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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Boy Fighters Six Years Later Collage

Mixed Martial Arts Benefits Individuals With Asperger’s

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My twins have been students at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts for six years.  They have done very well under the guidance and care of Sensei Montes and his staff.  When I see two strong young men standing at attention, following instructions, and executing their moves with power and discipline, my pride is only eclipsed by my gratitude.  These boys were labeled as young children and with the label came a long list of low expectations.

 We always knew our sons had some issues.  They had problems with their motor skills and were very sensitive to outside stimuli.  There were speech delays and their communication was usually scripted.  After several years of tests and observation they were given the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. This came with a lot of papers, lists, and reading suggestions that were designed to help us know what to expect as we raised them.  It was a little bit overwhelming!

“I couldn’t believe that the world had such

little faith in my very bright little boys.”

 As I read through the pages I couldn’t believe that the world had such little faith in my very bright little boys.  I will spare you most of the details and focus on what these pages said about “typical physical limitations.” To begin, it was suggested that sports would be almost out of the question.  We were told that the boys would have low muscle tone and very little core muscle strength.  Poor posture and clumsy coordination would also be a hindrance, and if they perceived an activity as difficult they would probably quit and not stick with it.

Additionally, our children would probably have very low stamina and they would not be able to carry out any type of sustained physical activity.  We should expect that they would tire easily and become frustrated.  They would also be easily distracted, lose their focus, and have a tough time following instructions with more than two or three commands. The list went on.  They would not be able to balance properly, they would have poor “motor planning,” (that is a fancy term for completing an exercise that requires a series of movements to complete) they would not do well at activities that required them to cross their arm or leg across the middle of their bodies, or imitating an instructor.


The twins have been training with Sensei Montes at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts for 6 years.

I will admit that the boys did show a tendency toward all of these things.  They could walk before they could sit up by themselves.  They did tire easily and slouch.  They were short on patience when they didn’t understand a concept.  Despite all of this, they desired more for themselves and I was not about to hold them back because some “experts” wrote a bunch of intimidating lists.  Rather than using the resources we were given as a guide to their limitations, I thought it would be better to consider these things difficulties to consider as we worked to overcome them. 

Because the kids loved to be outdoors, we got a trampoline and a big playground set with swings, slides, and ropes to climb.  I had them swimming as soon as possible, and before long they had built up some core strength and their gross motor skills were improving. 

When they were about eight years old they saw commercials on television for Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.  They asked me (every day) if they could join.  I could have looked at the lists and dismissed Mixed Martial Arts as a possibility for them.  After all, it would require strength, stamina, focus, and the ability to follow multi-step instructions.  Instead, I told them that they would have to work hard and pay very close attention to their instructors.  This did not deter them – in fact, I think that my faith in their ability gave them an extra boost of confidence.  We called the school and made an appointment to come in for a class at the local school.


Both boys have enjoyed coming to Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts and are fully committed to training.

We knew Mixed Martial Arts was a good choice for us on the very first day.   The boys were given some one on one time to learn a few of the basic moves they would be doing in kickboxing class.  When they got out on the mat, they were so nervous, and they did not start out as Mixed Martial Arts superstars by any means!  They did have trouble with combinations, they did get tired, and they did sometimes lose their focus when Sensei Montes would address the class – but Sensei did what all excellent teachers do.  He encouraged them to find their potential and to achieve it.  He taught them that all good things come from hard work, a true desire for excellence, and a non-quitting spirit.  He and some of the advanced students like Joshu Shane Burgos were wonderful role models.  The boys saw that even the advanced students and teachers trained hard and kept improving, too.   As time went on my sons became stronger, their combinations were smoother, and they were far more focused. 

“The same boys who began training as ripe targets for bullies

now stand straight and tall with confidence from Mixed Martial Arts.”


It has been six years since the boys began their training at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.  The shy, uncoordinated little boys who could barely stand up straight now have high red belts and will probably have low brown belts soon.  They are fourteen years old and hold their own in the advanced adult kickboxing classes.  They stay after class to work on sparring, grappling, and strength training with their instructors and peers. 


Mixed Martial Arts has been a healthy outlet that allows the twins to participate in both kickboxing and grappling classes.

The same boys who began training as ripe targets for bullies now stand straight and tall with confidence from Mixed Martial Arts.  Their soft middles have been replaced by six-pack abs, and they can do amazing push ups, squats, and ab workouts.

All children on the autism spectrum have different paths and different outcomes, but I can say with confidence that for my children – Sensei Montes has been an excellent mentor and their experience at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts has been life changing.

 By Catherine S

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Challenging the Champion Within

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Twice a year, students at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts convene for a one day tournament to test their skills in both grappling (close-range defense) and kickboxing. Many students train several days a week for months leading up to the competition and strive to be the best at the Challenge of Champions. The athletes competing in either the grappling or kickboxing events only hope that each match is a testament to all of the hard work and sacrifice they have put into every class at their respective schools.

Challenge of Champions






The days leading up to the Challenge of Champions competition can be nerve-racking. For many, it is their first grappling or kickboxing tournament. For others, they are Challenge of Champions veterans who are defending their titles against the skills of many worthy grappling or kickboxing opponents. In either instance, the reality is that all of the training in grappling and kickboxing classes was not simply just to stay in shape, improve self discipline or learn self defense, but to test the limits and find resolve in the face of fear and uncertainty by taking your training to that next step.

The enormous space at the Challenge of Champions encompasses three large sections of twenty-four rings that will host grappling and kickboxing events simultaneously. Crowds of onlookers wait anxiously to cheer on loved ones and peers. It can be daunting at first sight, especially when you see just how many people will be watching the grappling and kickboxing events and how many Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts instructors reside in the ring to which you are assigned. You want to represent your school and be victorious, which makes it that much more intimidating when you happen to see professional fighters such as Jimmie Rivera, Louis Gaudinot and Munah Holland judging your abilities. When your name is called onto the mat for the grappling or kickboxing event, a sense of sharpened focus and muffled quietness surrounds you. Your heart races and the adrenaline seems to be the one thing that is keeping your knees from collapsing beneath you. Standing tall in the center ring, a vibrant energy motivates your body and mind against an opponent that you believe doesn’t feel an ounce of the fear and doubt that you do.


Kids grappling event at the Challenge of Champions


A hand is raised after each grappling or kickboxing match, and those feelings fade away and become either the jubilation of triumph or the disappointment of defeat. In either instance, each competitor looks back on the experience with a sense of achievement. Although a large amount of competitors participate in the grappling and kickboxing events at the Challenge of Champions, they are few in comparison to the number of students within the Tiger Schulmman’s Mixed Martial Arts organization.

Ultimately, the day one decides to compete at Challenge of Champions is the day you set a goal for yourself. Our goals are ways of advancing our self- discipline and testing our limits to a place where we seek total perfection. We strive to be champions and seek acknowledgement for the attempts we’ve made at rising above and beyond the expectations of simply maintaining attendance in grappling or kickboxing class. But what is perfection? We make the effort to become better people everyday. We work toward a goal and do our best to get as close as possible to achieve flawless results. But is perfection actually possible to attain? Most people would agree that it is not. It simply does not exist. However, sometimes we get awful close.

The Challenge of Champions experience has taught many competitors that both triumph and defeat can teach us how to master a number of qualities that are essential for any mixed martial artist to possess. It is a pathway to developing humility, respect, and purpose. It is a way to enhance one’s ambitions by appreciating the errors made in competition, so we may learn from our mistakes and return again to a grappling or kickboxing event more focused and driven. And although we know perfection may be unattainable, when we acknowledge our flaws and our bravery to step in the ring, it is then that we realize we’ve already achieved something close enough. And that is why win or lose, all of the Challenge of Champion competitors leave there as champions.


TSMMA Vails Gate students competed at Challenge of Champions 36


Sensei Jose Montes and Joshu Shane Burgos are the instructors at the TSMMA Vails Gate school have led several students to competition at the Challenge of Champions each year. Their expertise in both grappling and kickboxing have been essential in developing students skills, and their uplifting confidence in the students abilities have been key motivators in producing several wins and return to the ring each year.

By Lauren Rose


If you possess a competitive spirit and the desire to challenge yourself through training and competition, then please visit the Vails Gate school for a FREE TRIAL CLASS and see what grappling, kickboxing, and our Challenge of Champions tournaments are all about. Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial arts can help you reach your full potential and bring out the champion in you!

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Watch this tragic victim of bullying’s video

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Have you ever heard the expression “sticks and stones may break my bones BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME.   That is the biggest lie, because if you watched this sad video then you will see that Kayla wasn’t physically bullied, but tormented by words.  I love it how parents don’t want their children to fight the bullies in school because their kids would get “in trouble”.  I bet Kayla’s parents would love to have to deal with their daughter getting suspended for one week rather than  having to deal with funeral arrangements.

What people don’t realize is that you cannot reason with aggression.  If someone verbally attacks  you then you must come back with the same aggression.  Bullies pick on those that only seem weak, so if your child stands up for themselves with conviction then the bullying stops.  When a person ignores or walks away as most parents tell their kids then the bullying only escalates.  The bullies start to become more aggressive and might impolitely calling you over, making fun of you in class for giving a wrong answer or impolitely asking you to give them something of yours.

If the same weak reaction occurs then the bullies know they can do what ever they like to you and bring this bullying to a physical level like smacks your child in the head, takes their papers from them, steals their lunch, twangs their ear on the bus, blocks their path when walking, knocks their books out of their hands or just attack them either kicking, punching, tackling to the ground where they can cause serious harm.

I am a father of a 4 year old boy, and I taught my son Lucas how to defend himself.  He is currently training at one of the Tiger Schulmann’s locations and I will back him up one million percent if he had to fight again.  Do I want him to fight and get hurt?  No, but I’d rather go to the principals office to pick him up rather then pick him up at the hospital or even worse.  If you’re thinking about downplaying bullying DON’T.  This is very serious, kids take their own or other’s lives due to bullying.  A perfect example is of I can remember my bullied experiences from 30 years ago.  I can remember all the times I was bullied, but a bump, bruise, black eye, scratch or cut goes away in a week.  Once that wound heals after that week the satisfaction of standing up stays with that child forever and confidence takes the place of the depression they would have had if they never stood up for themselves fro their bullies.

Well, how then can we build this confidence to protect us from bullies?  Train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  The program of Tiger Schulmann’s has been a proven method for bully prevention.  The program is the most realistic street wise self defense.  All of the students become empowered by learning how to defend themselves with our kickboxing program and our close range self defense program.  With this self defense your son or daughter will have the confidence to stand up to any bully.


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Man Punching

Improve Your Kickboxing Training and Technique

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Fine Tuning Your Kickboxing Training and Technique

Kickboxing Hook Punch

A hook punch is a powerful self defense technique that often troubles many kickboxing students

It’s a rare occurrence, but have you ever gotten bored with your kickboxing training and workout? It can happen when you think you’ve hit a plateau. But there’s a way out of a kickboxing training rut and you might have already seen it on your way to work today.

Just like the bumper sticker “How’s my driving?”, ask yourself “How’s my kickboxing training and technique?”. Maybe it’s time to ask your instructor if a certain kickboxing technique needs some extra attention. 

If you feel like your kickboxing training is in a rut, there’s a good chance that you’ve developed some habits that could be detrimental to your workout. For example, my kickboxing technique of a left hook needed some work. I was winding up too much, my left arm going too far back, giving my opponent a lot of time to hit me and a nice clear opening to do so. So, for a little while, I concentrated on fixing my hook — one day was spent doing the footwork right. Another day was picturing my hip movements.

Kickboxing instructor teaching his student

Your instructor will help you perfect your kickboxing technique

If you don’t think you’re having any problems, you can put your focus on something you like to do but might want to perfect. Make your round kicks higher! Increase the speed of your double jab! There’s always room for improvement with your kickboxing technique. 

And if you think everything is perfect, chances are that you’re wrong! Ask if there’s a technique that could use some extra attention so you can come to class newly refreshed and focused!

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Girl with Black Gloves

Challenge of Champions Photo Contest Winners

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Tiger Schulmann’s launched its first ever Challenge of Champions Facebook Photo Contest, which ran from 09/27/14 to 10/02/14.  The official TSMMA Facebook page hosted the contest with a built-in voting system that determined the winners.  We asked contestants to enter their favorite picture of themselves competing.  The Challenge of Champions contest required participants’ photos to capture the spirit of competition, and we also asked that they include a brief description on how competing in the Challenge of Champions has impacted their life.  The 6 contestants with the most votes received free registration for 1 event to compete in December’s Challenge of Champions.  With over 50 entries and totals reaching 2000 votes, Tiger Schulmann’s was proud to award these 6 contestants as the winners of the contest. 

Tiger Schulmann’s would like to thank everyone who participated in the photo contest, making this Facebook Photo Contest a huge success.  More exciting contests and promotions will be taking place on our Facebook page, so be sure to visit regularly to stay up-to-date.

Below are the 6 Winners in the Challenge of Champions Facebook Photo Contest!  Congratulations!

“Non Quitting Spirit”

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 1

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 1

This was Natalia’s first COC.  She was nervous at first, but ended up doing a great job.  She has been training hard for December. I’m so proud of her!

“I Got This Mom…”

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 2

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 2

The look a son gives his mother after he takes first place–I was very proud.

Non-Quitting Spirit

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 3

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 3

This champion has been to many COCs and left without a trophy, but his non-quitting spirit makes him a champion.

Going For It!

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 4

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 4

We all know how connected every child is with their parent.  No matter how many times we tell them not to look at us while competing, they just can’t help it!  Nicky looking up at me, mouth guard only half in, right before he spun around to get the back, created a great picture of how my little man “focuses” while competing.

All In The Family

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 5

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 5

This is my son and I at our first COC together.  As a single mom, I cannot express how grateful I am that TSMMA has given us the opportunity to bond and share such an empowering experience.

Take Down

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 6

Challenge of Champions Contest Winner 6

Challenge of Champions lets me show every one what Sensei has taught me. 1) Take the bully down, 2) get a position, 3) hold the position and 4) tell the bully to get lost.

For more information and to register in December’s Challenge of Champions event visit

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Bullyshield stops bullies to East Brunswick!

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Tiger Schulmann's Bully Shield Program stops bullies

Bully Shield keeps kids safe!

If you could do one thing for your children that could change the course of their lives, would you do it? If I had to guess I would say the answer would be yes in almost every case. As parents we want to be sure our children are always safe. realistically we can’t be with them all the time so making surte they can protect themselves is very important. The best start you can give your child is “Bully Shield”, Tiger Schulmann’s bully prevention program.


It’s very difficult for a child to avoid bully. They are everywhere. Bullies are in school, on the playground and even in your neighborhood. There is only one way to ensure your child will be safe from bullies.

Tiger Schulmanns gives Karate confidence and stops bullies

Karate Builds Confidence


 Build Confidence with Bully Shield!

When a child has self-confidence they will stand up for themselves. Bully Shield is an empowering two part seminar that will put your child on the right track toward self-confidence. When a child is given  the confidence to stand up to a bully before abuse becomes physical, it can be life changing. imagine your child in school, sitting in front of a bully that is threatening them. How can you expect your child to concentrate on their schoolwork in that environment. It is near impossible. At Tiger Schulmann’s in East Brunswick we will be conducting the first part of the Bully Safe seminar on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 1:00 pm. Children and parents will learn about bullies and bullying.

Discussion topics include: What is a bully, the three stages of bullying and how to diffuse a bullying situation without getting physical. This is an interactive seminar taught by instructors with over 30 years experience in the martial arts.  We all want the best for our children so why not bring them to the best place to empower them and teach them how not to be a victim. Parents will also learn the signs to look for in their children to prevent catastrophies caused by bullying.

Call Tiger Schuklmann’s in East Brunswick to make your reservation for this life changing seminar! There is no charge so you nothing to lose. Change your child’s life today. Call 732-249-2467 for a reservation.

Tiger Schulmann’s in East Brunswick services the following areas: East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Jamesburg, Milltown, Monroe, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, South Brunswick, South River, Somerset and Spotswood.

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Challenge of Champions 37 Registration has Begun!

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dec 14

Early Registration for Challenge of Champions 37 has begun! Challenge of Champions will be held on 12/14/14 at the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison NJ.

Once again, we have easy online Registration Order Form so you can register at any time in a matter of minutes! Online registration must be done with a credit or debit card. If you chose to pay by cash or check please select that option below. Early registration pricing is $80 for one event and $150 for two events. This is a savings of $10 for one event and $20 for two events over the Late Registration pricing. Early Registration Ends 11/02/14 so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this great offer.

The Following Links below are order forms to register for the Kickboxing, Grappling, or both Events.

Before Registering, it is recommended to consult your head instructor on which events you are best suited for.

Click Here to Register For Both Grappling & Kickboxing Events

Click Here to Register For Grappling Only

Click Here to Register for Kickboxing Only

To Pay by Cash,Check
, Event Credit – Click Here

For More information on the Challenge of Champions Event Visit

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Bergen County Mom is Empowered from Kickboxing

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Bergen County Mom is Empowered from Kickboxing

By achieving new levels of self-esteem and confidence at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Paramus, Gina’s sons led her to try Kickboxing.  She says her life hasn’t been the same since.  Here’s her story:

Earlier this year my 9-year old son Christian decided he wanted to try karate that he’d been hearing quite a bit about from his father. Since Christian had no interest in other sports and was not physically active as he should be, his father signed him up for a trial class at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) in Paramus. I have to admit, I was hesitant as I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of him grappling and kickboxing against other children, but I wanted him to become physically fit and take an interest in a sport. Christian loved TSMMA from his first class and the excitement quickly spread to my older son Nicholas, 11, who, similarly to Christian, hadn’t shown an interested in sports and physical activities as much as we’d wanted. Immediately, both Nicholas and Christian were hooked and I was able to see that TSMMA offered so much more than physical fitness and mixed martial arts training. It has helped to boost their confidence tremendously and taught them respect of others as well as self-discipline and self-respect. I found them not only feeling better about themselves physically but applying the lessons they’ve learned there to everyday life.

During this time and for several years, I had been struggling with weight issues, self-discipline, making time for physical fitness, and overall self-confidence. I sat watching my sons in class, thinking about how I’d never made the time for my own physical well-being. Like many parents, it is a struggle to make time to handle my children’s schedules along with my own demanding work schedule. I had taken part in other weight loss programs and I exercised when I could fit it in, but I wasn’t doing anything to push past plateaus. It had grown more and more frustrating. I’ve tried all different cardio classes like spinning and ‘cardio-box impact’ but even when I was attending classes 4 times a week, I was getting nowhere in my weight loss. I wasn’t changing my physical appearance – no matter how well I ate. One day at the end of the kids’ class, their instructor, Joshu Mike Murray announced that he’d be having a Mother’s Day class for all the moms in the school. I figured since I’m here all the time with my children anyway, I should try it—and I loved it! I took advantage of the one-month gift Joshu had given to all the moms, but before the month was even up, I enrolled myself.


Above: Tiger Schulmann’s MMA students and their moms (some of them students themselves) line up to warm up before the Mother’s Day class.  Below: Moms join their kids for some bag training. Later, kids came off the mat to make Mother’s Day cards while Moms finished their workout.



Since I’ve started training, I’ve been able to push past the plateaus that once held me back. I’ve lost 40 pounds! But, what was even more tremendous was that I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 10 in 4 ½ months! I’d never been a size 10 even when I was 10! I’m amazed! No amount of spinning, jogging, or other cardio classes had ever helped me to accomplish this. MMA definitely is working for me! Most importantly, this program has made both of my sons more physically fit, they’ve lost and maintained weight, and best of all, are more confident than ever. As much hesitation as I felt the first time Christian took a class, I soon saw how safe & effective the TSMMA classes are both physically and mentally! Nicholas, Christian, and I absolutely love our family at Tiger Schulmann’s Paramus and look forward to advancing every day!

By Gina Giordano, TSMMA Paramus Mom and Student

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Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts helps kids Build Confidence

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Training in Kids Martial Arts has more than just the obvious benefits, such as self-defense, self-discipline and physical fitness.  The ability to stand up for yourself can not only be frightening to a young child or kid it can create intense stress and worry.  Training at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts helps the kids become physically stronger, increase coordination, learn self defense techniques and how to apply them.  This, along with the positive motivation from the Sensei will help children become more confident in dealing with the day to day worries of going back to school.


Kids Martial Arts builds confidence

Real Kickboxing Actually Build Cnfidence

“Every class is very physical, but most importantly, the kids are being taught life lessons,” said Sensei Scott Zapfel, the head instructor of TS MMA in Wayne. “These lessons include; standing up to bullies; not giving in to peer pressure; making the right decisions when given a choice between right and wrong; and most importantly, finish whatever you start.”


Kids MArtial Arts teaches real life self defense

Discipline helps Kids Achieve and that Builds CONFIDENCE!

“We put a lot of focus on teaching self-discipline. Every class I am always talking about using your non-quitting spirit, and how it will help you in school, sports and at home.  At first it’s just words that kids hear and say out loud over and over again, but through discussions and practice of this exact thing, they start to understand it and see it really applies to everything they do”.  The kids martial arts program at TS MMA has been developed over 30 years!


The program at Tiger Schulmann’s is complete in all that it offers.  The initial class most students enroll into is called a Core class which teaches basic martial arts skills but also the discipline and focus required to improve.  The next step in the kids martial arts program is Grappling, which teach the concepts of self defense on the ground, followed by Kickboxing, where the basic skills are now used in a more realistic manner where the students wear protective gear and actually practice self-defense one on one. 

“Everything we teach at Tiger Schulmann’s is done so with safety as our main concern.  Putting kids in a one on one situation allows them to not only get better at their martial arts techniques but learn a lot about character, heart, commitment, and toughness, and what parent doesn’t want to see their child improve in all of those qualities.” 

Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts has open enrollment.  You can try out the program by enrolling for a free class trial.  Make your appointment by calling direct to the school at 973-988-1207, or other locations at 1-800-52-TIGER.  The Wayne school is located at 1605 Rt. 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)988-1207

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