my heartbeat hastened to a point I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  I couldn’t watch the TV that evening without dripping in sweat with elevated body temperatures.  From that point, life had changed and quickly.

Being an avid Howard Stern listener at the time, I would constantly listen to Howard discuss Tiger Schulmann’s Karate and Fitness Center on the radio.  After listening to the commercial every day, I decided to call the number provided.  I was directed to the school in Hackensack, where I attended under Sensei Tirelli’s direction, since this school was the closest to Belleville where I had been living at the time.  Although I was still strapped for cash, I sprung for the instructions the good ‘ol American way by using my credit cards.  Of course, the expenditure didn’t make my financial stresses go away, it had augmented them, however at least I now had a means of working those stresses from my body and mind, so I wound up feeling better although I shouldn’t have.  I had always wanted to take karate lessons as a kid after watching Kung Fu Theater every Saturday, but other sports had always taken precedence.  I never realized the total body workout that could be achieved until the first week I attended classes.  It was a good school with good people who always pushed your abilities and/or limitations to gain better results.  Besides, the feelings of relief after class were such a welcome release from the stresses and anxiety of the day that I was hooked immediately.

I attended classes in Hackensack until I reached my yellow belt and was testing for my green belt.  However, life has ways of turning things upside down and sideways as it had done for me roughly two years later.  We are always told in class not to kick with our toes when executing the round kick, well I did anyway.  The result was a broken big toe on my left foot.  As I recall, I was Joshu Bop’s first injury.  I laugh about it now, but didn’t find it funny at the time.  With the broken toe, increased responsibilities at work, the end of my lease in Belleville, and a move eminent, I attended classes more infrequently.  I ultimately stopped when I realized that I could no longer gain the benefits of karate while making sacrifices with my new family, my wife, and daughter (she now attends class also).  We were renting a house in Morris County at the time and found that travelling, and late nights which had resulted, were becoming more burdensome to my family.  I also needed to have second job to assist with our new financial woes.  No longer attending classes became an obvious choice.  In lieu of TSK, I turned to a local karate school which had exhibited a similar style to compensate for the lack of exercise I so desperately needed mentally.

The local school was a short distance from the house we rented.  It was convenient, yes, but not really worth it, although I didn’t pay much for classes.  I say that only because I did not receive the full body workout I yearned for, although I did receive a well structured, traditional karate lesson.  I left class more intelligent, but still stressed.  After about a year, I stopped going.  It had lost its luster.  Of course, the choice to stop attending class resulted in weight gain caused by the lack of physical exercise and more time to eat.

“I waited patiently for the TSK”

Several years had passed, about fifty pounds were gained, we bought a house, we had a son (he also attends classes), and I found myself at the doctor’s office one day.  The doctor’s tone during our conversation was one of concern.  He insisted that I lose some weight because of the blood test administered days before did not come back with the anticipated results.  Instead, several items tested were high and/or above the desired limits recommended.  I had only taken the blood tests as a result of mistaken identity.  The doctor’s office had pulled another’s chart with the same name.  Again, life was playing with me, however, this time for the best.  Ironically, around this time, I had received some news that a TSK was opening not far from our house in Rockaway.  I convinced my doctor, after my second visit and the same results, to allow me an extended period to attempt to lose weight and correct the issues he saw without having to take daily medication.  He finally agreed as he advised me of the upcoming outcome if I hadn’t improved, and I waited patiently for the TSK to open.

I finally started to attend classes once again.  I made an impression with my yellow belt and black stripes on my white pants on my first day, since the school was full of white belts.  Apparently the Black Belt Club was a thing of the past as were the stars on my shoulder, although I stood out because of them.  I maintained my yellow belt status until Sensei Phillips felt I had regained and exceeded the requirements to obtain my green belt.  It had been roughly ten years since I had been promoted last and was exuberant on the day it had happened.  The follow up visit at the doctor’s office yielded better results so I was able to stay medication free, which was an added plus.



Sempai Johnson

I have and continue to train hard and to learn from my instructor, Joshu Castro.  Now, fourteen years later, I am finally at the end of my journey.  However, I have always considered my ever winding road to black belt as the first chapter of my life in karate.  As this chapter ends, another begins as it is my intention to continue with karate as a Joshu.  I’m not sure that being a Sensei is currently in my path, but as one can see, life has a way of changing, and quickly.


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NEW Preschool Program Builds Confidence and Focus

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Karate Cubs


The Cubs Formula

The Tiger Schulmann’s Karate Cubs preschool program is the perfect choice for your preschooler. Taught by certified child-care professionals, our motivational program develops motor skills, coordination, focus and confidence. Your child will have fun while learning and progressing in a safe, healthy and exciting environment. Its the perfect blend of fun, learning and achievement.

Results You Can Expect


Increases Attention Span
The fast-paced, fun-filled curriculum is carefully selected by highly motivating instructors to ensure age appropriateness. The classes are broken into segments that gradually get more difficult to further develop each child’s attenttion span.
Builds Confidence
The activities are broken into small sections, allowing the children to master each and every componet. Each child’s attendance and achievements are recognized with added stripes to their belt, adding to their self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.
Increases Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills
In a fun and non-competitive setting, children learn to roll, walk a balance beam and kick a paper target. These activities builds confidence, as well as help develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.
Develops Sharing and Socials Skills
Throught constant positive reinforcement, children are encouraged to interact with their classmate as they use equipment, play games and work with the instructor. They are further taught to wait their turn, raise their hand and share with each other.
Decreases Parent Separation Anxiety
With each class, your preschooler slowly gets acclimated to an environment away from Mom and Dad. This paves the way for a smooth transition into your child’s school years.
How To Enroll
Registration is ongoing. Class size is limited and enrollment may be delayed during certain times of the year. Pre-registration is available and recommended to guarantee placement. Simply call 800-470-1654
What are You waiting for? Come in today!
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Tips To Stay In Shape This Holiday Season

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Want to beat Stress, Try Kickboxing!


The Holiday’s are upon us, whether we like it or not. The Season of gift giving, partying with friends and family, and indulgence of all kinds. With all this food and fun, its no wonder that most American gains 3 – 5 lbs. in this short 5 week span. Training here at Tiger Schulmann’s Morris Plains definitely gives you an advantage over the average person, but don’t think that it gives you a free pass to eat and drink anything you want til next year. As the saying goes, you can’t out train your diet, and that is especially important to remember during the holidays. The following are a few tips to help you enjoy the holidays and stay in shape without packing on the holiday weight.Whats-the-plan

1.HAVE A PLAN – Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you should change your normal eating routine. As a rule, the food you make at home will almost always be healthier than the food you buy from a fast food place or a restaurant. Plus, there is always going to be someone at work bringing leftovers or some holiday treats for everyone to eat. If you plan and make your meals in advance, the choice of eating healthier will always be there. Also , starvation will very often lead to excess consumption, so plan your meals, and the times you eat accordingly

christmas crazy-441x289

2. DON’T MAKE EVERYDAY A HOLIDAY – Just because its the holiday season, don’t use it as an excuse to eat bad from Thanksgiving till New Years. Enjoy the days that you have holidays, parties, and family get togethers, but on the other days, make it a rule to stick to your diet and training routine.
no alcohol3. LIMIT ALCOHOL – For many people the season of giving is also the season of drinking, but over doing comes with a lot of negatives. Besides the obvious regretful behavior and next hangover, alcohol also has a ton of calories. And because you body treats alcohol as a poison, it works to expel it first, causing the actual food you do eat to be stored as fat instead of turned to energy. Plus, the lack of control will always lead to bad eating choices.
overeating4. DON’T OVEREAT – Who doesn’t over after a good holiday meal? And who doesn’t feel like an over weight sloth when it’s done? Over consumption doesn’t have to be a holiday tradition. when feeling slightly full, just take a step back from that food! Your stomach is on a bit of a delay from your mind. That’s why when you feel stuffed and finish eating, you actually feel even more full 20 minutes later. So when you feel a little, take that step back, drink some water, and give it 10 minutes. Guaranteed you will not want to eat anymore.
hungry5.  NEVER ARRIVE HUNGRY – The ability to make healthy meal choices is always harder when you are starving. To increase your ability to resist temptation and overeating, try to have a small healthy meal or snack about an hour or so before a holiday dinner or party. This will reduce cravings, and allow you to eat slower, so you will know when to stop before you are stuffed.
6. SLEEP – Make sure you get plenty of sleep! With all the holiday craziness, this can be the most neglected part of your well being. Lack of sleep can not only effect your mental clarity and slow your  metabolism, but also make you crave foods high in carbs and sugars as away for your body to boost you  energy throughout the day. 7 – 8 hours is the best for  restful nights sleep. If that is impossible, try napping for 20 – 40 minutes during the day when you can.
                                              Kickboxing will eliminate stress
7. FIND THE TIME TO RELIEVE STRESS – Despite being the most “joyful” time of the year, the holiday’s can also be the most stressful. from running around getting gifts, preparing dinner, and taxiing relatives to and from the airport, stress can build to an intolerable level. Our kickboxing classes are the best way to relieve stress, and it will only take an hour out of your day. Some people feel guilty training when they have holiday duties to get done, but by releasing some stress you will doing them and yourself a huge service!
tsk8. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! – Like I said earlier, don’t neglect yourself or your body! The one hour that you put into your kickboxing and grappling classes will leave you feeling more refreshed and better able to handle the holiday mayhem. Plus, with New Years right around the corner it’ll put you on a running start toward your 2015 goals of a healthier you.
Hope these tips were helpful. Not a student yet? Get started for only $99. Special ends Decmber 31st, so dont hesitate! Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday.
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Kickboxing to Stay in Shape this Holiday Season

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The Holidays are right around the corner. Fa
mily , gifts Holiday cheer, and of course FOOD! Lots and lots of food! It might be the most cheerful time of the the year, but its also the time when people gain most of their excess weight. The average American gains between 3 – 5 pounds over the short 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years. If the weight is not lost that can lead to 20 lbs of excess weight in just 4 years!!! Not to mention that between family Get togethers and office parties and gift shopping, how can anyone find the time to workout?


 Simple. Our Beginner Kickboxing Class! Here at Tiger Schulmann’s Morris Plains, you will get a COMPLETE workout. That means you will not only build muscle strength, stamina and toning, work your heart and lungs  with cardio, but also become more flexible! ALL this in one class and ALL this in one just one hour! You will burn over 800 calories and have fun the whole time you do it. Not to mention that kickboxing is a great way to relieve the stress of holiday shopping!


So while most people sit around waiting to the New Year to start working towards  why not get a jump start on 2015! Plus, with our holiday special yo can get started for only $99. Call us at 973-998-8742, or fill out the form above to set up your first free lesson. Class size is limited, so don’t hesitate. Use kickboxing to stay in shape this holiday season, and get a jump start o n your New Years goals now!
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Benefits of Martial Arts: Stress Relief

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Eesha Placing first in competition

Eesha Placing first in competition

Tiger Schulmann’s – The Best Stress Relief For Students 

By Eesha Desai

Constant preparation for tests, quizzes, projects and presentations plagues the daily lives of teens with constant stress and anxiety. One would think that weekends and vacations give the students a good break from the pressures of school.  However, even what is suppose to be time to recoup is coupled with endless mounds of homework. These pressures transform a healthy teen into a sleep deprived, moody monster who relies on toxic amounts of caffeine to stay awake (which gets especially embarrassing when the workers at your local Dunkin know your order as soon as you walk in…).

                Recent studies have shown that the amount of stress placed upon today’s teen is unmatched to ever before and is continually increasing. Unfortunately, something essential to the development of a person (school) is also detrimental leaving many without time for themselves. An outlet for such high levels of anxiety is essential to the health of a student. The most perfect, unconventional, and fun way to de-stress is often forgotten about or not even considered– martial arts.

                One of the great benefits of martial arts is that it provides a safe, healthy outlet to help easily cope with the stresses of school. Being able to step into your TS to train gives the most satisfying feeling.  The second your foot passes through the door, all other thoughts are forgotten. When on the mat, nothing else passes through the mind besides reciting how to throw a favorite combination in kickboxing or how to gain an advantage in grappling. With every drop of sweat that hits the mat, all of the built up stress and anxiety is released. It is 100% accurate when people who train say that punching or choking someone out is the most relaxing part of their day.

                The benefits of martial arts extend much further into school than just with helping to overcome stress. Training becomes a passion, something people want to be able to have time to participate in nearly every day. With this developed love, teens become more diligent with their school work and complete tasks on time so that they are able to make the trip out to train. Therefore they learns the skills of time management and, believe it or not, not procrastinating. This can help improve their grades and increase their focus dramatically (as it did for me). Another benefit of martial arts, is the ability to create and work hard to pursue fitness and competition goals translates into school as teenagers learn what it means to persist and strive to overcome a feat despite any struggles or setbacks they may face.

                Personally, participating in martial arts has provided me with many more benefits than what I have written about in this single post. The impact that it has had on me throughout high school is something that I am continually thankful for and reminded of every day, especially now as I enter my senior year and apply for college. Finally all the subtle changes martial arts  has made in my life come into perspective as I reflect on how much I have changed and improved academically since I began training in my sophomore year.  Without the important lessons of taking time out for myself, de-stressing, being persistent, and managing my time that TSMMA taught me, I can only imagine how differently my high school experience would have turned out. It is not a good thing– trust me. The most ironic part is how much I did not want to try martial arts and dreaded taking my first class. Knowing that I can say that once someone comes in, they will never want to get out.

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1st Weight Loss Challenge Starts This Monday

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Those who train here at Tiger Schulmann‘s  Morris Plains know the physical benefits you gain every time you are here one included is weight loss. Every kickboxing class is designed to deliver a full body workout, from cardio and muscle strengthening, to flexibility and mental relief from stress. However, in order to be in great shape inside and out, there is one more aspect that we must focus on – OUR DIET!
The benefits gained in one hour of training here can be undone in one visit to McDonalds. Therefore knowing the proper foods to fuel our body can make the difference between getting our body in peak shape or just running in place. Luckily all our students will have the chance to learn all about nutrition this Friday.
Our first 60 day challenge weight loss starts this Monday, with our nutrition seminar this Friday at 9pm , and the timing could not be more perfect. With the Holidays right around the corner (Thanksgiving is November 27th!!!) it is the most important time to get in shape. Most people gain their excess weight in thoses 5 short  weeks between thanksgiving and new years, so we can negate that by being in amazing shape when the holidays start. If you have not done so yet, sign up at the front desk. Before pictures will be taken as well on friday, or you can take your own at home. Any goal you have is easier when you have a team behind you, so dont hesitate to join the team! See you on the mat.
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Courage From Karate Overcomes Mountains

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Our 6 year old daughter Zoe started taking classes at Tiger Schulmanns Karate about 8 months ago. Zoe has always been very small for her age and only weighed a little over 3 pounds when she was born. Most people including kids her own age think she is younger than she actually is. They make comments about her being a baby or that she is too small for certain activities. We noticed that this was beginning to affect Zoe’s self-confidence.


Zoe H. getting ready to overcome the mountain.Zoe H. getting ready to overcome the mountain.


“I have a non-quitting spirit”

Since Zoe began Classes at Tiger Schulmann’s Karate we have seen her confidence improve so much. The discipline that  has taught Zoe about having a non-quitting spirit has brought about such positive changes in Zoe’s life. Recently during our family vacation Zoe tried Rock climbing for the first time. After getting suited up and taking a quick lesson she looked a little nervous to climb (see picture #1).We watched as she started climbing, she was quick and before too long she was almost at the top. At that point Zoe looked down and saw how high up she was and became scared; (See Picture). We heard her say “I have a non-quitting spirit” and she turned back to the wall and kept going!!!


Zoe doing Karate

Zoe Showing her non-qutting spirit

We were so proud of her and the rock climbing instructor was blown away by her courage! This was a direct outcome of Zoe being enrolled at Tiger Schulmanns Karate!!!

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