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Yardley Teen Embodies Spirit Of Mixed Martial Arts

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Ty Gaffin began training at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts the way most students do. The Yardley native was invited to try a class by his Aunt and cousins who were already students. That was seven years ago. The rest is the story worthy of any Black Belt.

From his very first class with Sensei Thad Campbell Ty showed the most important skills needed to learn. For the entirety of his one hour class he paid attention, not losing his focus for even the briefest of moments. That sort of concentration was nearly unheard of for an 8 year old boy.

Ty and Joey Gaffin proudly show off their new Tiger Schulmann's uniforms.

Ty and Joey Gaffin proudly show off their new Tiger Schulmann’s uniforms.


Of course it came as little surprise as his Aunt had already made the journey to Brown Belt in her own training and would shortly thereafter achieve her Black Belt.

What was surprising was the overall skill set he brought with him. Ty came in a package deal with his younger sister. Joey was a precocious six year old with a slightly different personality than her big brother. Were Ty was laid back and observed everything before commenting, Joey was willing to raise her hand and answer any question, not worried if she was right or not (though she usually was).

Thus began a journey that has hit an amazing road mark seven years later. Ty was one of only seventeen students in all of Tiger Schulmann’s to pass the Black Belt test in April. Seventeen may sound like a big number but when you realize more than 8000 students train at TSMMA in a given month it gives new perspective.

Ty earns the first new color to his belt. Here receiving his Blue Belt.

Ty earns the first new color to his belt. Here receiving his Blue Belt.


So what makes a Black Belt in Tiger Schulmann’s. Ty is a great example. Mostly it is someone who simply doesn’t quit. Early on it was the long days of class with no one but his younger sister to train with. For most of his first few years, great training partners were hard to come by.

Ty’s mom and dad are both business owners and their free time was limited. Ty could only make it to three classes a week and those were often times when other kids his age couldn’t make it. So what did Ty do? He set an example for everyone else in the class by training harder and with more focus than everyone else.

Ty earns the first spot in class after years of training.

Ty earns the first spot in class after years of training.

That was one trait that would never change. With each new partner he had in class, Ty stood out. He set an example. In Martial Arts the word Sempai is used to refer to someone who has achieved the rank of Black Belt. In Japanese Sempai means Older Brother or Older Sister. It suggests the ideal of an Older Brother or Sister, not necessarily the reality.

In fact for Joey Gaffin her older brother was the ideal. Someone she could count on to set the right example every single day and in the worst case scenario someone she could count on to be a great training partner when there were no other options.

Ty with his Aunt represent two generations of Black Belts!

Ty with his Aunt represent two generations of Black Belts!


The journey was not without it’s struggles. As if having your younger sister as your main training partner for a couple years isn’t enough of a struggle, there were the other younger less focused boys he was forced to train with on many occasions, or the countless tournaments that didn’t go quite as hoped.

Early progress in Belts was hard to come by. Training only three classes a week when your peers are making it to six or eight means seeing others achieve new belts more quickly than you do. This never was a negative for Ty who simply persevered and continued to bug his parents to bring him more often. That gradually led to 4 hours, then six and finally ten classes every week!

Then there was the first day of Middle School. Ty has always been small. Like many smaller kids he faced the initiation process of Middle School. One of the older boys decided to block the hall and test Ty’s confidence. It was a test he would pass with flying colors. He did exactly what he was taught. First he asked the bully to move, then when the boy wouldn’t, he used the leverage and technique he had been taught, forcing the boy out of his way.

It would be the first and last time he was tested by a bully!

Trips to the Challenge of Champions (the largest Mixed Martial Arts tournament for kids on the East Coast) began to net trophies. Even though his younger sister might boast more than he, it didn’t stop Ty from continuing to challenge himself. In fact he was so willing to push himself he would even accept challenges others might find hopeless. Like when as a Red Belt there was no division for him. So he chose to compete against Brown and Black Belts in a Division whose top allowable weight was nearly 30 pounds above his own.

Ty poses with mom after winning first place at NAGA, a prestigious grappling tournament.

Ty poses with mom after winning first place at NAGA, a prestigious grappling tournament.


As for training partners Ty chose a unique approach at twelve years old. If you are hurting for training partners why not bring your own. So he brought his best friend Sam to class and quickly helped his friend improve enough to become a steady partner. The two Yardley’s boys had the same birthday and as they became teenagers they also became amazing examples for every other student at TSMMA Feasterville.

Another funny thing happened as Ty showed the patience and resolve to set a great example for his younger partners. A group of them improved so much they began to become great partners as well.

Ty was also buoyed by the path of two older students, Joe Martin and Zach Moyer who both received their Black Belts in 2014. Seeing his Aunt receive her Black Belt six years earlier was cool, but Sempais Martin and Moyer were frequent training partners and gave a much clearer picture of what the journey would be like for Ty.

They also pushed Ty to the limit of his skills. Forcing him to improve in such a rapid fashion that he flew through the levels of his Brown Belt and impressed the judges at the Black Belt test to pass him on his first try. The 16 others he passed with among a group of nearly fifty testing!

Ty and Joey support their own instructor Craig Alexander as he competes in MMA.

Ty and Joey support their own instructor Craig Alexander as he competes in MMA.


Now Ty continues to set an example for both young and old alike, splitting his time as a helper in kids classes to supplement the four adult classes he takes every week. In total he trains for nearly 9 hours each and every week, and the skills are apparent.

For his parents though it is the confidence he has gained through his Mixed Martial Arts training that truly resonate. The countless hours of stories from Sensei Campbell and Joshu Craig Alexander about Focus, Discipline, Values and many other topics that Ty not only listened to, but truly heard. Those thousands of hours of physical and mental training have combined with the amazing lessons he’s received from his own family to mold a truly inspirational young man.

A picture says a thousand words!

A picture says a thousand words!


What is a Mixed Martial Arts Black Belt. It’s a 15 year old who is quick to help someone in need while being even quicker to face down bullying in all it’s forms. It is a teen with enough confidence to stand out from the crowd, while also having so much confidence that he draws one to him. It is a young man who anyone would be proud to call their son and one for whom I am extremely proud to call Sempai!


By: Sensei Thad Campbell

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How Eating Healthy Food Helps You Stay Young

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The 90 Day Challenge is in the books and if you look around Facebook there are some staggering successes. Now comes the hard part, continuing to eat healthy food without falling back in to the bad habits that can easily plague us.

Fast Food and Coffee Shops abound. You can drive five miles and easily pass 20 places where you can pop in for a quick bite. The sad part is we know how bad the stuff is for us but we are bound by habit and stop in anyway.

There is no reason Healthy Food can't taste great while giving you the nutrients your body needs!

There is no reason Healthy Food can’t taste great while giving you the nutrients your body needs!


Education is a great way to help remodel our behaviors. A recent article pointed out some high priced foods that you may not realize can not only ruin your figure but see you aging far beyond your calendar years.

None of the foods listed in the article shock. We all know processed meat, bagels, fast food burgers are all terrible for us. But looking deeper can help us understand exactly why we should drive by. 

A simple blended coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can be more than a quarter of the recommended calories for one day! If you stop at McDonald’s for a lunchtime burger and soda you have now not only consumed more than your daily allotment of calories but done so in a way that gives your body little to no actual nutritional value. 


Looks great and tastes great, but will it make you feel great?


Of particular note in the article was a link to a study of soda and it’s link to premature aging of cells. When I first joined TSMMA it was because I had gained nearly a hundred pounds in the decade since graduating High School. Much of that weight was the result of an addiction to soda.

The more I can learn about how soda adversely affects my body, the easier it is to deny those cravings. By associating the effects of soda with that of smoking (something I vehemently despise) I am able to remind myself exactly why I love water!

Keep educating yourself about healthy food and see how you can keep these strong habits you’ve created during the 90 day challenge going for a lifetime.

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Exercise Your Way To Lower Cholesterol With Kickboxing

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Everyone knows exercise is good for you. Adults also know that cholesterol, specifically LDL or low-density lipoprotein, is bad for us. In fact researchers are finding exercise can help lower LDL’s naturally.

Cholesterol was a topic that was born out of our countries middle class. The 1950’s led to higher consumption of meat products. Meat is the source of cholesterol. When Doctor’s saw a huge increase in the number of heart attacks, research showed the link to cholesterol and plaque building in blood vessels. Specifically Doctor’s began to saw it was LDL’s that led to greater risk of heart disease.

exercise cholesterol kickboxing

Dr. Amit Khera has researched the specific effect of exercise in lowering cholesterol.


So how do we combat it? By eating less meat? That’s one answer, but avoiding meat adds a different set of issues. For those of us who can eat chicken daily, or love a good steak there are plenty of other options.

When research first began on lowering cholesterol it centered on the effect of dietary changes combined with exercise. So science didn’t have a clear indication of what role exercise alone was playing. Now that has begun to change.


Kickboxing Is An Exercise Program You Won’t Have To Dread


Now that research is being done. And their are a couple of clear ways that exercise helps you to lower LDL’s.

According to a Doctor of Prevantitive Cardiology, working out helps stimulate enzymes that help move LDL’s (bad cholesterol) out of your blood stream and into your liver. Your liver then uses it to help your digestive system or simply gets it out of your body.

LDL’s and HDL’s (good cholesterol) travel through the blood stream on protein particles. Those protein particles if small enough can lodge into the lining of your heart or blood vessels and set up shop. This build up can eventually constrict the flow of blood and lead to heart attacks or stroke. Exercise in fact increases the size of those protein particles. The larger the particles the less likely they are to embed in the lining.

cholesterol kickboxing heart disease exercise

Exercise helps decrease the chance cholesterol builds up as plaque in your blood vessels.


If you have gotten the bad news that your cholesterol levels are high you have a few options. You can start taking Lipitor or other pharmaceutical options to combat it (which drug companies love because they don’t correct the problem and thus you will keep using them), you can make dietary changes, or you can start a great exercise program.

For 30 years Tiger Schulmann’s has helped adults use Kickboxing to get in great shape and lower their risk of heart disease. The instructors are trained professionals with more than a decade of experience. They also have in depth knowledge of nutrition they share with their students at no additional cost.

Try your first class free and see how the best answer to lowering your cholesterol is learning how to Kickbox.

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How can a Black Belt Get Bullied?

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Every parent fears the thought of their child coming home from school with a Black Eye, but how bad would you feel if that child held a Black Belt.

I was the victim of bullying as a kid. I had a big mouth and little self-confidence, a brutal combination for a middle school-er. The confidence that was robbed from me by bullying took a toll on me socially, caused my grades to plummet, and affected nearly every aspect of my life.

It wasn’t until my late twenties that I really started to confront some of those issues and be able to overcome them.

A large part of that was due to my involvement in Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.

So it pained me a few weeks ago when I heard the story of an 11 year old boy from one of my fellow instructors.

Bully Shield Black Belt

Joshu Shane Baker has over 20 years of training with Tiger Schulmann’s. He shares proven Bully Shield tactics with kids and parents at a free seminar.


Tiger Schulmann’s was providing a free Bully Shield seminar for local parents and at one of our locations a young boy showed up who really needed what was being taught. As my peer shared the story, the kid in question kept moving closer and closer to the front of the room, continually raising his hand to share how he had fallen victim to all the various forms of bullying that were being covered in the seminar. From the testing phase of being bossed around, to being called names, harrassed in the hallways and bathrooms all the way to blatant physical bullying.

The Sensei leading the seminar related how as the young boy began to share his story their wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

In the immortal words of Paul Harvey, now for the rest of the story:

The young 11 year old holds a Black Belt from the second largest martial arts organization in the Philadelphia area. With schools throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia and South Jersey they have a very recognizable logo that adorns the windshields of many local vehicles.

What they don’t have is a reputation for teaching student how to actually defend themselves. The 11 year old’s story is unfortunately not unique. Many martial arts schools have built their business on marketing and fancy presentation. It looks really cool when your child can twirl a bo staff, or swing nunchukus in a prepared “kata” with 11 other kids.

A Tiger Schulmann’s Black Belt Will Never Be Bullied

Unfortunately that remnant of Karate from five centuries ago does nothing for a kid being bullied in the school bathroom or on the back of the bus. Nor is it a true reflection of that which Karate was originally intended.

Bully Shield Black Belt

Tiger Schulmann’s curriculum prepares students for real world situations like if a Bully is sitting on top of you.


Tiger Schulmann’s has cemented their reputation by providing the highest quality of training for your children. While our competitors instructors are out flyering their local supermarkets, gyms and superstores, we are training to make sure our curriculum is the best. Each instructor is required to make a trip to Elmwood Park, New Jersey twice a week for ongoing training directly under Tiger Schulmann.

Our level of professionalism allows us to offer six hours of classes a day for six days a week. Each instructor is required to follow the curriculum developed by Tiger Schulmann and his brother Ron Schulmann. Those two have over 40 years experience in martial arts each and have run the most successful organization in the world since they opened in 1984.

You will never hear a story of a Tiger Schulmann’s Black Belt being bullied. That’s because we do not sell black belts. Paying for training does not earn you the right to get a new belt. Instead we have a strict standard at each belt level for technique, strength and discipline. While you may hear stories from parents who feel their child hasn’t been promoted fast enough, you will never hear of a child whose parents feel he was given a belt too fast.

We also require our students to prove they can stand up for themselves by participating in sparring and close range defense classes that closely resemble what an actual bullying situation would look like.

Students are placed into those classes at the proper time by instructors with an average of 15 years teaching experience. They are not “thrown to the wolves”, but rather taught slowly and helped by more experienced students to face their fears, rather than avoid them. This builds the self-confidence needed to confront a bully.

When you are looking for a martial arts school for your child choose wisely. A flyer in your kids backpack may look cool, but understand what you actually want from their training. A true martial arts school should be the perfect union of self-discipline and self-defense. Your child will learn focus, perseverance and a positive attitude all while gaining the real self-defense skills to stop bullying dead in its tracks.

That is what has made Tiger Schulmann’s the place for martial arts training for the last three decades. While cheaper substitutes pop up all the time, their is a reason no other school has come close to providing the level of instruction TSMMA is known for!

Call your nearest Tiger Schulmann’s with schools serving Abington, Bensalem, Chalfont, Cherry Hill,Feasterville, Holland, Philadelphia, Willow Grove, and your local community. You can also register online for a FREE Trial Class and see what has made TSMMA number one.

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Healthy, Happy Life Starts With Taking Care Of Yourself

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Go to a Wedding or New Year’s party and the last thing you will  hear is a toast to health and happiness. What makes us healthy and happy though.

The last decade has been great for information on eating healthy. In fact it may be too great. It can be confusing to keep up with caveman, gluten free, which fats are good fats and how to cook them. Even more difficult, having the strength to follow through with what you know.

More important than what you eat to how healthy and happy you are is your state of mind. That is what has makes kickboxing such a mainstay for adults. When martial arts came to the United States it was taught to adults. Watch old Bruce Lee documentaries and you do not see kids. In an effort to make a living martial arts schools opened up hours to children. Over time the perception of martial arts changed. Now adults bring their children before themselves.

Healthy & Happy

Joshu Alexander (far left) poses with Mike Levin (2nd from left) and two other students at Levin’s Black Belt Ceremony


Joshu Craig Alexander at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Feasterville makes sure those adults understand how it helps them too.

“A parent who trains is much more likely to keep their kids training,” the 2nd Degree Black Belt says. “It’s simple, they see the benefits for themselves and want that for their kids. Also they know how hard training is and have much more respect for what their kids are doing.”

It’s the strength of not only body, but mind that Alexander says is helps adults. Even in their thirties, forties and fifties adults build the discipline that helps them succeed in every day life.

Healthy & Happiness

His students don’t fight in the ring, but apply the same discipline to the daily fights their life brings.


“We are always working on our self-discipline,” says the successful instructor who doubles as a champion Mixed Martial Artist. “Every successful person has one trait in common. Self-Discipline. The ability to keep going when other people quit is what allows us to achieve any goal.”

Healthy More Mental Than Physical

Alexander loves to watch adults achieve goals in his Kickboxing classes. He talks about applying that mental strength to the other areas of life.

“Many adults don’t realize stress is the biggest cause of illness. By learning to be mentally strong and achieve at the various aspects of life, my students lower their stress levels. Also hitting a heavy bag for an hour while getting a great workout helps as well!”

As a professional fighter Alexander has also become an expert in nutrition. He knows how to make all the rules of healthy eating simple for you without having to spend thousands of dollars on special meals or a nutritionist. That extra knowledge is included for at no extra charge in the simple cost of taking Kickboxing.

If you have been looking for  Health and Happiness in your life call Tiger Schulmann’s in Feasterville today. You can also register online to set up your Free Trial Program. You can see why more than a hundred thousand adults have used Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing program to make it a reality in their own lives!


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Star Lord Building His Focus In Martial Arts

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Getting a nickname is a privilege at TSMMA Feasterville. First you have to train hard. You have to demonstrate focus in every class. Then you have to do it for a long time.  And finally you have to do something that makes a nickname appropriate. For Aidan Judge it was his combination of athletic ability, focus and numerous hilarious moments that earned him a most coveted one.

Star Lord was the leader of the summer’s biggest blockbuster, and just like the Chris Pratt character in the movie, Aidan provides moments of awe inspiring martial arts while at the same time making his instructors crack a smile for all the right reasons.

Mary and John first brought the Holland native to Tiger Schulmann’s to help build his focus. Dad is a Philadelphia police officer and both parents also valued the self-defense he would learn. They hoped the combination would help to build his self-confidence.

Focus earns belt promotion

A combination of focus, positive attitude and success in class earned Aiden his first belt promotion.


The training has succeeded. Aidan just earned his Hi-White Belt for the amazing improvements he has shown. At only four years old he is able to maintain his concentration and attention span throughout a 45 minute class. Also he consistently has the answer to every question his instructor asks at the end of class.

It is a rare combination for a four year old.  Joshu Craig Alexander knows it gives him the ability to take his martial arts training all the way to the highest level.

“It’s awesome as an instructor to have those kids in class who pick up the little things you teach them,” says the Feasterville Instructor. “At the same time he is able to bring some humor to the class each and every day without breaking the discipline. He is just a naturally positive kid that knows how to say something funny at the perfect time.”

There is nothing funny about his improvements in martial arts. The four year old has been making his instructors proud with his improvements in every aspect of his training. Whether it’s kicks, punches, strength training, flexibility or even the discipline to sit still during end of class discussions. “Star Lord” is showing the characteristics that earned him such an awesome nickname!

Congratulations to Aidan on his promotion. We know it is the first of many!

If you want your child to improve focus and boost self-confidence register for a free class on the top right of the page!


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