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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Team Training

Mixed Martial Arts is Total Fitness in One Location

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Tiger Schulmann’s is more than just Mixed Martial Arts, it provides incredible fitness for anyone who participates

“Not only do we provide an amazing workout, but we work with each of our students to educate and inform them about nutrition as well,” says Sensei Scott Zapfel, head instructor of the Wayne location.  Twice a year, Tiger Schulmann’s students participate in the 90 DAY CHALLENGE!  This is a three month journey towards better fitness, through consistent workouts, and more importantly education and implementation of better nutritional habits.  Tiger Schulmann’s has been preaching this for 30 years.

Fitness through simple body weight exercise

Simple yet effective way to build strength


Too many people talk of going on diets, when in reality diets don’t work and always make you unhealthier.  A diet that helps you lose weight rapidly is usually causing you to lose muscle, obviously not the fitness result people are looking for.  When you finish the diet, either because it’s too difficult to continue with or the “goal” weight has been reached, most people will go off the diet and their eating habits will cause them to gain all the weight back, plus a lot more.  This weight will consist of mainly fat tissue, so essentially what happened was muscle was lost and fat was gained, so now the individual is more unhealthy than when they started the “DIET.”  Instead, a change of eating habits that can be maintained permanently should be adopted.

Fitness can be accomplished with the most basic body weight exercises

Hit those abs every day!!!!


Last March many of the students at Tiger Schulmann’s went on the “90 Day Challenge” a fitness and nutritional program.  Over the course of three months almost 500 pounds were lost by the students in the school.  “You can not get in great shape through a diet.  It’s impossible.  You must be conscious of what, when and most importantly, how often you are eating, and you also must exercise.  It’s all about consuming and burning calories, and making sure you burn more than you consume,” Zapfel says.  “So you might think just get on a treadmill, right?  Wrong!  The boredom alone will cause you to quit, not to mention your entire body needs to be involved and don’t forget about engaging your mind.  People quit working out because they hate the boredom and monotony of it.  A true MMA workout will definitely involve every muscle in your body, and most importantly you will enjoy it and keep your mind engaged.”

fitness must include cardio

Kickboxing provides the best workout you’ve ever gotten in one hour.


Don’t be fooled into thinking MMA is just for kids. Tiger Schulmann’s fields a complete Fight Team, young men and women competing in Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, kickboxing, and submission grappling, but of the 20,000 people currently training in Tiger Schulmann’s schools nationwide a large percentage of them are thirty and forty-somethings, and don’t forget the 50 and 60 somethings!!  MMA has become the new fitness choice for people of all ages.


To get yourself started in the best fitness program you’ve ever tried and to help start you on your way to a new, healthier body just call 1-800-52-TIGER or the Wayne Tiger Schulmann’s location directly at 973-694-3495.  If you call the Wayne location directly, you’ll speak to Christine the manager or Leanne and they will help direct you on your way to taking your first class and setting you on the road to fitness.


Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)694-3495 for the best fitness program you’ve tried

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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Children in a Match

Martial Arts Students in Wayne Getting Ready for Competition

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The Challenge of Champions will be unrolling its mats again this December at the Raritan Center in Edison NJ.  Thousands of competitors are gearing up now preparing for this, the largest Mixed Martial Arts tournament of its kind in the country.

Martial Arts Tournament

The largest martial arts tournament in the northeast will be held in December.

Many martial arts organizations hold tournaments.  Many of them are discipline specific, forms, weapons, point sparring and grappling only.  Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has been holding this one of a kind competition twice a year for 18 years now.  Some students compete in grappling only, and others enroll in the sparring competition, not point sparring where a referee stops the action every time contact is made though; continuous sparring, similar to a boxing or professional kickboxing match where the judges use the 10 point must system to determine the winner. 

Martial arts also involves grappling

Adults and kids get into grappling at the Challenge of Champions

The third type of event, MMA is the most realistic form of self defense.  MMA combines kickboxing with wrestling and grappling, what you see on television in the UFC.  So a student can not only stand up and deliver strikes to their opponent, but if they choose to go to the ground or somehow end up there, the competition will continue.  Mixed Martial Arts is exactly that, the combination of many forms of martial arts so that whatever is needed can be used to prepare the individual for any situation.

Martial arts tournament champion



Being prepared, just like the boy scouts motto is what Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts is all about. 

Kids and adults from the Wayne school are putting in extra time and effort to prepare themselves for the upcoming tournament in December.  Some are even training every day.  Kids Martial Arts classes are filling up and getting busier as the competition approaches.  Adults compete as well.

The Martial Arts will teach any person to be more confident.  Mixed Martial Arts is the key to being prepared for any situation.  So if you are a parent and are looking to get your child into KARATE, look for a school that teaches MMA!  No school will teach your kids as well as Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)694-3495

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Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne also serves neighboring towns Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Pompton Lakes, Riverdale, Butler, Kinnelon, Little Falls, Totowa, Lincoln Park, Montville, Towaco



Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Weight Gain

Kickboxing will stop the holiday weight gain !

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Our Kickboxing Burns Calories

Holiday Weight Gain

Most people fear the holidays for weight gain, but members at Tiger Schulmann’s have no fear!

It’s that time of year again. Halloween is the start of the holiday season. Every people are drawn to costume “parties”. Did I just use the “P” word?

Parties usually consist of a lot of food and in many cases alcohol as well. While parties are fun, they generally lead to MASS CALORIE CONSUMPTION! Not only do party goers consume more calories, they consume the wrong type of calories. Fatty appetizers and adult beverages lead to that holiday gain in body fat content. A good thing to remember is that the only thing higher in calories than fat is alcohol.

Kickboxing for Holiday Fitness!

Kickboxing keeps off the holiday weight!

Everyone should have some type of exercise regime to combat the holiday gain. Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmann’s is just the ticket! Our kickboxing classes burn an average of 800 calories in an hour. That’s not a claim, it’s a reality. It’s a physically demanding workout that will get you in  the shape you want to be in. If you attend a lot of parties during the holiday season, you won’t feel guilty having that desert or that glass of wine, because you know that you will work it off in your next class. Kickboxing here is not like a gym workout. One of the best things about kickboxing at TSMMA is that you have an instructor to motivate, encourage and train you, everytime you come in for class. The classes are so much fun that the hour seems to fly by. During the holiday season, the extra motivation will help to keep you on track as well as keep you in the best shape possible.

Weight loss can be accomplished with the most basic body weight exercises

There is no reason to procrastinate. Your health can’t wait. Start Kickboxing at Tiger Schulmanns right away. No matter what shape you are in or want to be in we can get you where you need to be. Kickboxing is fun, exciting and has many healthy benefits in addition to burning calories.

Come in and try out one of our kickboxing classes for yourself. I guarantee you will see the difference between our Kickboxing classes and anything else out there. The first class is always free!

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Successful Martial Arts Gyms Cater to all People

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                The key to a successful martial arts gym is being able to decipher between two groups of people, the fighters and the common people.  Now the strong majority of people who inquire or sign up at a martial arts gym (nowadays usually boxing or mixed martial arts gym) are not looking to compete in any form, and instead are looking to get in great shape. One would think only a fighter would want to go to a martial arts gym, but the reality is quite opposite. Fighters looking to compete make up such a small percent of the martial arts population, especially in this day and age when cardio kickboxing is a popular new fad. When searching for a martial arts gym there are usually two extremes, the gyms with too little intensity and then there are the gyms with too much intensity.

                A gym with too little intensity would be something like a regular weight gym (Retro fitness, Planet Fitness, NYSC) where classes are offered to teach martial arts among other things. These classes may be a decent workout, but martial arts are a lifestyle not limited to a one hour workout. Though these people think they are learning kickboxing in reality they are being put through a mindless workout involving punching and kicking in order to burn calories. On the other hand, some martial arts schools welcome newcomers in order to provide so called “fresh meat” to their more experienced veterans. Neither of these gyms are necessarily wrong, but a truly successful martial arts gym should be meant to teach all experience levels and cater to all goals.

These two men are instructors of Tiger Schulmann's.  The man to the right is 52 years old and the other is 30.  Goes to show you how Kickboxing can benefit all ages.

These two men are Instructors at Tiger Schulmann’s, and show martial arts should cater to all people of all personalities and ages.

                At Tiger Schulmann’s Elmwood Park there is a range of students from beginner all the way to experienced fighters. The special thing about this school however is that the school is geared towards self defense for the average man or woman, and if one wishes to become a fighter or compete at a high level those resources can also be provided. Tiger Schulmann’s appeals to the strong majority, but when there are those couple of people once and a while looking to try fighting in a ring or cage there is no better school with a better group of amateur and professional fighters. In a sense, Tiger Schulmann’s beats all other gyms by playing both sides of the intensity spectrum talked about earlier, and also hitting every goal in between the two extremes of self defense and professional fighting.


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Children Training

Does Mixed Martial Arts Have An Impact On The Well Being Of Children

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Have you ever wondered if Mixed Martial Arts was more than just a good Cardio workout?   How much of a “Non Quitting Spirit” is really carried over into a students every day life?   Is there improvement on a social emotional level or is Martial Arts more for the body and not the mind?

Kids MArtial Arts teaches real life self defense

Discipline helps Kids Achieve and that Builds CONFIDENCE!

At Tiger Schulmann’s Englewood, it was discovered that the higher the belt was in either adult or child the higher the level of confidence.  Belts represent how long a student has been attending classes and also the progression of the skill.  It was discovered that when a student attends class consistently for two years or more they are more confident not only in their skills, but in their ability to protect themselves.

Martial Arts differs from team and collegiate sports in that conventional sports focus on group efforts, while Martial Arts is designed for each students’s individual progress.  As a students individual skills increase, so does their belief in themselves.

Flexibility Training is essential after every kicboxing class

Every Kickboxing Class ends with a good Stretch

Talking with parents as the children are in class,it was discovered that children with yellow belts or higher seemed to have less incidences of bullying or issues with confidence.  Adults in class speak of their determination an self discipline.

This is in large part to Sensei Klein’s group discussions on the importance of never giving up, standing up for yourself, and in the belief that you are the best for being yourself.

In closing, one must believe that longevity in the martial arts does have a positive impact in the emotional well being of a child.


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Opponent Face to Face

Burgos Victory Testament To TSMMA System

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Shane Burgos knew he wanted to be a professional MMA fighter the minute he first watched Season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter. Nine years later that dream has turned into a stunning reality, not only for him, but for a series of opponents he has left in his wake.

On Saturday night the young Highland Mills, New Yorker proved he can grapple or kickbox with anyone in the world. Training at Team Tiger Schulmann has given Burgos elite skills in every aspect of the MMA game. At only 23 years old he is a growing force in Mixed Martial Arts.

William Algeo was the latest victim of Burgos’ tremendous 5-0 start as a professional mixed martial artist. In fact Algeo won a small victory, becoming only the second of Burgos’ opponents to make it out of the first round. Algeo may actually have won the first round, but that didn’t stop Burgos from stopping his much ballyhooed opponent quickly in the second.

Fight prognosticators had the 25 year Algeo as a heavy favorite over Burgos with more than 72% of those polled picking him to win, the overwhelming majority of those calling it by submission. Ultimately it was the minority who had it right.


The fight started with Burgos displaying his standup skill. He dazed Algeo with a clean left hook that left the older fighter looking to take the fight to the ground. Burgos was at one time the highest ranked teen grappler in the country, but it was Algeo, a force on the submission grappling circuit, who was thought to have the better ground skills.

Burgos was able to avoid the takedowns early in Round 1 and continued to throw straight punches that effectively held off Algeo. After numerous failed takedowns he finally succeeded in getting Burgos to the mat late in round one. And for the first time in his fight career Burgos found himself mounted. The young Tiger Schulmann’s fighter used the cage to roll out of the mount, but the smooth grappling Algeo countered by throwing an armbar in the transition.


It wasn’t near enough to catch Burgos though. His years of NAGA victories kicked in and he smoothly stacked Algeo, keeping his arms locked and folding the bottom fighter before he felt the necessary space to escape from danger.

Still the near submission may have been enough to win the round for the older fighter. Like a true champion Burgos responded to the adversity.

Algeo came out for round 2 once again looking for the takedown, but Burgos cracked him with punishing shots right from the opening bell. Eventually Algeo was forced in to a desperate takedown attempt which Burgos used to secure his own double underhooks. The Tiger Schulmann’s Vails Gate instructor would use those underhooks to take Algeo to the mat. The Pennsylvania fighter turned to his knees immediately in an attempt to get back up, but Burgos immediately spun to back mount and was able to secure his hooks before Algeo could even begin to defend.

The submission fighter is known for securing a body triangle from backmount and submitting his opponents with a rear naked choke.  This time though he was on the wrong side of the equation. It was Burgos who was able to secure the body lock while Algeo tried to scramble up the cage. Eventually the two hit the mat where Burgos wrapped a short choke, going with a palm to palm grip instead of a traditional rear naked choke.


Algeo showed his toughness by keeping his chin tucked and waving off the referee, but Burgos’ squeeze was so strong that just a second after waving to the ref, Algeo passed out. Burgos ran his record to 5-0 at 2:36 of the second round. Stunningly it is the longest fight of his professional career as the Featherweight has finished all five of his fights, four by submission and three of those by rear naked choke.

unnamed (1)

Burgos has finished  many of his fights by submission, but in every instance it was his kickboxing dominance that setup his submissions. That Kickboxing talent is a true testament to the system put in place by Burgos’ instructor, Tiger Schulmann. Even as Burgos was wrapping up NAGA titles like most high school kids wrap up school dances, Schulmann refused to promote him to Black Belt and would not let him compete in MMA. Instead he made Burgos spend years concentrating on his weaker area.


That discipline on the part of Schulmann could have made a lesser man leave the organization and seek out a fight school with less strict standards. Burgos showed exactly what type of person he is by embracing the disciplined structure of Tiger Schulmann’s and putting in the time to bring his Kickboxing skill to the same elite level he had attained grappling.

The fruits of that labor have been on display five times now and we expect nothing less than the same continued success in Burgos’ career going forward. Congratulations to Shane Burgos on another impressive win and more importantly on setting the example of hard work and discipline that TSMMA has been built on.



By: Sensei Thad Campbell

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Smiling

The Legend of Pearl Cave KICKS OFF at Tiger Schulmann’s

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Author David Akseizer and Joshu Murray

Author David Akseizer and Joshu Murray

by Figlo Press

On Saturday October 18th, David Akseizer attended Tiger Schulmann’s annual Bully Shield in Paramus, New Jersey for his first-ever book signing. The event’s purpose is to help children understand that bullying is a cyclical process and to discover ways to prevent it. Specifically, students learned how to overcome bullying at its early stages to hinder it from developing into a persistent action. The martial arts atmosphere was the perfect setting for David’s initial book signing, as he also was able to address similar themes found within his novel, such as standing up for yourself. Attendees also had the privilege of being the first to purchase a copy of The Legend of Pearl Cave.
When David first arrived, children surrounded him from every direction. They naturally gravitated toward the wonderful, interactive table setup that consisted of freshly printed books and an iPad looping a trailer for The Legend of Pearl Cave. David began autographing copies of his book, writing the catchphrase “Be Brave” above his signature. Afterwards, the author had a chance to speak with the kids. He reminded them to be confident, brave and always face challenges with courage.
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 For more information on The Legend of Pearl Cave or its author David Akseizer, explore


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men Punching Pose

Minding Your Movement: Martial Arts Teaches Kids Control Over ADHD

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In the classroom at school, a group of students sit at their desks listening to the instructions for the next task of the day. Perhaps two or three are drumming their fingers, and several others may appear to stare into space as the teacher is speaking. But despite their disinterest in the lesson at this moment, they still manage to obtain the information necessary to complete the assignment. In the center of the room, a child is seated with one leg under his body as the other swings at the side of his chair in constant motion. He fiddles with every item on his desk, dropping his pencil on the floor numerous times. He audibly displays his struggle to keep focus with repeated grunts and heavy breaths, and his body movements are noticeably distracting to his peers. The disruptions draw negative attention to his location, as he anxiously waits for the activity level in the room to pick up to drown out the involuntary sounds he’s been making.

ALEX SALADINI, JR. stands much taller than most other fourth graders and often deceives most adults who would see him as much older than 10 years old. In addition to the pressures of meeting behavioral expectations based on his appearance as an older child, Alex struggles with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and exhibits the same fidgety body language that impacts his everyday activities. Diagnosed about 3 years earlier, Alex’s parents noticed his increasingly frequent frustrations with focus during daily activities. It began to translate into other aspects of his life, especially within the framework of school and athletics. He started to display emotional and social anxieties that impacted his academics and had a difficult time making friends.

“As soon as we entered the school we were greeted by the head instructor, and after a short talk I felt a very positive vibe.”

Prior to Alex’s diagnosis his father, Alex Sr. enrolled him in a small martial arts school in Stony Point, NY where the family resides. He still had trouble with focus, attention and discipline, and the brief stint at the small martial arts school did not last. Alex’s father decided to give Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) a try when a definitive medical finding was established a few years later. Although the TSMMA Vails Gate school was not as easily accessible to the Rockland County family, Alex Sr. had read over the profile of the Vails Gate instructor and was impressed with his credentials. “As soon as we entered the school we were greeted by the head instructor, and after a short talk I felt a very positive vibe.”

Sensei Jose Montes has been a martial arts instructor for over 20 years. His stellar reputation within the TSMMA organization has become an appealing incentive for attracting entire families to train at his school. He has transformed the lives of several students in both the adult and kids martial arts classes, and few would ever know that any of his students may have personal struggles that they continue to work through. Sensei has trained many children facing challenges of ADHD, autism, and developmental delays in the martial arts. But his attention to detail and firm, charismatic influence on each child has taught them the skills to maintain self-discipline on and off the mat.

Mixed martial arts has helped Alex manage his ADHD through improved confidence and discipline.

Mixed martial arts has helped Alex manage his ADHD through improved confidence and discipline.

Joshu Shane Burgos also teaches at TSMMA Vails Gate and offers a different, yet appealing method of teaching martial arts as well. The students look up to the young instructor’s accomplishments as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, and respect his expectations of them during each class. His vibrant, fast paced demeanor keep the kids active and engaged for the duration of training.

Alex Sr. has credited his son’s improved behaviors toward the patient, understanding nature of both Vails Gate instructors and has continued his patronage to the school for the past few years. “Sensei Montes and Joshu Burgos have been an extremely positive and powerful influence over Alex (Jr.), and he has made amazing strides, both physically and emotionally since meeting them.” Alex Jr. attends classes at least twice a week, and participates in both the kickboxing and grappling instruction back to back. He has improved his ability to stand at attention, follow multi step directions and maintain his focus on the lessons each week. His father cites several improvements in confidence, focus, physical ability, patience and overall respect that would be otherwise impacted by his son’s ADHD.  Although the family travels quite a distance to train at Vails Gate, Alex Sr. feels that the quality of instruction his son has received would be difficult to match anywhere else. “With so many other schools in the Rockland area, people often wonder why I make the drive to TSMMA Vails Gate all the way from Stony Point, NY. My response is simple. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Alex Sr. is extremely happy with the progress his son has made through martial arts

Alex Sr. is extremely happy with the progress his son has made through martial arts

Since the start of training with TSMMA Vails Gate,  the option of other well established TSMMA schools near the Rockland area have since become available, such as TSMMA Nanuet and Ramsey. But Alex Sr. feels that the special relationship with the Vails Gate instructors is a valuable asset toward maintaining his son’s success. Alex Sr. recognizes that some children need a certain personality or method of teaching by making a connection, and the Vails Gate instructors have been able to tap into that. “Sensei Montes and Joshu Burgos are the type of individuals that you point to when your kids are looking for positive role models. You need a special gift to do what they do for the kids.”

By Lauren Rose