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Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | New Years Resolution

How Kickboxing Keeps Your New Years Resolution

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New Years Resolution


If I ask you how many NEW YEARS RESOLUTION’S you have made for yourself, of those how many have you completed?  In most cases they answer would be none, right?  The reason for that is people have great intentions on eating right and training right, but they go down the wrong direction in fitness and nutrition.

In the gym people have to motivate themselves.  Besides that they have to come up with their own routines and diets, unless you get a personal trainer and honestly that can be very expensive.  The problem with this entire thing is you have to be disciplined with your diet and workout routine, but if the person was so disciplined most likely they would be just going to the gym for their workout and not to just be there for their new year resolution.  That means lack of motivation and knowledge on training leads them to quitting the gym shortly after enrolling.

That’s the beauty of my kickboxing classes, you never have to motivate yourself because the instructor does from the moment you get here till the end of class.  You never have to create your workout routine.  We go by a curriculum that is created by Tiger Schulmann himself.  Besides teaching you how to workout properly I teach all of my students on how to defend themselves in any situation.  While you are learning these techniques it will be impossible to think about your daily stresses.  It’s almost as if you’re on a mini vacation for that hour.  All stresses and worries are are releaved at that moment, and after a little bit of training your daily stresses aren’t as stressful.


New Years Resolution

130 Pound Weight Loss in Just One Year


Another great part of my program is that we go over nutrition.  At Tiger Schulmann’s all the instructors are well educated on nutrition.  That’s one of many benefits we receive by training at our headquarters with Master Tiger Schulmann himself.  With the combitnation of the students having fun in class, getting the workout in an hour, your mind is off the stresses, you’re learning self defense and your instructor motivating you is how the students keep to their NEW YEARS RESOLUTION.


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Wayne Martial Arts Students Excel in Competition

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Students of Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts in Wayne had a very successful outing at the Challenge of Champions this past weekend.  Twice a year, every June and December the mats are rolled out and the competition begins.  Throughout the entire day, children as young as 5 and adults well into their 40’s and 50’s put on the sparring and grappling gear and go toe to toe for Challenge of Champions Gold!

Wayne Martial Arts prepares you or your child for school and life!

Wayne Martial Arts provides kids with increased confidence

James Ready for Action!!!

There are three events held at the event.  Grappling, Kickboxing and MMA. Grappling is the largest and fastest growing activity in the whole country right now!  Basically ground fighting, grappling or Jujitsu, is trying to maintain a dominant position over your opponent.  For kids 9 years old and up as well as adults, submission are also involved which when applied correctly can end a match very quickly.

Wayne Martial Arts is really heating up

Great Job Kallen

Winners from the Wayne Martial Arts school in the grappling events are Marco Alarcon, 1st Place; Zachary DiGidio, 3rd; Alex Gallipoli, 1st; Elise Hartman, 1st; Oscar Hernandez, 3rd; Travis Leal, 3rd, Aidan Liwanag, 2nd; Colby Montaina, 1st; Javier Perez, 3rd; Gary Pranzo, 1st; Al Rech, 3rd; Alexis Rech, 1st and Attila Valy, 1st place each in their respective divisions.

Wayne Martial Arts is helping kids win at oturnments

Getting ready for ACTION!!!

The other two events, kickboxing and MMA involve two competitors wearing complete protective sparring gear vying to win the fight by landing more effective punches and kicks than their opponent.  In the MMA competition participants can actually take their opponents to the ground and continue the fight there.

Winners in the MMA and Kickboxing events from Tiger Schulmann’s Wayne Martial Arts school are: Marco Alarcon, 3rd place; Alex Gallipoli, 3rd; Aidan Liwanag,1st; Jakub Paiserd,3rd; Javier Perez,2nd; Alexis Rech,3rd; Dominic Valenzuela,3rd and Attlia Valy, 2nd in the kickboxing event, each in their respective divisions.


Team TS MMA Wayne!!!

Team TS MMA Wayne!!!

MMA winners include Murat Mamkegh, Colby Montaina and Elise Hartman, each winning 1st place and Matt Hooben winning bronze in the advanced divisions.

If you want to start your self or your child in the toughest activity you or they will ever love, then come to Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne Martial Arts.  Most sports require a high level of athleticism, but the martial arts develops this athletic ability and kids without the knack for team or individual sports always excel in the martial arts.

The Wayne Martial Arts School is conveniently located near Pequannock at 1605 Route 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center, with Party City, Chuck E Cheese and directly next door to Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)694-3495

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Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne also serves neighboring towns Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Pompton Lakes, Riverdale, Butler, Kinnelon, Little Falls, Totowa, Lincoln Park, Montville, Towaco

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Woman Weight Loss Before and After

See How This Old Bridge Woman Got In The Best Shape Of Her Life With Kickboxing

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In May 2013 something hit me like a ton of bricks. Something everyone goes through in life. But nothing like the fairytales parents read their children at night; more like a nightmare that no one has really prepared you for.  I was turning 30!!!

 Growing up I had always been involved in sports. And I enjoyed playing them. What I didn’t enjoy was sneaking up the back stairs of the gym, into the dark movie room to run on a treadmill watching the same P!nk concert video three times a week. Don’t get me wrong, she was great motivation (who wouldn’t want her rock hard athletic physique) but the challenge was motivating myself. About once a week I would come up with an excuse as to why I could skip the gym that day, too cold outside, it’s raining, I should spend more time with my dog, catch up on Breaking Bad episodes, you name it! I needed something that could motivate me, captivate my attention and be something I enjoyed doing. 


If you don’t know this by now, let me the first to tell you. Something happens when you turn, oh about 25 years old. You can’t eat like you use to. No more fast food, no more late night pizza, and no more cupcakes…your metabolism just slows down to a screeching halt.

So not only was I finding it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym, I was packing on pounds like never before AND I was single and turning 30! Oh no! This wasn’t happening!?

Later that week I reached out to a co-worker who had one of those white circular bumper stickers that said something about MMA or Kickboxing. I didn’t really know much about it, but I use to play soccer, I liked kicking things. But there were so many kickboxing schools out there, where do I begin/which one do I try?  She told me the bumper sticker was for Tiger Schumann’s Mixed Martial Arts (TSMMA). I thought ok, it’s somewhere to start. So I looked them up online and filled out the free trial form. Much to my surprise, I received a call the very same day. The man on the other end of the phone asked when I could come in for a free class, how about today he said?! I really didn’t want too, it was too soon and I had Breaking Bad episodes to watch. But I looked at the calendar, and the big 3-0 was coming up fast, so I agreed to attend class that night.

Now, almost 2 years later, I realized that was one of the best decisions I ever made. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy! That first week (or two) I struggled to get out of bed every morning, I was so sore! But soon the soreness went away and I started to see the results I had hoped were possible. Now, I’ll be clear, it didn’t happen over night. It took a lot of hard work! I attended classes 3-4 nights a week and also attended a nutrition seminar that was given after class. I realized it wasn’t just kickboxing for 3-4 hours per week that was going to get me the results I desired, eating right was a big part of it too. The other big part of it for me was the motivation and family atmosphere that was present at the school. It made showing up each night much easier and more rewarding.  Not only was it motivating to see other students at all different age and fitness levels doing the same drills and learning the same techniques, but my Joshu motivated me to get to class and give it my all when I was there.

Attending TSMMA, and being a member, has really helped me tap into my inner athlete. I feel great, I look great and I’m not afraid to say I’m 30 (something). It has given me confidence and motivated me to live a healthy lifestyle. That is something running on a treadmill in a gym could never ever do. In addition to that, I have gained some life long friends! Having only lived on the East Coast for 5 years, it was hard meeting new people. One thing that I found at TSMMA was truly genuine people. And not just at my school. I have attended other TSMMA schools while traveling for work, and I have felt the same warm family welcome at each and every location. I also love attending live MMA bouts with TSMMA members competing. A sense of pride is felt when TSMMA shirts and cheers are are seen and heard in the crowd.

So if you are at a crossroads in your life, feeling like dragging yourself into the gym just isn’t cutting it, or just need some motivation and confidence. Take a chance. Try kickboxing. Go online, call or stop by your local TSMMA school…then get ready to change your life in one of the most positive ways possible.

To come in for a FREE Trial Class give us a call 


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Tiger Schulmann’s Self Defense Techniques Keep EMT’s Safe

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Julie's Pic

When I first walked into Tiger Schulmann’s MMA I was just looking for a basic self defense class. I work as an EMT and Paramedic all over New York and experience many patients who are combative or aggressive, so I was looking to have a fun bonding experience with my colleagues. I came to TSMMA to find out if it would be possible for them to teach a unique self defense class to EMT’s and Medics like myself. Because we work in a plethora of environments we often experience violent and aggressive patients who are under the influence of drugs, narcotics, and alcohol. Organizing this EMT self defense class was very easy and before the big day came Jared Salzman offered me a chance to come in by myself and take a class on him. It was scary at first and I was nervous. Here I am thinking I am walking into a place where people are going to beat me up. It turned out to be the exact opposite! The class was amazing and I signed up shortly after that first class. A few short weeks later, Jared taught myself and a group of ten other of my colleagues simple yet effective techniques to defend ourselves specifically in an Ambulance. The problem with an ambulance is that it may look big, but actually there isn’t that much space. There is maybe two feet of room between myself and a patient at all times, and in case of an outburst an attack from a patient is likely to be effective due to the proximity.

One day after donating blood at a local blood drive I went on what should have been a normal call. After arriving on scene and ushering the patient to the ambulance myself, my two teenage youth corp riders and my partner were in-route to the hospital. About thirty seconds into the trip the patient became very anxious and kept asking for a backpack nearby. Realizing that this patient was under the influence of some kind of drugs I refused to give up the backpack to which he replied, “I have a gun in there and I need to check it.” As he reached for the backpack to grab the gun I instinctively grabbed his arm the way Jared had showed me in that EMT class months prior. My partner called the police and the backpack and gun ended up in safe hands. The two teenagers, and myself were safe thanks to some simple techniques TSMMA taught me. I am very grateful and will keep training. I hope everyone in EMS, Fire and Police agencies will remain safe and secure.

Julie – TSMMA Nanuet 


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Challenge of Champions 37 Team Champions Announced

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Challenge of Champions 37 – 12/14/14

Challenge of Champions Team Champions are separated into 3 groups based on student population by school.

Congratulations again to all who competed and represented their school and instructors.

Group A

1st Place – Bay Ridge

2nd Place – Rego Park

3rd Place – Glendale


Group B

1st Place – Staten Island

2nd Place – Wayne

3rd Place – Morris Plains


Group C

1st Place – Paramus

2nd Place – Vails Gate

3rd Place – Plainview


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | What's the Plan

Tips To Stay In Shape This Holiday Season

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Want to beat Stress, Try Kickboxing!


The Holiday’s are upon us, whether we like it or not. The Season of gift giving, partying with friends and family, and indulgence of all kinds. With all this food and fun, its no wonder that most American gains 3 – 5 lbs. in this short 5 week span. Training here at Tiger Schulmann’s Morris Plains definitely gives you an advantage over the average person, but don’t think that it gives you a free pass to eat and drink anything you want til next year. As the saying goes, you can’t out train your diet, and that is especially important to remember during the holidays. The following are a few tips to help you enjoy the holidays and stay in shape without packing on the holiday weight.Whats-the-plan

1.HAVE A PLAN – Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you should change your normal eating routine. As a rule, the food you make at home will almost always be healthier than the food you buy from a fast food place or a restaurant. Plus, there is always going to be someone at work bringing leftovers or some holiday treats for everyone to eat. If you plan and make your meals in advance, the choice of eating healthier will always be there. Also , starvation will very often lead to excess consumption, so plan your meals, and the times you eat accordingly

christmas crazy-441x289

2. DON’T MAKE EVERYDAY A HOLIDAY – Just because its the holiday season, don’t use it as an excuse to eat bad from Thanksgiving till New Years. Enjoy the days that you have holidays, parties, and family get togethers, but on the other days, make it a rule to stick to your diet and training routine.
no alcohol3. LIMIT ALCOHOL – For many people the season of giving is also the season of drinking, but over doing comes with a lot of negatives. Besides the obvious regretful behavior and next hangover, alcohol also has a ton of calories. And because you body treats alcohol as a poison, it works to expel it first, causing the actual food you do eat to be stored as fat instead of turned to energy. Plus, the lack of control will always lead to bad eating choices.
overeating4. DON’T OVEREAT – Who doesn’t over after a good holiday meal? And who doesn’t feel like an over weight sloth when it’s done? Over consumption doesn’t have to be a holiday tradition. when feeling slightly full, just take a step back from that food! Your stomach is on a bit of a delay from your mind. That’s why when you feel stuffed and finish eating, you actually feel even more full 20 minutes later. So when you feel a little, take that step back, drink some water, and give it 10 minutes. Guaranteed you will not want to eat anymore.
hungry5.  NEVER ARRIVE HUNGRY – The ability to make healthy meal choices is always harder when you are starving. To increase your ability to resist temptation and overeating, try to have a small healthy meal or snack about an hour or so before a holiday dinner or party. This will reduce cravings, and allow you to eat slower, so you will know when to stop before you are stuffed.
6. SLEEP – Make sure you get plenty of sleep! With all the holiday craziness, this can be the most neglected part of your well being. Lack of sleep can not only effect your mental clarity and slow your  metabolism, but also make you crave foods high in carbs and sugars as away for your body to boost you  energy throughout the day. 7 – 8 hours is the best for  restful nights sleep. If that is impossible, try napping for 20 – 40 minutes during the day when you can.
                                              Kickboxing will eliminate stress
7. FIND THE TIME TO RELIEVE STRESS – Despite being the most “joyful” time of the year, the holiday’s can also be the most stressful. from running around getting gifts, preparing dinner, and taxiing relatives to and from the airport, stress can build to an intolerable level. Our kickboxing classes are the best way to relieve stress, and it will only take an hour out of your day. Some people feel guilty training when they have holiday duties to get done, but by releasing some stress you will doing them and yourself a huge service!
tsk8. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! – Like I said earlier, don’t neglect yourself or your body! The one hour that you put into your kickboxing and grappling classes will leave you feeling more refreshed and better able to handle the holiday mayhem. Plus, with New Years right around the corner it’ll put you on a running start toward your 2015 goals of a healthier you.
Hope these tips were helpful. Not a student yet? Get started for only $99. Special ends Decmber 31st, so dont hesitate! Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday.
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Kickboxing in Wayne NJ Provides a 90 Day Challenge

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The 90 Day Challenge is a 3 month journey to complete fitness through increased focus on nutrition and consistent exercise.  The exercise is provided by kickboxing in Wayne NJ at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA.

The 90 day challenge is a Tiger Schulmann’s program that has been around throughout the 30 year history.  It is a re-dedication by all the students, and instructors as well, to eat clean and healthy, while increasing consistency and frequency of working out!

Kickboxing in Wayne NJ gets you in shape

Finish every class with a few rounds of body weight exercises

The workout is the easy part!  Kickboxing in Wayne NJ provides all the instruction and motivation, as long as students get to class.  The nutrition can be the tricky part and the  part most American’s struggle with.

Kickboxing in Wayne NJ will build strong bodies

Strength Training is the only way to build strong muscles

The instructors at TS MMA have all been certified by a registered dietitian as nutritionists and have also been eating healthy for fitness for an average of 15 years each.  A nutrition seminar will kickoff the 90 day challenge to help everyone understand the basics of nutrition and examples of proper eating habits.

Kickboxing in Wayne NJ builds muscle

Heavy Bags provide resistance for building muscle

You cannot get in shape by working out while eating bad, and conversely you cannot just eat healthy without working out and expect complete fitness either.  So kickboxing in Wayne NJ can be the first half of getting in shape and the nutrition seminar held in January can be the second half!

Complete fitness always must include exercise and proper nutrition.  So get your self to Tiger Schulmann’s for Kickboxing in Wayne NJ for your opportunity to have that in shape body you’ve always chased!

The Place for Kickboxing in Wayne NJ is conveniently located near Pequannock at 1605 Route 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center, with Party City, Chuck E Cheese and directly next door to Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts of Wayne NJ at (973)694-3495

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Kickboxing in Wayne NJ will get you in shape, GUARANTEED!

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Wayne Kickboxing, Total Fitness and Fun

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Kickboxing in Wayne NJ will not only get you in shape, but be the toughest workout you’ve ever loved.  If you go to the right place, and that’s Tiger Schulmann’s MMA.  Wayne Kickboxing burns over 800 calories per hour.

Each class starts with a warm up.  The body must be prepared for the workout, not to mention the mind. Then the kickboxing rounds begin.  At Tiger Schulmann’s Wayne Kickboxing classes follow the same format so students learn, make progress and really feel like they’ve accomplished something in addition to the workout.

wayne kickboxing will get you in great shape

The toughest workout you’ll ever love

Each round challenges your body by increasing your heart rate to a new higher level. Wayne Kickboxing will get your strength and cardio levels up in no time.  So while the heart rate goes up so does your intensity building strength through resistance training using the heavy bags during the rounds and your body weight at the end of class.

Wayne Kickboxing gets the heart rate up

Always keeping the intensity up

The end of class is your opportunity to really leave it all on the mat.  The Wayne Kickboxing format is multiple rounds of heavy bag work with few rounds of intense plyometric body weight exercises to finish up.  Different versions of squats, push-ups and abs will keep the workout exciting and hit all your muscle groups.

Wayne  Kickboxing is fun and exciting

High intensity from round 1 all the way to round 10

So Tiger Schulmann’s 10 Round Wayne Kickboxing Workout will get you in great shape and hit all 3 aspects of physical conditioning.  There is no better, more efficient or effective workout anywhere.  And starting this January the 90 Day Challenge is back!  Call for info!

The Wayne Kickboxing School is conveniently located near Pequannock at 1605 Route 23 South in the Brentwood Shopping Center, with Party City, Chuck E Cheese and directly next door to Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Call Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts for  Wayne Kickboxing at (973)694-3495

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Tiger Schulmann’s of Wayne also serves neighboring towns Pequannock, Pompton Plains, Pompton Lakes, Riverdale, Butler, Kinnelon, Little Falls, Totowa, Lincoln Park, Montville, Towaco

Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Boys Fighting

Mixed Martial Arts Aids Transition Into Adulthood

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Many parents often search for martial arts programs with the prospect of teaching young children improved discipline and focus, self defense against bullying, and improved physical fitness. Much of the Tiger Schulmann’s mixed martial arts (TSMMA) curriculum encompasses the basic tools for molding children into self-disciplined, confident and healthy individuals into adulthood.

Kristina Brody and Jason Samuel have been training under the instruction of Sensei Montes for over 7 years and have transitioned through the kids martial arts classes into the adult kickboxing class. The experience they have had in the kids classes has provided them with the basic tools required to maintain discipline, learn self defense techniques and gain confidence. All of these qualities are standard expectations of the TSMMA program, but each of them has gained so much more with continued training.

Jason Samuel demonstrates a round kick during the kids class

Jason Samuel demonstrates a round kick during the kids class

Sensei Montes credits both young adults with advancing their responsibilities on the mat by assisting in the kids classes to enhance the training of young children as they once were. After a long afternoon of two to three kids classes in a row, both Kristina and Jason stay to train in the adult class directly after. Their dedication and leadership skills are admirable traits that Sensei Montes hopes many of his younger students will emulate someday also.

Jason Samuel is a thirteen year old middle school student who has recently transitioned into the  kickboxing class. Although his age, size and responsibilities may be overshadowed by many adult students with careers and families, Jason outranks many of them and is able to effectively train with many peers twice his age. His father, Terry has expressed how impressed he is with Jason’s recent spurt of strength and his overwhelming sense of self-confidence. “We had a flat tire, and with guidance Jason was able to manage the situation and loosened and lifted the tire on his own!”

Jason assists younger students with mitt training

Jason assists younger students with mitt training


Terry and his wife, Marilyn feel that his transition into the adult classes has been a positive change that adds not only the challenge of more physically demanding training, but being able to manage the difference between his role as a child in a structured, intensely guided class into an environment that expects more self-discipline. Enrolled in 2008, Terry and Marilyn wanted to improve Jason’s strength, confidence and teach him independence. Their other two children also currently train under Sensei Montes, as both parents have been extremely happy with the results of the TSMMA program. Described as quiet and naive, Terry and Marilyn felt that martial arts would help Jason become more outgoing and self-reliant. His evolution through the years has been observed by many parents and students who have watched him grow into an assertive, confident and responsible young man.

The importance of a more experienced martial arts student is not only learning more advanced skills, but how to pass on their knowledge and demonstrate patience and understanding to their peers.

Fifteen year old Kristina Brody has been training since 2007 and trains up to 4 times a week. Her father, Ken enrolled Kristina and her three siblings into TSMMA after trying martial arts instruction through Tae Kwon Do. The Tae Kwon Do format did not appeal to Ken, as his intent was to find a more structured environment through formal karate training to help his kids improve their self confidence. “We decided that karate might be better for them, and looked at several local schools.  Except for Tiger Schulmann’s mixed martial arts, they all had the stereotypical “gym” look to them, so we decided to give it a try.” Ken felt that his children benefited from the methods used to teach the kids new techniques. An active parent in Scouts, the familiarity of Sensei Montes’ instruction reminded him of the “EDGE method” – Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable- an approach often used by the Boy Scouts of America. Kristina is also a member of the local Girl Scouts FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC).

Kristina Brody works out on the heavybag during the adult kickboxing class

Kristina Brody works out on the heavybag during the adult kickboxing class

In addition to martial arts techniques, students are also taught the responsibility of guiding one another as they progress to a higher level. “I like how students are often paired off in what others might consider an ‘unfair advantage.'”  Ken feels that the importance of a more experienced student is not only learning more advanced skills, but how to pass on their knowledge and demonstrate patience and understanding to their peers. Kristina continues to receive that same martial arts instruction from Sensei Montes and her adult peers, but continues to give back when assisting in the kids classes as well.

Kristina coaches younger students during the kids grappling class

Kristina coaches younger students during the kids grappling class

Kristina was the first to move up into the adult class and feels that the challenge has helped improve her skills. “I like that the adult classes are more intense and that I am able to keep up with a lot of the adults now. I learn more every time I come here and I like that I can pass on my knowledge to the younger students during kids classes.” Jason is a newer face in the adult classes, but has quickly accommodated to faster pace and high energy each night. “It’s been a great change for me. I feel stronger and faster. I like that have my own time to train after I help out in the kids classes.” Kristina and Jason have both continued to mature and grow not only as martial artists, but as young adults who give back to a younger generation of kids that will someday follow in their footsteps.


By Lauren Rose