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Cage Fury Fighting Championships 39 MMA Results

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Andy Segoiva TSMMA

Andy Segoiva wins via Unanimous Decision at CFFC MMA 39

August 16, Sands Casino

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Andy Segovia (TSMMA) vs Devon Jacobus – 168lbs

Segovia wins via unanimous Decision

Congrats to Andy on taking home the win at CFFC 39 MMA Event. Andy controlled the action for much of the 3 rounds earning an unanimous decision. Segovia improves in every kickboxing and mma bout he competes in and we look forward to his return to the cage in the near future.

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New Jersey Beach Towns Lucky To Have Kickboxing Leader

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When Sensei Bobby Colontino recently moved Tiger Schulmann’s MMA into Brick it made it that much easier for residents of shore towns Point Pleasant and Belmar to choose the leader in Kickboxing training.

Tiger Schulmann’s is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary and Colontino is a fourth degree Master Instructor under the famed Schulmann. He has earned his ranking during a twenty year history in the organization. First as a student and for more than a decade as the head instructor in Toms River.

Kickboxing classes are a great way to burn calories and increase metabolism.

Kickboxing classes are a great way to burn calories and increase metabolism.


Now the highly regarded Kickboxing practitioner has a brand new facility in Brick. Shore towns have long been known for their competitive spirit and what better way for adults to get in shape than learning Kickboxing form a professional.

Not only does Colontino have decades experience training students in the Belmar and Point Pleasant area, but he also trains with some of the very best Kickboxers in the world. His training partners have included Shennen Maceo, Will Hamilton and Lyman Good. Those three won a World Muay Thai title, a US Kickboxing Championship and a World Championship in MMA.

Get ready for the beach with the best Kickboxing program at the shore!

Get ready for the beach with the best Kickboxing program at the shore!


You simply cannot find the level of experience teaching and training in Kickboxing in the area. Do not be fooled by new schools popping up with cheap knockoffs of the proven Tiger Schulmann’s curriculum. Why settle for a cheap imitation when you can join the organization with three decades of proven performance.

You will find a fantastic combination of losing weight, getting in shape, having fun, and learning authentic self-defense. Tiger Schulmann’s has helped over 100,000 adults get in the best shape of their lives and you can be one of thousands Colontino has trained himself!

Call TSMMA Brick today and see why Belmar and Point Pleasant residents have been flocking to the state of the art school for the amazing results from their Kickbxoing program.

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Bethlehem Karate Expert Changes With Times

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To Everything There Is A Season! Whether you are listening The Byrds hit 1965 song or reading from Ecclesiastes there has never been a truer statement.

Simply look what your kids are playing with these days compared to when you were a child.

The world of martial arts is no different as the Karate we grew up with is quickly becoming the MMA your kids will love. Much of that change is in part to Tiger Schulmann’s MMA.

Disicpline is the hallmark of Tiger Schulmann's MMA training for kids!

Disicpline is the hallmark of Tiger Schulmann’s MMA training for kids!


TSMMA as it is now referred too is the leader in martial arts training and over the last twenty years has helped make training in Mixed Martial Arts the option if you want your child to build self-discipline and self-defense.

“When I was a kid Karate was the thing to do for parents who wanted their children to build confidence,” says Sensei Robert Villafane. “Now we know their is a much more effective way.”

See how the discipline of TSMMA can help your child build self-confidence!

See how the discipline of TSMMA can help your child build self-confidence!


Villafane is the owner and head instructor of Tiger Schulmann’s in Bethlehem, a position he has held for twenty years.

In fact when the concept of MMA was first introduced by the UFC in 1993, Villafane was already a high level Karate Black Belt.

Now he is acknowledged as a Master of a different style. The fourth degree MMA Black Belt holds multiple grappling titles and has trained dozens of fighters to success in Kickboxing and MMA.

Villafane has been building confidence in young students for two decades.

Villafane has been building confidence in young students for two decades.


“Parents aren’t necessarily looking for their kids to compete,” says Villafane. “But it is comforting for me to know when a parent wants their child to stand up to bullies that what I am teaching them has worked at the highest levels of competition.”

Villafane says it is important to prove what you are doing works. He says traditional Karate competitions are hardly different than a dance competition as far as it relates to self-defense.

“Many traditional Karate schools let commercial success change how they prepared students for real self-defense. Their competitions stopped reflecting what would really happen if a child was attacked by a bully and steered much more towards dance and gymnastics.”

Villafane says MMA concentrates only on what is most important to his students well being, at the same time retaining all the traditional values and self-discipline he instilled in students even as a Karate instructor twenty years ago.

Do not be afraid of change when it comes to martial arts training for your child. Karate’s time as the most effective form of self-defense is over. Choose the world leader in martial arts training. Call TSMMA Bethlehem or register online today to see the perfect fit for today!

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Kickboxing With A Willow Grove Professional

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James Garzillo has been an institution in teaching kickboxing in Willow Grove. He was hand picked by Tiger Schulmann to become the head instructor at TSMMA Willow Grove in 2003. It’s nearing the 11 year mark and the accolades the 33 year old has amassed are impressive.

When he originally came to Willow Grove the school struggled to have 100 students. For more than a decade Garzillo has trained more than 200 people every single month. Now he is nearing 300 hundred active students.

Dozens of adults come to Garzillo's Kickboxing classes every night for the motivating instruction and fun workout.

Dozens of adults come to Garzillo’s Kickboxing classes every night for the motivating instruction and fun workout.


He has managed to develop such a dedicated student base by pouring his heart and soul into the school. He is there six days a week teaching six classes a day with the same passion he displayed as a fresh faced 22 year old.

What is even more impressive are his accomplishments outside of his Willow Grove school. Garzillo began his competitive career shortly before taking over as instructor at Willow Grove.

That career has seen him amass double digit victories against only one loss in Kickboxing and MMA. You simply will not find a more accomplished Kickboxing instructor anywhere in the area.

Sensei Garzillo is known for his knockout power in the ring, and his quiet persona outside of it!

Sensei Garzillo is known for his knockout power in the ring, and his quiet persona outside of it!


His school moved less than a mile up 911  a couple years ago and now is undergoing a beautiful renovation to make it the most state of the art training facility in the area.

That aesthetic improvement is awesome, but it’s the individual improvement Garzillo has continued to bring to each and every student at his Willow Grove school that distinguishes him as a Kickboxing instructor.

You will know two things the very first time you take class with Garzillo. He knows exactly how to motivate you to achieve your goals, and he is a world class practitioner of Kickboxing!

Call TSMMA today or register online and see why Sensei Garzillo is the instructor to choose in the Willow Grove area.

By: Sensei Thad Campbell

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New Tiger Schulmann’s MMA location – Chelsea, NY – Now Open!

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New Tiger Schulmann’s MMA location – Chelsea, NY


Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts Chelsea Is now open! The new school is conveniently located at 688 Avenue of the Americas (entrance on 22nd Street).

Professional MMA Champion Lyman Good is the head instructor. A true star within the MMA Community, Sensei Good brings energy and excitement to every class and will motivate you to reach your goals.

Their schedule is now available online – Adult Schedule & Kid’s Schedule

Check out TSMMA Chelsea’s website for school info and details.

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4th Annual New York Boxing Tournament 8/1

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8/01/14 – Gleasons Gym, Ridgewood NY

Congratulations to both Eric Rodriguez and Isiah Persaud on competing in the 4th Annual New York Boxing Tournament on Friday, 8/1/14. Both TSMMA Jr Competition team members boxed in the finals of their respective divisions. Isiah won the the championship with a 1st Round TKO. Eric boxed for 3 rounds of back and forth action but had the ref mistakenly stop the fight early even though victory was well within his grasps. Keep an eye out for these future stars as they continue to compete and represent TSMMA on the mat and in the ring.