Tiger Schulmann’s In Stamford, Connecticut

MMA fighter punching a bag in Tiger Schulmann's

Led by Nick Demetrius, Tiger Schulmann’s has been thriving in Stamford, Connecticut for the past 15 years. Offering classes to students ages 4 and up, our goal is to teach them the skills needed to defend themselves in nearly any situation they come across. At this location, programs include karate, kickboxing and grappling for children and adults, to name a few. In […]

A Discipline Atmosphere makes Group Kickboxing Classes effective

Adult team kickboxing training with punching bags at Tiger Schulmann's

Why Working Out in a Discipline Atmosphere is better in a Group rather than Alone    A Discipline Atmosphere is what makes Group Kickboxing Classes effective! Discipline is the Key to Success. Most people are undisciplined and seek gyms or other sources to help motivate their selves to lose weight and get in great shape. […]

Self Discipline is the Key to Success with Karate

Boy Standing in Tiger Schulmann's equipment

Self Discipline the Key To Success  Successful people have something in common, and it’s not good looks, charm, personality or sense of humor, its SELF DISCIPLINE! Self Discipline is a very powerful thing to have in life! Let me give an example: you have a kid that is talented and gets everything on the first try. […]

See how a Complete Self Defense System works

Kickboxing class for adults at Tiger Schulmann's with instructor leading the training

A Complete Self Defense System Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has been around for over 30 years teaching Self Defense. There is nobody else out there like us Period.  We take a lot of pride in teaching “quality” martial arts here at Tiger Schulmann’s. This is why we teach an authentic Self Defense System here. […]

Learn Self Discipline Through Karate Classes

Kids practicing kicking bags at Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

Self Discipline is the Key to Success  We know that to be successful in today’s day and age you need to be a very disciplined person.  It’s important to instill this life skill into the youth of our generation so that they can apply it to every day needs. However we cannot ask a child […]

Self-Defense is a Back to School supply that is needed this School Year

Three Children Posing in Tiger Schulmann's equipment

Back to School Supplies for Stamford Ct Students to be Successful   I bet you’re going crazy trying to complete your list of back to school supplies for your children.  Notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. Is Confidence on that list for your child’s supplies?   If not then your child’s school year will be missing a […]

Karate instills Self-Confidence in children through training

Girl Getting Ready to punch a bag while other two observing at Tiger Schulmann's Stamford

The Karate Your Child Never Has to Use   If you’re a parent like me you’ll never want your child to ever get hurt, especially in a fight.  The problem is that if your child does not stand up for their selves then they will be mentally abused on a daily basis that can affect […]

Get amazing results doing Kickboxing day and evening classes

Adults team Training with punching bags at Tiger Schulmann's Stamford

Everyone is always looking online for that magical secret to loose weight and get in amazing shape. The Secret is putting the time into an amazing Kickboxing program and hard work! This is exactly what our Beginner Kickboxing Day and Evening Classes are all about.  Where else can you get in amazing physical conditioning and […]