Kickboxing Makes Weight Loss Happen For Mother of Two

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TSMMA Abington Father’s Night Makes Mom’s Goal Reality

before-after abington

It was Caroline Park’s husband who first sparked her interest in Tiger Schulmann’s. The couple had signed up their five year old son Graham with Sensei James Garzillo. Dad and son were invited to a Father’s night class a couple months later. When Sean got home he encouraged his wife to try. She hasn’t looked back since.

 Caroline was looking for something to help her with weight loss. At 39 years old she had put on unwanted pounds and her current routine wasn’t getting results. That included walking around her neighborhood three or four times a week for three miles and watching what she was eating. One class at TSMMA and it all changed.

“I knew immediately that this was what I needed to reshape my body,” says Spark. “During my first 6 months, I really improved my cardio conditioning and toned up quite a bit, however my weight loss was only about 8 lbs.”

Lower Gwynedd Woman Sees Amazing Weight Loss

The wheels had been set in motion though and Garzillo then invited Spark to join a 60 Day Challenge. That’s where Tiger Schulmann’s Abington students join together to marry training with a more strict nutrition regimen. The results for Spark were staggering.

Spark loves the cardio workout of TSMMA's Kickboxing program while building lean muscle and increasing her energy!

Spark loves the cardio workout of TSMMA’s Kickboxing program which also builds lean muscle and increases her energy!

 “I attended Sensei Garzillo’s nutritional seminar. He explained how to boost my metabolism by eating smaller more frequent meals and provided information on what foods to avoid and which to eat more of. I followed his suggestions and lost about 20 lbs during the 60 day challenge.”

TSMMA Abington Nutrition and Kickboxing work together to ‘Spark’ Weight Loss

During the two months of the challenge Spark created a habit she has been able to maintain in the year since. Instead of a diet the 60 Day Challenge helped her create a lifestyle she has been able to maintain. Now she has dropped a total of 45 pounds and is fully invested in her training.

Abington Kickboxing Keeps Training Exciting For Lower Gwynedd Mom

“I love it. I started (Intermediate Kickboxing) class about a year ago and just recently began Close Range Defense. There is so much detail to learn that it never gets boring.”

Spark takes Close Range Defense classes, learning how to defend herself if an attacker gets past her punches and kicks.

Spark takes Close Range Defense classes, learning how to defend herself if an attacker gets past her punches and kicks.

 That last part is why so many of Garzillo’s Abington students have seen successful weight loss. Many diet and workout fads help students lose weight, only to gain more back. Spark has kept the weight off for nearly two years and still looks forward to going to class.

Abington Instructor Pushes Lower Gwynedd Mother

“Sensei Garzillo is a very motivational. I always say that listening to him speak to us as we are stretching at the end of class is better than going to church!!! His message keeps me focused on why I joined the program, and why I stay in the program.”

 The Lower Gynedd woman says many of the talks resonate. Not dwelling on problems and taking control over the things you want to change, eating healthy and taking care of your body as you only get one. These are all messages that help her maintain her new body!

New Goals Replace Weight Loss For Spark

Now that she has achieved her initial goal of getting in amazing shape, Spark has some new goals to help keep her that way.

“I plan to continue training and improving my skills in Close Range Defense and Kickboxing and hope someday to be good enough to achieve earning my blackbelt.”

In the short term Spark concentrates on the process, heading to TSMMA Abington on her scheduled days no matter what kind of day she’s having. She says Garzillo has taught her to enjoy her training no matter what as staying home only makes her feel worse than having the mental toughness to stick to her routine.

The increased confidence in Spark resulted from the myriad benefits of TSMMA Abington.

The increased confidence in Spark resulted from weight loss and the myriad of other benefits at TSMMA Abington.

Her improved appearance and conditioning combined with knowledge of self-defense have all combined to give her increased confidence. It’s an amazing benefit she didn’t necessarily expect when she first started the program.

Family Trains Together

Now Caroline trains at TSMMA Abington along with her son and daughter. Both love Sensei Garzillo’s children’s classes and the three motivate each other with each new stripe and belt!

Just one more reason it’s been easy for Spark to stay consistent long after most workout programs have grown boring. Weight Loss is done but Spark will continue to keep those pounds off and TSMMA will always be a positive part of the Lower Gwynedd family’s life.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Manhattan MMA Student Already Has Big Goals

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MMA Commercial Becomes Life Changing For Manhattan 7 Year Old

Tiger Schulmann’s MMA doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue for a seven year old kid from Manhattan. Eric Rodriguez had been trying to convince his parents to take him to Martial Arts classes for a month. It was 2008 and he would see the MMA commercial and immediately run to his parents, Laila and Robert. Problem was they couldn’t figure out exactly what he was saying.

Rodriguez with Tiger Schulmann.

Rodriguez with Tiger Schulmann.

Finally Eric was able to drag his parents in front of the TV while the commercial was running. Mom struggles to remember exactly how he pronounced Schulmann’s at the time, only that it was unintelligible and hilarious. In hindsight, she says, that commercial was the best thing that ever happened to him.

“TSMMA has made Eric want to excel in everything that he does,” says Laila Saad-Rodriguez. “He doesn’t believe in quitting and these are things that his instructors have instilled in him over the years.”

Rodriguez Immediately Passionate About MMA Training

I will never forget the night I met Rodriguez. I was calling the MMA fights at Ring of Combat and Sensei Lyman Good was providing color commentary at my side. The awe with which the young Rodriguez looked at Good that night was inspiring to me as an instructor. It was obvious that Sensei Good’s own instruction of Rodriguez had sparked a passion.

Rodriguez began his training as Sensei Lyman Good was securing a Welterweight World Title with Bellator.

Rodriguez began his training as Sensei Lyman Good was securing a Welterweight World Title with Bellator.

 It’s been seven years since that Friday night and a lot has changed for Rodriguez. At the time I think he was a Hi-White Belt. Now he is a respected Black Belt, setting an amazing example for other young Manhattan MMA students.

Manhattan Instructors Set Example For Young MMA Student

From Sensei Good to Sensei Jason Lopez, Sensei Uriah Hall, Sensei Carlos Brooks, Sensei Nissim Levy, Joshu

Jimmie Rivera and of course Shihan Ron Schulmann himself, Rodriguez has received amazing training from some of the top instructors in the world. Many of them have or still are competing in professional MMA.

That’s an incredible motivation to Rodriguez who looks to follow in those footsteps. He trains in Manhattan nearly every day, but also makes trips to Tiger Schulmann’s Headquarters and other TSMMA schools to work with the best MMA students from all over the organization.

Discipline of Karate Instilled In Young Manhattan Student

“He loves everything about TSMMA. He immediately set a goal to become a professional fighter and Sensei,” says mom.

Sempai Rodriguez has challenged himself in competition the same way he has seen his instructors compete.

Sempai Rodriguez has challenged himself in competition the same way he has seen his instructors compete.

Rodriguez took the first step towards an MMA career when he won his first boxing match in 2012. In 2013 he had his first Kickboxing match in Hamburg, Pennsylvania. That was set up by Shihan James Simpson, the head instructor at TSMMA Allentown where Rodriguez frequently travels on Friday nights to train with members of the Pennsylvania fight team.

Eric lost a split decision but the perseverance his mom talked about is apparent as Rodriguez trained that much harder. The Manhattan Black Belt will get a rematch in April, fighting for the USKBA title.

This was a win, but even in after a loss, Rodriguez continues to learn and progress in his MMA training.

This was a win, but even in after a loss, Rodriguez continues to learn and progress in his MMA training.

 “Since I can’t fight in MMA until I’m 18, my goal is to fight in the Golden Gloves Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and grappling until I can have my first MMA fight. Hopefully in Manhattan!”

Manhattan Teen Pursuing MMA Dream

Maybe by the time this young Tiger Schulmann’s Manhattan protege hits the legal age for competing, the powers that be in New York will have stopped politicking and allowed legalized MMA. One thing is sure, Rodriguez will be competing somewhere, building on a resume that already has multiple championships in grappling and at the Challenge of Champions.

Rodriguez surrounded by Shihan Schulmann (far right), his dad (2nd from right) Sensei Lyman Good and Joshu Jimmie Rivera (back turned) to receive his Black Belt.

Rodriguez surrounded by Shihan Schulmann (far right), his dad (2nd from right) Sensei Lyman Good and Joshu Jimmie Rivera (back turned) to receive his Black Belt.

 Rodriguez has benefited from the style of discipline taught at every TSMMA he visits. It’s something Tiger Schulmann himself learned as a young Karate student more than 40 years ago and is alive and well in modern MMA at each of the organizations nearly 50 locations. Its’ the reason Rodriguez has so many great training partners at all the other schools where he travels!

 By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Manhattan’s Blake Earns First Round KO In Golden Gloves Boxing Debut

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TSMMA Manhattan’s Blake Makes Boxing Debut

Malik Blake entered the NY Golden Gloves Boxing tournament looking to make yet another historic run to Madison Square Garden for Team Tiger Schulmann’s. Last night Blake made his boxing debut a memorable one. Blake would square off with Sy Lyles in the opening round of the novice division.

Lyles fights for Gleason’s Boxing Gym in Brooklyn. Blake’s performance highlighted the high level boxing training students receive at TSMMA. Blake is just the latest TSMMA fighter to prove they can compete with students who train exclusively in boxing, while learning the other aspects of a Mixed Martial Art at the same time. Lyles was no match for Blake as the TSMMA Manhattan fighter exerted his dominance from the very first round.

TSMMA Manhattan Student Displays Boxing Skill

Blake established his power early in the first two minute frame. He was technically superior to Lyle’s and matched the Gleason’s fighter’s grit when things got tough. Blake forced the referee to step in to give Lyles a standing eight count in the second round, a rare occurrence in amateur boxing even at the most elite levels.

Blake Celebrates With Former Golden Gloves Champion Ray Velez (far left), Shihan Ron Schulmann (2nd from right) and Sensei Carlos Brooks (far right).

Blake Celebrates With Former Golden Gloves Champion Ray Velez (far left), Shihan Ron Schulmann (2nd from right) and Sensei Carlos Brooks (far right).

 Lyles may have been better off if the referee had simply called the fight then. The Gleason’s fighter showed his heart coming out for the third round, but again Blake unleashed his rare power by forcing a second standing eight count. The referee let Lyles continue, but that didn’t last long as the fight was called at 1:02 of the third round.

Manhattan’s Blake Finishes Debut Boxing Match With Stoppage


TSMMA Manhattan Student Disqualified From Boxing Tourney

Sadly, Blake will not be allowed to continue in the Golden Gloves novice division. In a previously unheard of rule, they do not allow fighters with any amateur kickboxing or MMA experience to enter the novice division.

You may have up to ten amateur boxing matches and still be considered a novice, so the rule seems tilted to protect boxers. Blake only has a couple of Kickboxing matches under his belt. Still don’t expect it to slow down the freight train of momentum the young Blake has built up in his competitive career.

If Blake's previous Kickboxing matches had been Boxing he would still be eligible.

If Blake’s previous Kickboxing matches had been Boxing he would still be eligible.

 His instructor Shihan Ron Schulmann says very simply, “We will get him some more experience in the coming year and enter him in the open division in 2014.”

Blake will look to join the likes of Mike Fischetti, Nissim Levy, Kat Diaz, and Sofia Gegovic. All those Tiger Schulmann’s fighters have reached the finals of the Gloves. Don’t be surprised if he joins Anthony Karperis, Julio Arce and Munah Holland as Team TSMMA representatives to take home the Golden Gloves title.

Congratulations to Blake on his impressive boxing performance last night and stay tuned for information as the young TSMMA Manhattan student looks to build on his successful amateur career.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

My One Year Anniversary At Tiger Schulmann’s

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Brooklyn Man Changes Life With MMA

before after

My name is Neal and I have been a Tiger Schulmann’s MMA student since January 15, 2013.

Over the past 365 days:

– I have lost 78 pounds.
– My waist has gone from 42” to 34”.
– My suit size has decreased from size 52 portly to size 44 slim fit.
– My physician has cut my pressure and cholesterol medication doses in half.
– I am now a competitor and participant in Spartan and mud-run obstacle races.

Kickboxing Class Leads Brooklyn Man To Amazing Changes

It was one year ago today I had made a decision that the time had come for me to start taking care of myself and my health. At 44 years old I had reached a point where I had become overweight and deconditioned in carrying out tasks that were taken for granted in previous years. Keeping up with my children’s physical events became a task. At friendly neighborhood softball games I would be winded running out an easy base hit. Climbing flights of stairs when elevators were broken was leaving me out of breath.

One day when shopping on Kings Highway I noticed the Grand Opening of a Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Midwood in close proximity to my home. I decided it would be convenient to inquire if Tiger Schulmann’s would be able to help me with weight loss and cardio conditioning.

My One Year Anniversary At Tiger Schulmann’s

Neal burned away fat while learning self-defense and relieving stress on a heavy bag!

 I called on a Sunday to ask questions about Tiger Schulmann’s programs and although the school was closed, the location’s owner/instructor, Sensei Sean Nolan, answered my call. Without any previous martial arts experience it was my impression that kickboxing programs were generally a part of a fitness club and ‘gym’ setting. We had a constructive conversation where it was explained to me that Tiger Schulmann MMA is a ‘school’ and not a traditional ‘gym’ or fitness club. We set up an appointment to meet at the school to discuss my personal needs one-on-one.

Broooklyn MMA School Motivates Students In All Areas Of Life

Sensei Nolan was sensitive, understanding, knowledgeable, and passionate about his school and its curriculum. He provided me with personal attention and an open door to discuss anything I would need to achieve my goals. I knew after my first class with Sensei Nolan and hearing his words of advice and encouragement to his students that the school would be beneficial for me.

My One Year Anniversary At Tiger Schulmann’s

This was Neal before he joined TSMMA Midwood.

 Looking back a year to my initial sign-up I would have never imagined that TSMMA Midwood would have the positive impact on me that it has. My original reasons for joining Tiger Schulmann MMA were for weight loss and cardio stamina, but the school has provided me a sense of structure at a time that it was lacking in my personal life.

Midwood Instructor Creates Kickboxing Family

The school trains students in martial arts, muscular development, cardio, and flexibility, but it also provides the necessary skills to incorporate the handling of everyday life’s challenges; -Structure. -Motivation. -Accomplishment. -Discipline. -Respect. –The pursuit & achievement of set goals.

Serving as a ‘school’ as opposed to a ‘gym’ provides a positive environment with the mutual respect of your fellow students and the Sensei. It is instilled through our training that ‘trying is still doing’ and through Sensei Nolan’s motivation that ‘there are talkers and there are doers out there’…that ‘lazy people are NOT happy people’…and that ‘when in doubt, TRAIN. You will never regret the decision’.

My One Year Anniversary At Tiger Schulmann’s

A skinnier Neil gives credit to Sensei Nolan for creating the environment which helped him change his life.

 Sensei Nolan has always been available and approachable. I have utilized his knowledge and experience throughout my past year of training for advice on nutrition, stamina, and physiological issues. I look forward to his future guidance. As all students have been told, ‘the hardest thing is getting yourself into the door’.

Once you are through the doors, Sensei and his student body will provide all the motivation you need.


TSMMA Syosset’s Marilena DiScala’s Martial Arts Journey

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Laurel Hollow Mom Follows Son Into Kickboxing

Marilena DiScala doesn’t fight in a cage. That’s not what her martial arts training is all about. However, that fact doesn’t mean she is any less passionate about it than someone who does.

DiScala is at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Syosset nearly every day now. If you had told her in January 2006 that she’d not only be the manager of the school, but a respected Black Belt and instructor she would have laughed at you.

Discala with sons Christopher (Hi-Brown Belt) and Nicholas (Hi-Green Belt)

It started out simply as a way to find her three year old son an activity to help his confidence. She noticed early he had a tendency to back down from confrontation and she didn’t want to let that become a bigger issue.

After researching different martial arts she found TSMMA Syosset and there Cubs program for three year-olds. DiScala spent the next year watching young Christopher make tremendous strides while constantly being urged by Sensei Nick Gravina to try out his adult Kickboxing program.

Syosset Kickboxing Proves Life Changer For Mother of Two

DiScala finally succumbed to the constant push and took her first class at TSMMA Syosset in January of 2007.

“Well. . . much to my surprise, I took my first class and got hooked! It was great,” says DiScala It was so different than anything I had ever done, and I’ve done many different exercises in my day!”

DiScala was wary of trying a kickboxing class. She was in a car accident in High School and suffered severe back, neck and wrist injuries. She had been warned that any strenuous activity might be an issue, but Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing proved to have the exact opposite effect.

Laurel Hollow mom’s incredible physique now helps others see the results of Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program.

“Not only was I able to train with all my ailments, but by training and focusing on my core, it actually strengthened the muscles around my neck and back which alleviated a lot of the pain I was in on a daily basis.”

Kickboxing Influences All Aspects of Laurel Hollow Family

DiScala noticed a few things happen during her first year of training. First was the definition she saw in places she never knew she had muscles. She dropped all her other exercise routines, enjoying not having to worry about what she was going to do next, class took care of that for her.

She did keep playing tennis for fun, but soon she noticed significant improvement there as well.

“My stamina had increased, my serve got stronger, so did my ground strokes. I was able to chase down balls I would’ve never gone for before. The tennis Pro nicknamed me Grasshopper because I was all over the court and nothing got by me.”

DiScala has reached level 4.0 of the USTA rating system. That’s the level of many instructors and you might find a level 5.0 playing professionally at lower level tournaments.

The last thing DiScala noticed was at home in Laurel Hollow. The family was training in MMA together and she relished the closeness of the experience she was sharing with her two sons. Nicholas soon joined Christopher on the mat in Cubs class while DiScala added Grappling to her Kickboxing regimen. All three would celebrate their progress whether it be a new stripe or belt. Mom took to leaving her belt on the kitchen table whenever she got a new stripe or promotion so the two young boys would see it first thing in the morning.

“To see that they were as excited as I was to achieve it made me so proud and happy. It motivated me to want to train hard and make them proud, as they did for me.”

Laurel Hollow Mom Turns Grappling Competitor

DiScala made a big decision when she achieved her yellow belt, joining the Challenge of Champions. Given her history of neck and back issues it was a tough choice, but one she doesn’t regret. She would win her first match despite getting caught in a head lock that hurt her neck and despite the pain of the old injury she continued in the tournament. She would win her next three matches and take home first place.

She says that was the turning point in her training.

“I approached Sensei Gravina and told him I had three goals I wanted his help in achieving. My first goal was to get my Black Belt. Second was to become a Joshu (certified Tiger Schulmann’s instructor) and third was to run his Cubs program.”

DiScala is all smiles here with her dad and Sensei Gravina after passing her Black Belt test and achieving the rank of Joshu (certified instructor).

 DiScala says Sensei Gravina took the wheel and never looked back. She was able to pass her instructor certification tests before even testing for her Black Belt and will never forget May 17th of 2009. She says the feeling of being surrounded by her husband and kids along with her mom and dad can never be replaced. Her father showed his pride in knowing his daughter could take of herself and her kids in seeing her earn the right to be their instructor as well as their mom!

Laurel Hollow Woman Sets New Goals

Now DiScala’s goals center around assisting others. She helps Sensei Gravina pass on his knowledge to two hundred other students in TSMMA Syosset’s Kickboxing, Grappling and Cubs programs. She relishes the challenge of helping a parent whose child needs discipline or an adult looking to lose weight and takes pride as each achieves their own goals, the same way Sensei Gravina has helped DiScala achieve hers.

DisCala now helps other students achieve their goals at Tiger Schulmann’s.

 “None of this could have been done without the discipline and determination Sensei Gravina instilled in me. My gratitude is beyond words for what he has done for me and my family. I look forward to continuing this journey at TSMMA Syosset with him and continue to learn and do for others what he has done for me!”

See for yourself how TSMMA can help you achieve goals you never even thought of while accomplishing the ones you have! Call today or register online and receive a FREE introductory class. You just may get hooked the same way she did!

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Vails Gate Instructor Shane Burgos Excels In MMA

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The Ultimate Fighter Spawns Passion For MMA

Most people credit the humongous popularity growth in MMA to Season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. The finale between Stephan Bonner and Forrest Griffin is still one of the top two or three fights ever and helped launch the UFC to world wide fame.

Shane Burgos missed that season. It was six months later when Season 2 started the then Freshman from Highland Mills developed his passion for MMA. Spurred on by the show, he walked in to Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Harriman to take advantage of their one month offer.

Burgos (right) has trained with Sensei Montes nearly every day since 2006.

“I was instantly hooked from the first episode. After taking my first class with Sensei Montes at Tiger Schulmann’s, I felt the same I did after watching the show, I was hooked.”

Burgos was so passionate about training he took rare advantage of a special Tiger Schulmann’s was running at the time.

“The deal back then was a free month of unlimited classes for 100 bucks and I took full advantage of that. I didn’t miss one day for the whole month, 6 days a week I was there!”

Highland Mills Teenager Excels In Grappling

Not much has slowed down since those early days of training. Burgos almost immediately began to show rare talent for grappling and traveled around the country competing in NAGA tournaments. He began winning the teen divisions consistently and at one point was the number one ranked grappler in the country in his age group.

Burgos shared the NAGA podium with teammate and UFC Flyweight Louis “Goodnight” Gaudinot.

 He became well known throughout Tiger Schulmann’s for his insane ability to pull submission attempts out of strange places, often catching much more experienced grappler’s because of the uniqueness of his style.

Burgos Evolves Into Complete Mixed Martial Artist

Burgos credits Sensei Montes for helping him develop into the disciplined Martial Artist he is today. He still helps Montes teach classes at TSMMA, now down the street a few blocks in Vails Gate. He will forever be attached to the school and now his two brothers are both Black Belts as well.

Burgos has long been known for crazy submissions, here pulling off a D’Arce Choke while climbing the fence.

Burgos’ own discipline was challenged in his own journey to Black Belt. It’s a challenge he passed with flying colors. Burgos began training with the TSMMA fight team and became a direct student of Shihan Tiger Schulmann. Perhaps recognizing Burgos’ immense potential, Shihan would not let him pass his Black Belt test without bringing his Kickboxing to same incredible level of his Grappling.

Burgos earned a first round KO in this Kickboxing match.

 That’s exactly what Burgos did. He applied the lessons of discipline his instructor taught him, working on his weaknesses just as hard as on his strengths. That success was played out in his amateur kickboxing career. He won both of his fights, the first one after knocking is opponent down three times in the very first round.

His hard work paid dividends as he was ultimately promoted to Black Belt in March of 2013 by Tiger Schulmann himself, the first person to receive that honor and one of only two to this day.

Top Training Key to Success

Burgos now travels almost daily to Elmwood Park, New Jersey to train with the other members of the Tiger Schulmann’s fight team. Any given day he will train with professional fighters like Louis Gaudinot and Nick Pace. The extreme level of competition has only helped him hone his skills.

Burgos with Tiger Schulmann (4th from right) and his teammates at Bellmore Kickboxing to get some new training partners.

 “I love my team! We’ve got excellent fighters from amateur to pro! Anytime I train at hq I know I’m gonna get top level work in. Without my team mates there to help me get better day in and day out I would be nothing. They’re a huge part of my success.”

Burgos’ family also plays a big role in his MMA career. They’ve always supported his dreams of fighting. Not only do his brothers attend all his fights but his parents are always there for him as well.

“They all support me so much and have no idea how much it means to me!”

Burgos also credits his girlfriend for helping him stay grounded. At 22 years old he lives a pretty solitary lifestyle and feels she helps him stay that way. While many of his young friends are out partying late into the night, he his home getting his rest ready for the next great training session. He knows the lifestyle it’s going to take to help him achieve his ultimate dreams.

Martial Artist Has Big Goals

Scan through Burgos’ Facebook photos and you’ll see him with many of the top fighters in the UFC. Burgos is not a star struck fan, instead he is an MMA student motivated to reach those lofty levels himself!

Along with his two wins in Kickboxing he has also amassed seven victories in MMA as an amateur. His record has no losses with the only blemish a no contest in the first of his four championship fights. He would win the next three, all by stoppage. One via strikes and two by submission.

Burgos was victorious in three amateur MMA title fights!

That led to the first of many goals Burgos set for himself in MMA. He made his professional debut in Philadelphia in July of 2013 at Xtreme Caged Combat against Ratioender Melo. The fight lasted 2:14 before Burgos applied a Rear Naked Choke. Two months later and Burgos was at it again. This time fighting for two more seconds before finishing Ashure Elbanna via strikes at 2:16 of the first round.

Burgos almost seemed to be embracing the new found balance of Kickboxing and Grappling acumen. His last four fights have been split evenly between finishes via striking and submission.

Burgos is the epitome of a new generation of MMA Fighters, sporting equal talent in Kickboxing, Grappling and Wrestling.

Now he is set to fight in Atlantic City. Burgos will take on Myron Baker on Saturday night at CFFC 31. CFFC is most famous for it’s hosting of Kimbo Slice’s professional MMA debut. Slice went on to gain fame on the same Ultimate Fighter reality show that birthed Burgos’ love of the sport. The Miami backyard brawler never made a dent in the pro ranks. That’s far from the goal Burgos’ has in mind.

“I will not be satisfied unless I make it to the UFC and make sure everyone knows my name!”

When asked what he would do after his MMA career was over Burgos had a very quick response, “After fighting isn’t even a thought honestly, I feel like I’m really young and have so much fight left in me.”

If his future goes anything like what he’s done so far Burgos will have plenty of time to make plans for after his fighting career is done.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Mother & Daughter Find Happiness Training at Tiger Schulmann’s

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Brooklyn MMA Gives Woman Courage

We cannot change our past. Our Sensei has changed our future. My daddy was the first bully who ever hit me. My ex-husband was the last. I was a victim of physical abuse and domestic violence.

I didn’t want the girls I love to ever be scared of men like I used to be. My older daughter was overweight. My younger daughter became a bully herself. Something had to be done.


Mother & Daughter Find Happiness Training at Tiger Schulmann’s

Brandi Hoffman had no idea the benefits she and her daughter would see inside TSMMA Midwood.

 With the intention of bringing them and my nieces for some fitness classes along with anti-bullying discipline mixed in, I joined Tiger Schulmann’s just weeks after Hurricane Sandy flooded our home. I only expected we would exercise together and let off some steam. What my family received instead has been life changing.”

Strength From MMA Leads To Life Changes

In the best sense of the word, I am a quitter. After 25+ years of smoking, I finally put out my last cigarette.

Goals have always been for “other” people. Being a full time working single parent of teenagers is stressful and many years have passed me by without a thought to my own physical or mental health.

Not anymore. In the year since training with Sensei Nolan at the new Midwood location, we have all been affected in profound, but different ways.

Mother & Daughter Find Happiness Training at Tiger Schulmann’s

Brandi (left) and her daughter Amber have both seen life changing benefits from Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Midwood, Brooklyn.


Being promoted is just the “atta girl” we never thought we’d strive for, but now work very hard to achieve. For me, being on the mat is exactly what I need at times when everything around me seems overwhelming. As hard as it was to learn to empty my cup before each class, I now look forward to the release.”

Learning MMA Not Only Benefit For Brooklyn Family

“The benefits we’ve discovered are not just self-defense, weight loss or letting our aggression out on a bag. Although these are great reasons to train, they go beyond that for me.

I have gone to the ‘gym’ without any feelings of loyalty or accomplishment. I found that at Tiger Schulmann’s because it is not a gym, it is a school, I am a student again!

I am learning a new language, new moves that improve my body, new ways to improve my mood, even reasons to do the food shopping differently. I am doing this alongside the most important young ladies in my life.

My daughter recently made a post on Facebook that she “wants to thank Tiger Schulmann’s for helping me overcome what has been bothering me my whole life, I was never comfortable with my lifestyle and the way I looked.

Mother & Daughter Find Happiness Training at Tiger Schulmann’s

Amber was over 200 pounds when she started, now she’s proud of her body!

My girls and I are training to become victors, not victims. Thanks to Sensei Nolan at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Midwood for showing me the best way to teach my girls that strength is important to both our bodies and our minds. As women, we have learned we can overcome anything if we just give a few hours a week to being on the mat. I was never so motivated to change my family tree and will never forget or regret our first trial class 12 months ago.”


Brandi Hoffman – TSMMA Midwood

Gyms Hope You Make The Same Mistake Again

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Definition of Insanity

Doing the same thing over again, expecting a different result. That’s the definition of insanity and it is exactly what is going to happen this New Year’s. Millions will make the same New Year’s resolution to get in shape and will join their local gym.

For a few weeks the few gym regulars will be some of the angriest people in town as they have to wait for a half hour to get to equipment to which they usually have easy access.

There’s a reason the Gym is Empty for most of the Year!

Staying consistent at the gym  is nearly impossible. I was walking through the checkout line at the grocery store the other day to see a front cover promotion on a major magazine cover saying, “Trick Yourself Into Going To The Gym!”

Really? Does anyone honestly think that tricking yourself is the way to get healthy?

Why Gyms Fail to Get You In Shape

Gyms will fail the vast majority of customers for a few important reasons. First, the workout itself is not getting most people results. Most people have no idea how to actually get a great workout. It requires intense periods of physical activity to build cardiovascular fitness, along with high repetitions of light weights to build lean muscle, as well as a great stretch to promote flexibility.

High Intensity Workouts that build Lean Muscle Promote Weight Loss even when your not actually working out!

Most people don’t even know this, let alone how to accomplish it at the gym. Research shows the average person will only exercise for four minutes out of an hour spent at the gym. That’s easy to understand given they don’t know what to actually do.

The second reason many people fail to get healthy at the gym is it’s boring. Many adults are busy and finding time to workout is hard enough. If you then have to trick yourself into doing it because their is no enjoyment it becomes much easier to quit.

There’s a reason Gyms put TV Monitors in front of the treadmill!

The third reason the gym fails to get people healthy is they don’t truly want you there. Gyms rely on sheer volume of people paying them. If their full roster of paying customers actually showed up regularly they would never have enough space to accommodate them. This is the reason you will never get a phone call from your gym if you happen to miss a couple of weeks!

The fourth reason gyms fail to get you in shape is because you don’t have a set schedule to follow. Convenience is the pathway to procrastination. The ability to choose what times and what days you are going to go often leads people to put going off until another day. This is the gateway to quitting.

Precisely Why TSMMA Kickboxing Works

The reasons the gym fails people are the exact reasons Kickboxing classes at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts works! Students get a great three pronged workout, building cardio, strength and flexibility; all of which work together to help you get in shape without trudging to a traditional gym. They get a quick phone call if they miss classes without a reason, helping keep them consistent. Class is anything but boring, students are learning real Self-Defense and their mind is engaged by concentrating on specific techniques. Finally each student has a set schedule they are expected to follow. This makes it easier to stay consistent!


Thousands of Students Kickbox Year Round at TSMMA.

This winter instead of doing the same thing you’ve always done, get in shape for life like thousands of others have at Tiger Schulmann’s! Leave those long and boring days at the gym in the past and get a full workout without the gym!

Follow the link to learn how Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts can help you get in shape without the gym.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville



TSMMA Student Uses Kickboxing to Shave Years Off His Life

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Being Skinny Not Necessarily Being In Shape

Mike Berwind first came to Tiger Schulmann’s for Kickboxing classes five years ago.  At the time the Trevose, PA man was already less than a hundred and fifty pounds and losing weight was the farthest thing he needed for his physical conditioning to improve.  Just because he was skinny already didn’t mean he was in great shape.

Fast forward five years and Berwind is almost exactly the same weight.  What’s different is his relative age.

Berwind has become an expert at Kickboxing all while getting in better shape than people half his age!

 A new study at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim came up with a remarkably low tech way to test your Fitness Age.  By measuring your waist line, height, age, gender, resting heart rate and typical exercise regimen for the week, researchers can tell you how your body is acting physical relative to a typical person of any age between 20 and 90.

Kickboxing Added Twenty Years

The formula wasn’t made up out of thin air. Researchers evaluated 5,000 Norwegians from 20 to 90 taking a dozen measurements. They were able to narrow those measurements down to a remarkably small number that give a very good indication of someones relative fitness level.

Group Class Helps Motivate Trevose Man To Keep Coming Back For More!

 Berwind came across the article and plugged his numbers into the formula calculator (link here) to see a huge surprise. The 49 year old Trevose resident has the fitness age of a person 20 years his junior.

Ever caught yourself wishing you were twenty years young? Berwind spent five years of hard work earning that distinction.

Why Kickboxing Works

So how did Berwind shave twenty years off his relative age? Kickboxing impacted his resting heart rate immensely. The Interval Training method used in class is the quickest and best way to strengthen the cardiovascular system, allowing the heart to achieve the same results with less work, thus lowering the number of beats per minute.

Berwind’s Kickboxing Workouts Continue to Increase in Intensity as His Skill Improves!

 Also researchers found in their 5,000 person study, those who exercise vigorously at least 3 times a week are able to maximize their peak oxygen intake. This is the measure of how well the body delivers oxygen to cells. Because Berwind enjoys the upbeat, safe Kickboxing classes at Tiger Schulmann’s it is not hard at all to motivate himself to get there three or more days a week. Thus helping him live a more energetic and productive life.

Want to shave years off your life?  Call Tiger Schulmann’s today or register at the top right and take Free Beginner Kickboxing class.  See how you can live a longer, healthier life!

 By: Sensei Thad Campbell- TSMMA Feasterville

Kickboxing Leads TSMMA Feasterville Woman to 50 Pound Weight Loss

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Kickboxing Spurs Change

Kelsey Van Sant never envisioned weighing 250 pounds. In fact stepping on the scale and seeing it was more than just a mental shock. She actually had a physical reaction. At only 24 years old she knew she needed to make some changes.

Holland Woman Stopped Smiling When She Saw The Scale!

That’s when the life long Holland, Pennsylvania resident called Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Feasterville. Her friend Cynthia had recently begun training and felt it would be a perfect fit for Kelsey.

That wasn’t how she felt on day one though!

“I knew it was going to be tough, I was really out of shape,” she says laughing. “First couple of classes were hell. I couldn’t do the second round of strength training (round 10 of the workout), I got dizzy, I had to sit down. But each class it got a little better. My stamina came back a little bit. I started losing weight!”

Weight Loss Can Be Fun

What started out as two one hour classes a week soon turned into three, then four and now as many as her job will allow.

Since September of 2012 Kelsey has been training consistently and Kickboxing Classes have taken care of the rest!

“Fifty three pounds, I lost over 14 months.”

Kelsey Cut A Slimmer Figure After 53 Pound Weight Loss!

Not only has she lost the weight she initially set out to, but class has had a dramatic impact in other ways.

“I feel fantastic, more energy, better mood, handle stress a little better, all around more positive attitude.”

Why Martial Arts Worked

Kelsey had tried the gym, but boring runs on the treadmill, or climbing away on the elliptical left her bored and made it impossible to stay consistent. On top of that watching the calorie counter was depressing as the number only ticked up slowly.

VanSant Perfects Technique While Shedding Pounds!

 Kickboxing class was a totally different story. Kelsey not only got an incredible workout every time she went, but the hour flew by. Now she found a workout she could actually enjoy for the rest of her life.

Class was helping her lose the unwanted pounds but at the same time it was giving her an added sense of Confidence in everything else she does.

“I can kick someone’s #$S!” Kelsey says with a grin.

She passed her initial goal only a year into her training, but now she has a new goal.

“I want to be a Black Belt, I just think it’s going to be so cool to put that Belt on!”

Ready to make a positive change in your life and make this weight loss resolution your last? Take advantage of Tiger Schulmann’s Holiday Special and get started on your goals now! You can call or register at the top right and someone will help you set up your first FREE class!

Holiday Weight Loss Special For Holland, Feasterville, Richboro, Newtown, Bensalem, Philadelphia, Southampton!


By: Sensei Thad Campbell – TSMMA Feasterville