Tiger Schulmann’s Self Defense Techniques Keep EMT’s Safe

Two men and a woman fighter with thumbs up at Tiger Schulmann's

When I first walked into Tiger Schulmann’s MMA I was just looking for a basic self defense class. I work as an EMT and Paramedic all over New York and experience many patients who are combative or aggressive, so I was looking to have a fun bonding experience with my colleagues. I came to TSMMA […]

Mixed Martial Arts Aids Transition Into Adulthood

Two boys sparring at karate training at Tiger Schulmann's Vails Gate

Many parents often search for martial arts programs with the prospect of teaching young children improved discipline and focus, self defense against bullying, and improved physical fitness. Much of the Tiger Schulmann’s mixed martial arts (TSMMA) curriculum encompasses the basic tools for molding children into self-disciplined, confident and healthy individuals into adulthood. Kristina Brody and […]

How can a Black Belt Get Bullied?

Kids and adults sitting on the red gym floor at Team Meeting with instructors at Tiger Schulmann's

Every parent fears the thought of their child coming home from school with a Black Eye, but how bad would you feel if that child held a Black Belt. I was the victim of bullying as a kid. I had a big mouth and little self-confidence, a brutal combination for a middle school-er. The confidence […]

Women Turn To Self Defense Expert for Tips on Holiday Shopping

Adult team kickboxing training with punching bags at Tiger Schulmann's

  Do you shop alone at night? Where do you park?  Do you notice the color of the car next to you? Are you fumbling for keys with too many bags weighing you down upon returning to your car?  Do you check the back seat before you get in?  Are you aware of your surroundings? […]

Improve Your Kickboxing Training and Technique

Man fighter Punching a red bag at Tiger Schulmann's Smithtown

Fine Tuning Your Kickboxing Training and Technique It’s a rare occurrence, but have you ever gotten bored with your kickboxing training and workout? It can happen when you think you’ve hit a plateau. But there’s a way out of a kickboxing training rut and you might have already seen it on your way to work […]

Bullyshield stops bullies to East Brunswick!

Bully Shield gray blue red Logo

  Bully Shield keeps kids safe! If you could do one thing for your children that could change the course of their lives, would you do it? If I had to guess I would say the answer would be yes in almost every case. As parents we want to be sure our children are always […]

Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts helps kids Build Confidence

Two boys sparring at Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

Training in Kids Martial Arts has more than just the obvious benefits, such as self-defense, self-discipline and physical fitness.  The ability to stand up for yourself can not only be frightening to a young child or kid it can create intense stress and worry.  Training at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts helps the kids become […]

Is Karate in Your Child’s Backpack

Man Kicking black Silhouette

    The school year has begun and all the kids are settled.  There is one type of kid that has settled and set his eyes on the  kids who lack confidence, or should I say “victim”, and the person I am talking about are BULLIES. This is the time where bullies pick their victims […]

Wedding Day Workout: Effective Exercise Through Kickboxing

Wedding Couple with Black Tiger Schulmann's Gloves outdoors

So, you’ve popped the question, and she said “yes!” The hard part is over now, right? The excitement of planning a wedding may not impact your stress level since she will decide the flowers, DJ, and color scheme. But then you go to the tuxedo fitting and realize that perhaps you could’ve spent more time […]

Kickboxing is More Than Just Fitness

Team training at Tiger Schulmann's Nanuet

  Where do most people go to get in shape?  You would say the gym, and for a very long time that would be true, but, most people are joining cardio kickboxing gyms to use as their fitness program.  The question is, are you getting the most from your workout? People now are leaving the […]