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How to Beat The Winter Blues With Kickboxing

Beat the Winter Blues in blue and black letters

The holidays are over and there is a new year upon us. While many are thankful to have gotten through the holidays and get there lives back to a normal routine, many are having that letdown feeling – commonly known as “The Winter Blues”. Although that down in the dumps feeling can hit you any […]

Benefits of Martial Arts: Stress Relief

Tiger Schulmann's girl fighter with Challenge of Champions 1st Place trophy

Tiger Schulmann’s – The Best Stress Relief For Students  By Eesha Desai Constant preparation for tests, quizzes, projects and presentations plagues the daily lives of teens with constant stress and anxiety. One would think that weekends and vacations give the students a good break from the pressures of school.  However, even what is suppose to […]

Kickboxing KO’s Spinning In War Of Workouts

Three Men Using Stationary Bicycle at Tiger Schulmann's with a mirror behind

We all know the trends. From Tae Bo to Pilates, Cross Fit to Spinning, fitness fads pop up all the time. Some of them stand the test of time, but few if any survive as the workout du jour. For Midwood adults there is one workout that has survived all the trends though, Kickboxing. Sensei […]

Kickboxing Provides Double Triple Threat

Adult team kickboxing training with punching bags at Tiger Schulmann's

Why settle on one workout benefit when you can have three with Kickboxing. Why settle for the new guy when you can have the industry leader. That’s what Tiger Schulmann’s in Rockville Centre members have . There are thousands of fitness options and with Kickboxing being all the rage for exercise their are plenty of […]

Strength Training Of The Week With Sensei Stine of TSMMA Rego Park

Strength Training Of The Week With Sensei Stine of TSMMA Rego Park Here you have it, strength training of the week with Sensei Stine (TSMMA Rego Park).  Whether you’re at home, on vacation or getting ready to come to class, you can practice your reverse lunges, pushups and mountain climbers wherever you may be.  So […]

TSMMA Success Story

Dear Master Tiger Schulmann, My name is Great Helmke, I started training at Tiger Schulmann’s in Islandia, NY last June. My two children, Garrett and Amelia also train in Islandia. We are all very proud to have recently earned our high blue belts. I am the widow of PO Robert B. Helmke NYPD who lost […]