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Weight Loss Industry Counting On Yo-Yo Diets

Woman Punching a red bag at Tiger Schulmann's Ramsey

According to a 20/20 News Internet report more than 100 million Americans are becoming addicted to weight loss. In fact the report estimated they spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 billion dollars every year on the habit. How can weight loss be a habit? It’s the endless procession of Yo-Yo dieting some nutritionist feel […]

Pick The Perfect Kickboxing Instructor

Tiger Schulmann's Adult and kids Fighters on the Beach

Tony Billings is still in his mid-20’s.  You would never realize it while taking one of his Princeton Kickboxing classes. His ability to motivate and teach adults many years his elder recently earned him a promotion from his own instructor. Tiger Schulmann has rarely bestowed the title of Sensei (senior instructor) to anyone as young […]

Kickboxing KO’s Spinning In War Of Workouts

Three Men Using Stationary Bicycle at Tiger Schulmann's with a mirror behind

We all know the trends. From Tae Bo to Pilates, Cross Fit to Spinning, fitness fads pop up all the time. Some of them stand the test of time, but few if any survive as the workout du jour. For Midwood adults there is one workout that has survived all the trends though, Kickboxing. Sensei […]

Kickboxing Into Shape With Mixed Martial Arts Champion

MMA fighter Burgos shouting victoriously

Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts is a guaranteed way to boost your workout’s intensity. Why walk on a boring treadmill for an hour when you can actually enjoy your workout. Learn Self-Defense and get in amazing shape! For Newburgh residents you can not only get a great workout but learn the most effective self-defense on […]

Kickboxing Provides Double Triple Threat

Adult team kickboxing training with punching bags at Tiger Schulmann's

Why settle on one workout benefit when you can have three with Kickboxing. Why settle for the new guy when you can have the industry leader. That’s what Tiger Schulmann’s in Rockville Centre members have . There are thousands of fitness options and with Kickboxing being all the rage for exercise their are plenty of […]