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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Challenge of Champions 1st Place

Benefits of Martial Arts: Stress Relief

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Eesha Placing first in competition

Eesha Placing first in competition

Tiger Schulmann’s – The Best Stress Relief For Students 

By Eesha Desai

Constant preparation for tests, quizzes, projects and presentations plagues the daily lives of teens with constant stress and anxiety. One would think that weekends and vacations give the students a good break from the pressures of school.  However, even what is suppose to be time to recoup is coupled with endless mounds of homework. These pressures transform a healthy teen into a sleep deprived, moody monster who relies on toxic amounts of caffeine to stay awake (which gets especially embarrassing when the workers at your local Dunkin know your order as soon as you walk in…).

                Recent studies have shown that the amount of stress placed upon today’s teen is unmatched to ever before and is continually increasing. Unfortunately, something essential to the development of a person (school) is also detrimental leaving many without time for themselves. An outlet for such high levels of anxiety is essential to the health of a student. The most perfect, unconventional, and fun way to de-stress is often forgotten about or not even considered– martial arts.

                One of the great benefits of martial arts is that it provides a safe, healthy outlet to help easily cope with the stresses of school. Being able to step into your TS to train gives the most satisfying feeling.  The second your foot passes through the door, all other thoughts are forgotten. When on the mat, nothing else passes through the mind besides reciting how to throw a favorite combination in kickboxing or how to gain an advantage in grappling. With every drop of sweat that hits the mat, all of the built up stress and anxiety is released. It is 100% accurate when people who train say that punching or choking someone out is the most relaxing part of their day.

                The benefits of martial arts extend much further into school than just with helping to overcome stress. Training becomes a passion, something people want to be able to have time to participate in nearly every day. With this developed love, teens become more diligent with their school work and complete tasks on time so that they are able to make the trip out to train. Therefore they learns the skills of time management and, believe it or not, not procrastinating. This can help improve their grades and increase their focus dramatically (as it did for me). Another benefit of martial arts, is the ability to create and work hard to pursue fitness and competition goals translates into school as teenagers learn what it means to persist and strive to overcome a feat despite any struggles or setbacks they may face.

                Personally, participating in martial arts has provided me with many more benefits than what I have written about in this single post. The impact that it has had on me throughout high school is something that I am continually thankful for and reminded of every day, especially now as I enter my senior year and apply for college. Finally all the subtle changes martial arts  has made in my life come into perspective as I reflect on how much I have changed and improved academically since I began training in my sophomore year.  Without the important lessons of taking time out for myself, de-stressing, being persistent, and managing my time that TSMMA taught me, I can only imagine how differently my high school experience would have turned out. It is not a good thing– trust me. The most ironic part is how much I did not want to try martial arts and dreaded taking my first class. Knowing that I can say that once someone comes in, they will never want to get out.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Bully Shield Banner

Level 2 of Bullying – Bully pushes the limit

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A Bully gets stronger every time you don’t stand up to him. The Tiger Schulmann’s “Bully Shield” seminar teaches the three levels of bullying and the importance of stopping it as soon as possible. Please join us on Saturday October 18th at 1 pm at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Mount Kisco To learn how to stop a bully.

Bully Shield Seminar in Mount Kisco New York to teack kids the proper way to stop bullying

Tiger Schulmann’s Mount Kisco will be hosting our “Bully Shield Seminar” to teach kids the proper way to stop bullying.

A bully lacks courage. A bully lacks confidence. If this were not the case than a bully would not try to raise their self esteem by stealing it from others. They feel better by making others feel worse because they don’t know any other way to feel good about themselves. It’s sad really when you think about it. No matter how sad it might make us feel it can never tolerated or accepted. It must be shut down as soon as a bully attempts to establish himself. If not is is only going to get worse. Let me explain.

We know that there are three levels of bullying. I wrote up about the first level a few days ago. Read it here. That is the testing stage. The bully is feeling you out. Checking to see if you’ll fight back. This will be the easiest time to shut the bully down. If you don’t then the bully feels empowered. They will figure you are weak and they can keep going. In this stage it gets worse. Where as in level one it was simple things like name calling and laughing at someone, in level two they actually start invading the victims personal space and touching them.

anti bullying seminar teaches kids to stop a bully

The Tiger Schulmann’s MMA “Bully Shield” seminar is important for kids as well as parents. The more information we have the easier it is to solve the problem

Some examples of level 2 bullying are bumping into someone on purpose, flipping someones hat off their head or maybe the bully cuts in front of you on a line. You see the bully feels safe knowing you didn’t stand up to them before. They figure that you won’t stand up know so what the heck. We can not allow the bully to get stronger. We must be assertive in our defense so that it won’t escalate any further. But how can a person do this? What does it take to stand up to a bully? I’ll tell you.

It takes confidence to stand up to a bully. Real confidence gained by real experience in martial arts. You are in a situation that may force you to fight back. If you’ve never been in this type of situation before you will panic, that is a fact. You will not understand how to deal with the emotional stress it causes. You will not be able to deal with the physical effects like adrenaline. Trust me when I say that you don’t want the first experience you have in martial arts to be in an uncontrollable environment like fighting a bully.

Kids that train karate, kickboxing or jiu-jitsu have faced these kind of challenges before. They have dealt with the stress and fear that come along with it. This experience provides them with real confidence that gives them the courage they need to stand up. They have competed and trained with kids the know to be much tougher and scarier than some bully. They have the power and will not allow it to be taken away. That is why I believe all kids should train in the martial arts. It not only gives them the tools needed to stop a bully but it give them a positive outlet to get aggression out so they don’t become a bully.

Kids get stronger at the bully shield seminar

The Tiger Schulmann’s MMA “Bully Shield” seminar is important for kids as well as parents. The more information we have the easier it is to solve the problem

My seminar is on Saturday October 18th. It’s free and open to the public. If you have a child please bring them. Even if they are not being bullied at the moment it may happen in the future. Give them the tools they need to get the job done.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Team Training

Any Effective Physical Conditioning Program Must Have…

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Physical Conditioning Part 2: Cardiovascular Conditioning

Any effective physical conditioning program must include three parts. strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility. Cardiovascular Conditioning builds your body’s engine, your heart and lungs.  By increasing your heart and lungs you will increase your energy levels and burn lots of calories.

The type of cardiovascular conditioning done in Tiger Schulmann’s is known as interval training.  It is high intensity bursts of energy alternated with periods of rest. 

hpysical conditioning must include cardio

Kickboxing provides the best workout you’ve ever gotten in one hour.

Each time you begin a training interval it is important to push yourself to the fullest.  This will allow your heart rate to achieve higher and higher levels with each maximum reaching a new level. For instance your first interval may get your heart rate to 130 beats per minute, then 140 on the next interval, 150, back down to 140, then way back up to 170bpm.  Each rest period is designed to allow your heart rate to come down between intervals. This is the smartest and  most efficient form of physical conditioning.

This type of training will burn more calories during the workout and also help to build more muscle.

Kickboxing will improve your physical conditioning with the best cardio workout ever

Real Life Self Defense Training in Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing Class. Not to mention the best cardio workout.

You are also conditioning your heart to deal with unforeseen stresses that cause your heart to race.  Interval training is just that, intense training for a specified interval, with short rests in between.  The alternative is your basic aerobic workout which is a few minute warm up at a light cardio pace, a 30-45 minute conditioning bout at a moderate intensity level, then a few minute cool down.  Your body really needs that high intensity burst of energy alternated with periods of rest to give it maximum results.

When you really push yourself, you will feel your heart pumping and your respiration rate elevated. Deep breaths will help you relax.  Two breaths in and hold, then one slow breath out.  Breathe in deep to fill your lungs with as much air as possible, hold it in to allow your body to absorb all the oxygen that it can, then slowly let it out before you take another deep breath. An effective physical conditioning program will get in shape quickly.

If you are in shape and got your heart rate up close to it’s maximum and your breathing rate was also peaked, you will get back to a normal breathing rate after three deep breaths.

Nutrition is very important for you be able to push yourself to the fullest during your workout.  Eat something light at least an hour before working out.  Make sure it has plenty of complex carbohydrates to allow for maximum energy levels, and also studies have shown, sandwiching protein before and after a workout helps with muscle gains.  So make sure your meal before any workout session is balanced and in correct portion size to allow you to give it your all during the session.

Best of all, Tiger Schulmann’s Physical Conditioning program will have you burning over 800 calories per class!

Stay tuned for Part 3: Flexibility coming soon!

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ for the best physical conditioning program in town at (973)988-1207

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Bully Shield – Free Bully Prevention Seminar 10/18

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October is National Bully Prevention Month. At Tiger Schulmann’s we are committed to stopping bullying in its tracks.

Since 1984, Tiger Schulmann’s has helped tens of thousands of children overcome bullying in their lives. 

We are pleased to announce that all locations are hosting a special Bully Shield seminar on Saturday October 18th at 1pm. This free seminar is open to the public. Bully Shield teaches children the essential bully prevention skills necessary for today’s society, including how to identify and diffuse bullying in its early stages. If you know anyone who needs help, please let them know about this event and contact your local Tiger Schulmann’s location.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Men with Championship Belts

Dead Serious MMA 12 Results

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TSMMA MMA Champions

TSMMA MMA Champions

10/4/14 – Rahway Rec Center

Rahway, NJ

Julianno Varricchio (TSMMA) vs Nile Dillon – 162lbs Title Fight

Varricchio wins via opponent forfeit, Julianno awarded title

Michael Trizano (TSMMA) vs Ron Templeton – 155lbs Title Fight

Trizano wins via submission Round 2, adds another belt to already impressive resume

TSMMA MMA Champion

TSMMA MMA Champion Julianno Varricchio

TSMMA MMA Champion

TSMMA MMA Champion Mike Trizano

TSMMA MMA Champions

TSMMA MMA Champions

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Team Training

Anti-Bullying in School: What Every Parent Should Know

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Tiger Schulmann’s Bully Shield Program will be held Saturday October 18 @ 12:00pm

no more bullies

Putting an end to Bullying

Now that “back to school” has arrived, so has many new other things!  New clothes, supplies, teachers and friends. New activities and new bullies. It is the law in New Jersey that every school offers some type of anti-bully program. This is a great concept on paper but it really depends on what is being taught.

Most schools say there is no bullying or have embraced a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying.

What exactly does that mean? Not only does it mean that bullying will not be tolerated, it also means defending yourself against bullying will not be tolerated. The kids are taught that they should ignore the bully or try to befriend them or make them laugh and that they should tell the teacher. We were all in school once and experienced or saw bullying first hand and we know these tactics don’t work. Bullies pick on kids they deem weak and trying to stop bullying using the above methods will only make the victim seem weaker.

Put an end to bullying

Kids learning the non-physical way to end bullying

Imagine if our country was attacked and we chose to ignore or befriend our attacker, does that seem like a logical solution? Of course not, but that is what we expect from our children who are the future leaders of our country. That is just hypocritical.

What the schools don’t realize and what must be taught is an equal and assertive response to whatever level of aggression the bully is displaying.

There are 3 levels of bullying and the appropriate response to each must be learned and followed through on. This will be the focus of Bully Shield, Tiger Schulmann’s Bully Prevention Program. We must teach our children to stand up for themselves the way we would stand up as adults or as a country. This is the only effective way to handle bullying.

 It takes confidence to stand up to a bully. One of the main building blocks of confidence is the security that comes with knowing how to defend yourself.

Learn to defend yourself against bullies.

The best Self Defense will build confidence.

Why would someone choose to back down to a bully? Simply because they are afraid that they will get hurt. When you learn to defend yourself you lose that fear and build the confidence to stop anyone from taking advantage of you. This is not only true of kids in school but adults as well. Statistical studies have shown that people who know self defense carry themselves more confidently and are less likely to be harassed or intimidated in the first place.

It all boils down to the fact that the anti-bullying programs in schools are unrealistic and ineffective. The only true way to handle bullies is to stand up for yourself. As a parent ask yourself this question. If a bully just punched my child in the face what would you want them to do? Tiger Schulmann’s students have more confidence than the average kid so they usually don’t get picked on but they have the skills to defend themselves if the need arises.

Call ahead for reservations at (973)988-1207 to Tiger Schulmann’s Bully Prevention Program BULLY SHIELD held Saturday, Oct 18 @12pm

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To Quit Does Not Exist In Mixed Martial Arts

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For thousands of years, the evolution of mixed martial arts has been continuously refined by those who have honed their skills and built on the foundation laid out by their predecessors. When man needed to learn to survive, mixed martial arts proved lethal in the right hands, and over time with modifications to attain precise technical proficiency, mixed martial arts have become more than a set of skills based on instinct and survival.

The pursuit of mixed martial arts is a lifelong journey toward self discovery. Even the highest ranking individuals are always learning and fortifying the essence of their physical and mental capacities. Anyone can be taught self defense and self discipline, but it is the resolute passion of an exceptional mixed martial arts practitioner that will achieve the title of “sempai” (senior student, meaning “older brother/sister”) or black belt.

 “Only the strong, courageous and persistent can attain it (black belt).

It is not in the pursuit of the belt, but in the pursuit of skill that a true martial artist reaps the rewards of training.”

Joshu Shane Burgos has studied for 9 years under Sensei Jose Montes, the owner/instructor of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA) in Vails Gate, NY. Montes, a third degree black belt with 38 years of martial arts experience, has been teaching for about 20 years. (“Joshu” means assistant mixed martial arts instructor. “Sensei,” meaning “born before” is a title given to a senior mixed martial arts instructor.) Both Sensei Montes and Joshu Burgos have received direct instruction from Master Tiger Schulmann, and Burgos has become a prodigy of sorts within the organization. When he is not training, Joshu Burgos is also teaching at TSMMA Vails Gate. The weekly series taught in kickboxing and grappling classes for both adults and children builds on the basics of mixed martial arts he once learned from Sensei Montes.


Mixed martial arts is a passion and way of life for Joshu Shane Burgos

An objective view of Joshu Burgos is that of an exemplary role model with unrelenting perseverance through training and hard work, but his personal struggles are a considerable source of his success as a black belt mixed martial artist and a fighter. At the age of 16, Burgos was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) that significantly impacted his health and mobility. Typically, curvatures less than 30 degrees are closely monitored, however with a curve at almost 50 degrees, Burgos was at high risk for dangerous postural changes that threatened his functional mobility and organ integrity. Surgery was required to prevent further progression, and Burgos had steel rods and screws inserted along his spine to provide correction. If closely observed, the visible effects of the scoliosis are still apparent today, however it does not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a prominent mixed martial artist. But surgery would not be the only obstacle in his way.

“When it gets really tough, most people quit. For Joshu Burgos, quitting is just not an option. For him, it just doesn’t exist.”

 Three years later, Burgos received his high brown belt, and the road to black belt appeared evident. Outside of TSMMA, many other disciplines of martial arts schools award the rank of black belt within as little as three years from starting as a white belt. Burgos had trained for four years consistently, but the high standards of the TSMMA’s belt system ensure that mixed martial arts students are proficient in the respective skills for kickboxing and grappling before each promotion. But both Sensei Montes and Master Tiger Schulmann expected more from Burgos. He excelled at grappling and was a talented striker with the prospect of becoming an asset to the Tiger Schulmann’s Fight Team. Burgos remained a high brown belt for three more years, with three failed attempts at the black belt test, one of those at the hand of Sensei Montes. “I was so angry after the third failure. I said I would never test again after that.” Although discouraged, Burgos continued to train and dominated against higher ranking students in tournaments such as Challenge of Champions and North American Grappling Association (NAGA). After a series of impressive wins as an amateur mixed martial arts fighter, an unattainable feat was finally satisfied when Burgos was the first student in years who had the honor of being presented a black belt by Master Tiger Schulmann at their headquarters facility. Today, Joshu Burgos continues to train at TSMMA headquarters with many reputable mixed martial arts fighters directly under Master Tiger Schulmann.


Shane Burgos defends his record with a win as a professional mixed martial arts fighter for CFFC.

The undefeated mixed martial arts champion has since conquered several professional venues including Cage Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC), Ring of Combat (ROC) and Xtreme Caged Combat, and his achievements have earned him the respect and recognition of his fellow mixed martial arts instructors, peers and students. “Only the strong, courageous and persistent can attain it (black belt). It is not in the pursuit of the belt, but in the pursuit of skill that a true martial artist reaps the rewards of training,” says Sensei Montes. Montes continues to mentor his most senior student, and believes that Joshu Burgos will fulfill his dream of fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) someday. “I’ve had many people walk in and say ‘I want to be a mixed martial arts fighter.’ But none were willing to put in the work. I believe that Joshu Burgos came in with a different mindset- ‘I want to be the UFC World Champion!’ He has a warrior’s heart and spirit, and I think he can do it!” The merits of remaining goal driven and focused are an essential key toward success, but Montes credits Burgos for putting in the hard work and dedication that others are not willing to endure. “When it gets really tough, most people quit. For Joshu Burgos, quitting is just not an option. For him, it just doesn’t exist.”

Joshu Shane

Joshu Shane Burgos teaches what it means to have “non-quitting spirit” to all of his students learning mixed martial arts.

Joshu Burgos couldn’t agree more. “To Quit Does Not Exist.” He believes in this sentiment so much that it is tattooed across his chest, and Joshu Burgos has certainly lived up to those words. Many have witnessed complete resolve in the face of adversity, as his health, career and the heart and soul of his essence may have been compromised. He defines what it means to live by the code of Tiger Schulmann’s “non-quitting spirit,” and believes that anyone can make their dreams a reality. His passion for mixed martial arts drives him, and Joshu Burgos instills that same principle when he teaches mixed martial arts and refuses to let his students give up. “Believing you can is always the first step toward success.”

By Lauren Rose


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Bully Shield Banner

Level 1 of Bullying – Stop a bully before it gets violent

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Bullies never start with physical violence. There are three different levels to bullying. Tiger Schulmann’s “Bully Shield” Seminar explains these levels and demonstrates these levels. Learn how to stop a bully in the first level, before it gets violent using the greatest weapon we have which is your mind. Contact us now to sign up for our October 18th free seminar.

Bully Shield Seminar in Mount Kisco New York to teack kids the proper way to stop bullying

Tiger Schulmann’s Mount Kisco will be hosting our “Bully Shield Seminar” to teach kids the proper way to stop bullying.

If a bully was truly confident in themselves they would never start bullying kids in the first place. If they were really confident they would join my karate classes and challenge themselves just like all the other kids. We know from experience that bullies are not confident in themselves which is usually why they start bullying in the first place. They are looking for something to make other kids like them or think they are cool in order to boost their confidence. This is why a bully would never start his bullying with violence. The first stage of bullying is the “test the water” stage. Allow me to explain.

Have you ever been to the beach before? Did you run up to the water and let it touch your toes only to run away because it was very cold? That is exactly what the first stage is. The bully is afraid, a lot more afraid than the victim. They don’t know if their mark is going to stand up for themselves or allow fear to paralyze them into submission. Obviously they are hoping for the latter. Our seminar teaches kids how to be assertive in the situation and stop it before it escalates to violence. We like to think the best self defense is the one you never have to use.


Some examples of level one bullying are making fun of someone when they make a mistake, saying mean things or calling a person mean names and telling lies about a person to others behind their back. If the bully was confronted here than it would never go any further. By standing up for yourself you take all the power away from the bully. They will back down and most likely never try it again. It must however be done the right way. Tone of voice and body language work wonders in this instance. A strong demeanor is key. Speaking loudly and clear projects strength. You must make eye contact and stand tall. Any sign of weakness will convince the bully you are faking and they will push forward until you break. You must have confidence in your words and be willing to back them up. You must be confident but where does this confidence come from? I’ll tell you.

“You don’t want the first time you you’ve ever been hit to be in a fight against a bully. Training martial arts gives kids experience of a violent situation in a controlled environment where they know they will be safe. Now if they are forced to defend them selves they will be much more prepared and confident.”  

Training in martial arts and karate builds confidence through positive achievement. After all it is only through our achievements that real confidence is built. Plus with the ability to protect yourself comes a sense of security. Knowing that you have been in stressful and possibly violent situations before and came out unscathed will allow you to block out any fear and do what needs to be done. Although if you have never been there and this situation is the first time you will never be able to stand up the right way. You head will slouch and your words will be quiet and mumbled. The bully will pick up on this and continue to bully you. If you speak clearly and loud you will be taken more seriously. If you stand tall and don’t look away then the bully will break.

Martial arts gives the tool of confidence to stop bullying

Training martial arts gives kids the much needed experience of being a violent situation. This experience gives them the confidence to stand up and say “No!”

We must not depend on the bully backing down simply by telling them to. We must be prepared to back up our words if pushed to that point. Kids that train karate, jiu-jitsu or kickboxing have fought before. They have fought other kids that do martial arts and and have no doubt that this bully can not be as tough as the kids they’ve trained with. It’s this experience that provides them the tool of confidence to handle bullies the right way. Come to my seminar and see for yourself.

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Team Photo

Using Kickboxing to Kick Cancer’s Butt

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Kickboxing Fundraiser

The organization of Tiger Schulmann’s has been teaching Martial Arts for over 30 years.  In that time we have been very much apart of the community, especially in raising money for charity.  One fundraiser was close to my heart.  As a father I can never think about losing my son, but there is one family that is.  His name is Mikey, and he has terminal cancer.



One of my students is good friends with Mikey and his parents.  Once I heard of Mikey I new I had to help!!  With the help of my students spreading the word we raised 2,500 dollars!  Yesterday September 28th here at the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s we taught beginner kickboxing classes and asked for a donation of 20 per person.




The day started out with our adult kickboxing class.  The mat was packed and you can feel the energy throughout the room.  Nothing like getting an amazing workout while helping Mikey.  After the adults we had our kids classes.  These kids had such great energy  and were very focused!  It was really nice for everyone to come together and help others who can’t help themselves!


Karate Kids coming together to help Mikey fight Cancer