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Tiger Schulmann’s is the most professional martial arts organization in the world, and our Mount Kisco location is no exception. We care deeply about helping people achieve their goals and make the most of their lives.

Tiger Schulmann's in Mount Kisco, NY

The staff at Tiger Schulmann’s in Mount Kisco, New York, has been teaching kickboxing and grappling to kids and adults alike for eight years. We instill in our students the importance of self-defense as well as the benefits of fitness.

We also hold a variety of seminars within the community. Our local school and community center workshops focus on bully prevention, child safety and women’s safety.

Additionally, Tiger Schulmann’s in Mount Kisco, New York offers events that aim to engage the neighborhood. In fact, our next event is scheduled for June 20 at the Westchester County Center! We’re also organizing our annual summer picnic. Contact us to learn more.

Whether you’re looking to punch away stress or burn fat, we can help. Our hand-picked expert instructors will tailor a workout regiment to your level and needs.

For more information about Tiger Schulmann’s and where you can find a location near you, please give us a call at (800) 528-4437 today. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media! We’re LIVE on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, and update our pages regularly with the latest Tiger Schulmann’s news and MMA tips!

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Level 3 of bullying – Bully starts physical violence

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“A Bully is neither brave or strong unless we give him our strength. By not standing up to a bully you empower them. You give them all the power and they feel they can do anything to you they want. This is very dangerous. Please join us on Saturday October 18th at 1 pm at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Mount Kisco To learn how to stop a bully.

A bully is usually more scared than the victim. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. They are hoping and praying that the victim will back down and not stand up for themselves. If one does the bully will most likely back down and move on to the next victim. If the victim doesn’t stand up then the bully is empowered like they have never been before. They feel strong and invincible like they can do whatever they want to someone. This is very, very dangerous. There is no telling what the bully will do. That is why it is so important to stop bullying the right way. 

Martial arts gives the tool of confidence to stop bullying

Training martial arts gives kids the much needed experience of being a violent situation. This experience gives them the confidence to stand up and say “No!”

We’ve gone over both level 1 bullying as well as level 2 bullying already. Those are the best times to stop a bully. We are now dealing with a situation where we did not stop them there. By not doing so we have given all the power, all the control to the bully. The feel incredibly powerful. They tested the water and it feels great to them. Now they will start to get physical. They will do things like smack you in the head or tripping you so you fall. Maybe going as far as punching or kicking you. The verbal abuse will get down right cruel and vicious. The bully sees that you won’t fight back so there are no restrictions on them. They can do whatever they want because you gave them all the power.

The victim is now left with only one way out of this dangerous situation. They must fight back. They really have no other choice. If someone ever puts there hands on you it is not only your right but your responsibility to defend yourself. The biggest problem I think we have here is fear. If you have never been in a fight before the fear of one can be paralyzing. You literally freeze up and your body doesn’t react like your brain hopes it will. Trust me when I say you don’t want your first fight to be with someone that really wants to hurt you. Kids that train karate, kickboxing or jiu-jitsu are placed in stressful situations regularly. They won’t freeze. They will be able to react swiftly and with complete control. They have face much tougher opponents than some bully and have come out unharmed so fear of getting hurt won’t be a problem.

“If you allow a situation with a bully to escalate to the point where you need to use your fists to handle it then you messed up somewhere along the line. Handled correctly it will never get violent. Handled correctly you will stop it before you need to use your fists. The best self defense is one you never have to use.”

There is another fear. One that would have been baffling to me as a child but is very prevalent today.  Not necessarily the fear of getting hurt but more so the fear of getting in trouble. Schools today have a “Zero Tolerance” policy. This mandates that the victim gets in as much trouble, sometimes more than the bully when they fight back. When I was young if a kid was bullying you, eventually you would beat the bully up. When the teachers found out the usually knew who the bullies were and figured that justice had been served. That is not how it is today. This “Zero Tolerance” policy is wrong. It gives the bully more power as it takes away a basic right of the victim. I remember my son telling me he was being bullied in school when he was in second grade. A fifth grader was pushing him and some of his friends and I told him to push him back. His fear wasn’t that he’d get hurt but that he’d get in trouble. This policy had my son scared to protect himself. His mother and I told him he may go to the principals office in school but when he came home he’d be going to the toy store. We would be so proud that he would deserve a reward.

Stop a bully with self defense like karate or grappling

Kids that know how to fight are less likely to get into fights. That is a fact.

Do not let bullying get to level 3. If it does there is no way out other than to fight. I train many wonderful kids martial arts. I do so to empower them with the tools of self discipline, self defense and self confidence. Still I hope they never have to use their skills. I hope they are never forced to protect themselves or someone they care about. Trust me thought that if they are forced they will be prepared. I always say in a situation like this where you are being bullied, pushed to the limit then someone is going to walk away from that situation unhappy. It better be the bully. Come to my seminar on October 18th at 1pm and give your kids the tools to stop bullying.

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Level 2 of Bullying – Bully pushes the limit

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A Bully gets stronger every time you don’t stand up to him. The Tiger Schulmann’s “Bully Shield” seminar teaches the three levels of bullying and the importance of stopping it as soon as possible. Please join us on Saturday October 18th at 1 pm at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA in Mount Kisco To learn how to stop a bully.

Bully Shield Seminar in Mount Kisco New York to teack kids the proper way to stop bullying

Tiger Schulmann’s Mount Kisco will be hosting our “Bully Shield Seminar” to teach kids the proper way to stop bullying.

A bully lacks courage. A bully lacks confidence. If this were not the case than a bully would not try to raise their self esteem by stealing it from others. They feel better by making others feel worse because they don’t know any other way to feel good about themselves. It’s sad really when you think about it. No matter how sad it might make us feel it can never tolerated or accepted. It must be shut down as soon as a bully attempts to establish himself. If not is is only going to get worse. Let me explain.

We know that there are three levels of bullying. I wrote up about the first level a few days ago. Read it here. That is the testing stage. The bully is feeling you out. Checking to see if you’ll fight back. This will be the easiest time to shut the bully down. If you don’t then the bully feels empowered. They will figure you are weak and they can keep going. In this stage it gets worse. Where as in level one it was simple things like name calling and laughing at someone, in level two they actually start invading the victims personal space and touching them.

anti bullying seminar teaches kids to stop a bully

The Tiger Schulmann’s MMA “Bully Shield” seminar is important for kids as well as parents. The more information we have the easier it is to solve the problem

Some examples of level 2 bullying are bumping into someone on purpose, flipping someones hat off their head or maybe the bully cuts in front of you on a line. You see the bully feels safe knowing you didn’t stand up to them before. They figure that you won’t stand up know so what the heck. We can not allow the bully to get stronger. We must be assertive in our defense so that it won’t escalate any further. But how can a person do this? What does it take to stand up to a bully? I’ll tell you.

It takes confidence to stand up to a bully. Real confidence gained by real experience in martial arts. You are in a situation that may force you to fight back. If you’ve never been in this type of situation before you will panic, that is a fact. You will not understand how to deal with the emotional stress it causes. You will not be able to deal with the physical effects like adrenaline. Trust me when I say that you don’t want the first experience you have in martial arts to be in an uncontrollable environment like fighting a bully.

Kids that train karate, kickboxing or jiu-jitsu have faced these kind of challenges before. They have dealt with the stress and fear that come along with it. This experience provides them with real confidence that gives them the courage they need to stand up. They have competed and trained with kids the know to be much tougher and scarier than some bully. They have the power and will not allow it to be taken away. That is why I believe all kids should train in the martial arts. It not only gives them the tools needed to stop a bully but it give them a positive outlet to get aggression out so they don’t become a bully.

Kids get stronger at the bully shield seminar

The Tiger Schulmann’s MMA “Bully Shield” seminar is important for kids as well as parents. The more information we have the easier it is to solve the problem

My seminar is on Saturday October 18th. It’s free and open to the public. If you have a child please bring them. Even if they are not being bullied at the moment it may happen in the future. Give them the tools they need to get the job done.

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Level 1 of Bullying – Stop a bully before it gets violent

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Bullies never start with physical violence. There are three different levels to bullying. Tiger Schulmann’s “Bully Shield” Seminar explains these levels and demonstrates these levels. Learn how to stop a bully in the first level, before it gets violent using the greatest weapon we have which is your mind. Contact us now to sign up for our October 18th free seminar.

Bully Shield Seminar in Mount Kisco New York to teack kids the proper way to stop bullying

Tiger Schulmann’s Mount Kisco will be hosting our “Bully Shield Seminar” to teach kids the proper way to stop bullying.

If a bully was truly confident in themselves they would never start bullying kids in the first place. If they were really confident they would join my karate classes and challenge themselves just like all the other kids. We know from experience that bullies are not confident in themselves which is usually why they start bullying in the first place. They are looking for something to make other kids like them or think they are cool in order to boost their confidence. This is why a bully would never start his bullying with violence. The first stage of bullying is the “test the water” stage. Allow me to explain.

Have you ever been to the beach before? Did you run up to the water and let it touch your toes only to run away because it was very cold? That is exactly what the first stage is. The bully is afraid, a lot more afraid than the victim. They don’t know if their mark is going to stand up for themselves or allow fear to paralyze them into submission. Obviously they are hoping for the latter. Our seminar teaches kids how to be assertive in the situation and stop it before it escalates to violence. We like to think the best self defense is the one you never have to use.


Some examples of level one bullying are making fun of someone when they make a mistake, saying mean things or calling a person mean names and telling lies about a person to others behind their back. If the bully was confronted here than it would never go any further. By standing up for yourself you take all the power away from the bully. They will back down and most likely never try it again. It must however be done the right way. Tone of voice and body language work wonders in this instance. A strong demeanor is key. Speaking loudly and clear projects strength. You must make eye contact and stand tall. Any sign of weakness will convince the bully you are faking and they will push forward until you break. You must have confidence in your words and be willing to back them up. You must be confident but where does this confidence come from? I’ll tell you.

“You don’t want the first time you you’ve ever been hit to be in a fight against a bully. Training martial arts gives kids experience of a violent situation in a controlled environment where they know they will be safe. Now if they are forced to defend them selves they will be much more prepared and confident.”  

Training in martial arts and karate builds confidence through positive achievement. After all it is only through our achievements that real confidence is built. Plus with the ability to protect yourself comes a sense of security. Knowing that you have been in stressful and possibly violent situations before and came out unscathed will allow you to block out any fear and do what needs to be done. Although if you have never been there and this situation is the first time you will never be able to stand up the right way. You head will slouch and your words will be quiet and mumbled. The bully will pick up on this and continue to bully you. If you speak clearly and loud you will be taken more seriously. If you stand tall and don’t look away then the bully will break.

Martial arts gives the tool of confidence to stop bullying

Training martial arts gives kids the much needed experience of being a violent situation. This experience gives them the confidence to stand up and say “No!”

We must not depend on the bully backing down simply by telling them to. We must be prepared to back up our words if pushed to that point. Kids that train karate, jiu-jitsu or kickboxing have fought before. They have fought other kids that do martial arts and and have no doubt that this bully can not be as tough as the kids they’ve trained with. It’s this experience that provides them the tool of confidence to handle bullies the right way. Come to my seminar and see for yourself.

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Karate Kids use Bully Shield to stop Bullies

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On Saturday October 18th we at Tiger Schulmann’s MMA will be hosting our FREE “Bully Shield” seminar. This is an education for kids and parents alike teaching them the right way to handle the bullying epidemic that has been devastating our country. We hope to empower all with the tools and strength to stand up to bullies and say “No!!!!”

Bully Shield Seminar in Mount Kisco New York to teack kids the proper way to stop bullying

Tiger Schulmann’s Mount Kisco will be hosting our “Bully Shield Seminar” to teach kids the proper way to stop bullying.

Bullies have been torturing kids for far to long. There are thousands of good kids that fear going to school more than they fear the boogie man. I don’t want to even get into the drastic steps so many have taken in the mere hopes of ending the abuse they have had to endure at the hands of bullies. It is so frustrating to me because I feel this is a very easy problem to solve. When bullies try to do their bullying thing, the victim, or hopefully intended victim needs to stand up to these bullies and say loud and clear “No! Not me.”

“Martial arts provides our kids the tools they need to stand up to bullies. Self Defense and Self Confidence. With these tools they take the power away from bullies and empower themselves.”

It is easy for someone like me to say that the victims need to be the ones to stop bullies. I have been bullied in the past and was forced to defend myself. Since that time I’ve been training Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu and MMA on a daily basis. This has been going on for over 25 years. In that time I’ve been knocked down and thrown around by world class fighters like UFC Superstars Louis “Goodnight” Gaudinot and Nick “Pretty Boy” Pace. I’ve experienced the things that the victims of bullies are so very afraid and come to learn that it’s not that bad. When someone trains in the martial arts they learn that sometimes you have to take a few shots. The more it happens the less scary it becomes. Most fights in school last less then 10 seconds. Now as you read this please take 10 seconds and count out loud. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Ok good. Not that long is it. Training allows kids to face that fear, conquer that fear and turn that fear against these bullies. Standing up and showing a bully you are not afraid of a fight stops the bullying almost every time.

I am a parent of an amazing 9 year old boy named LJ. He is such a good kid with nothing but good intentions towards all. He just wants to have fun all day with whoever is around. I can’t imagine him ever even thinking of join bullies as they try to torment other kids. With all that being said I know that there will be some kids that will view his kindness as a weakness. If I allowed him to go into an environment where the mere possibility of bullies trying to harass or harm him without a basic knowledge of how to defend himself I’d not be doing my job as his father. As parents we are responsible for our childrens safety. When we are not there with them we can not depend on schools to keep them safe. The policies in place now are more concerned with liability than responsibility. We must give our kids the necessary tools to protect themselves. These tools are Self Defense and Self Confidence and both are gained through martial arts training.

LJ used martial arts to leearn how to stand up to bullies

LJ is one of the sweetest, kindest kids you will ever meet. Some bullies would mistake this kindness for weakness. His martial arts training has given the tools he needs to stand up to those bullies and say “No! Not me.”

Without the proper tools our kids are vulnerable. The bullies have all the power and are anxious to use it. Give that power back to your kids. Take it from the bullies and give it to those who need it more. My seminar is free and effective. It teaches kids the right way to stop the bullies from bullying without having to resort to violence. We empower them with the best weapon possibly, knowledge. Knowledge that allows them to over come the fear of the situation and provide them the courage to do what is right.

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Bully Shield program gives kids the tools to stop bullying

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Tiger Schulmann’s “Bully Shield” program teaches kids how to stop bullying. We give them the tools of self discipline, self confidence and self defense they need to stand up to the bullies and say “NO!” Our free seminar is Saturday October 18th at 1pm. Call now and reserve your spot. 914-218-4314

Anti-Bullying seminar in mount kisco ny teaches kids to stand up to bullies

Bullying has become a horrible epidemic in this country. Bully Shield gives kids the tools they need to stand up and say “Stop!”


Tiger Schulmann’s MMA

350 Lexington Ave

Mount Kisco NY, 10549

There is a bully on every block, bus and in every classroom. Bullying has become a national epidemic and it needs to stop now! The problem has only gotten worse over the years and I think I know why. It’s being fought the wrong way. Schools take a policy of zero tolerance in an effort to keep their hands clean and avoid any liability. They say that if a kid is being bullied and defends himself against the bully, he is at as much fault as the bully is and will be punished the same equally. That is absolutely ridiculous to me. I tell all the kids in my karate class that it is not only their right to defend themselves but their responsibility to do so.

Standing up to a bully is not easy. Not if you do not first give a kid the tools needed to do so. Those tools include Self confidence and Self defense. These are two of the principals that Tiger Schulmann’s has been teaching kids for over 30 years. To ask someone to stand up against bullying without these tools is like sending someone shopping with out any money. I think you would see the results would be the same. Training in the martial arts at my school gives these kids those tools in a safe environment where the kids feel safe and have fun. Our “Bully Shield” program demonstrates exactly how to deal with a bully.

“The best self defense is the one you never have to use. Just to be safe though, you better have it just in case. The knowledge that you can defend yourself gives you confidence. That confidence will be seen and felt by potential bullies. It’s like Bully repellent.”

The first tool needed to stop a bully is self defense. To tell someone to stand up and put themselves in a situation where a fight may occur without first teaching them self defense is dangerous. You wouldn’t throw your kid in the water if they didn’t know how to swim would you? No I don’t think so. You wouldn’t let a teenager drive a car without first teaching them how to would you? Definitely not no. So why send a child into an environment where you know for a fact that bullying occurs without teaching them how to defend themselves. Some parents worry that if you teach a kid how to fight then of course they will get into fights. That is not the case at all. Kids who know how to fight very rarely get into fights. They feel no need to be aggressive towards others. Any aggression they have they get out in a positive way at their karate school. If someone challenges them they feel fighting them is a waste of time and not really a challenge so they will try and avoid it. If they are pushed though, their training can insure that they will be able to control themselves and not have to seriously hurt their bully but rather just keep the bully from hurting them.

Stop a bully with self defense like karate or grappling

Kids that know how to fight are less likely to get into fights. That is a fact.

The second tool is self confidence. A person needs to feel confident that the self defense knowledge they have is real and effective enough to protect them in order to stand up to a bully. Sometimes parents will tell their kids to just be confident or to just act confident. That is not realistic at all. Real confidence comes from a persons own personal achievements. Kids in my class have had achievements. They have trained with the other kids in class in both Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Many of them have competed in tournaments against trained kids. I’d say that 95% of bullies have zero martial arts training at all. That means that my kids feel great in their chances against the bully. They train everyday with top level kids and realize that a bully is no match for them. This makes it easy for them to shut a bully down real fast without ever having to throw a punch.

Karate kids can stop bullies. Bully shield shows them how.

Self confidence must come from truth. Kids who train and compete know their knowledge of self defense is real.

As a parent it is your job, your responsibility to protect your kids. You must provide them the tools they need to make life as easy as possible. The tools needed to stop a bully are Self defense and self confidence. The best place to get them is in my martial arts class. The best way to get started would be to come to my free “Bully Shield Seminar”.


Tiger Schulmann's Martial Arts | Adults Training

Kickboxing is the best way to get in shape, I will prove it

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Everyone is looking for the “Magic Pill” to being in shape and losing weight. I’m telling you that it exists in Westchester New York. It’s Tiger Schulmann’s Kickboxing.

Adults in Westchester get in shape with kickboxing
Kickboxing burns at least 800 calories an hour. Just one reason of many it’s a better option than the gym. Imagine everything accomplished in one hour.

Kickboxing should be your first and last choice for fitness. With all the options available when it comes to getting in shape I’m going to explain why Kickboxing is the best.I’ve been a member of more gyms than I can count. I’ve done numerous classes from spin to aerobics to Zumba. None of them gave me the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction through hard work like Kickboxing has. Plus none gave the same results.

Kickboxing in Westchester gets results better than any other fitness program

Joshu Byrnes is the Head Instructor of the TSMMA Mount Kisco location. Kickboxing Got him in great shape and he will make sure you get in great shape.

Anyone who knows about exercise will tell you that any effective workout should cover three different areas of conditioning. Cardiovascular, Strength and Flexibility. Kickboxing covers all three in a timely manner while making it fun. The worst part of exercise is that it seems to take too long and can be very boring to the uninitiated. If you need proof look at the zombies on the treadmills next time you’re at the gym. This boredom factor can be very discouraging leading a person to quit. Kickboxing classes are so fun and mind engaging that the time passes very fast. You are always learning and trying to master each punch, each kick that nothing else enters your mind. Your thoughts are so focused on improving that any stresses that had been previously eating away at positive energy just disappear. It’s a very zen like feeling. An inner peace through the path of Kickboxing.

The way our Kickboxing classes are structured your heart rate gets jacked up and then has a chance to come back down. This is called Interval Training and it’s proven to be most effective when it comes to losing weight. Plus it will increase your stamina levels which is part of your Cardiovascular training. When professional Kickboxing or MMA fighters train they must prepare their bodies to be back to 100% during the minute rest they receive in between rounds. Their heart rate gets up around 180 bpm, then must return to a resting heart rate ( mine is usually between 50 and 60 bpm ) quickly. This is the best way to gauge ones conditioning levels. With this new found stamina gained from training you will have more energy through the day to get done all the things you need to get done. Now who couldn’t use more energy?

“Cardiovascular Exercise boosts your energy levels making it possible to accomplish all the things you want to get done everyday. Kickboxing is amazing for increasing your stamina.”

I often see my members smiling while hitting the heavy bags during Kickboxing classes at my gym. When I ask them why the smile the answer is almost always the same. “I feel like I’m hitting harder today.” Of course they are. We gain strength through Resistance Training. Resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance. Punching and kicking is a great way to strengthen and tone your body without adding a lot of weight. Muscle weighs more than fat so if we want to lose weight, adding to much muscle is counter productive. Toning on the other hand makes us look good while getting stronger, and that is always a huge confidence boost.

Kickboxing helps you lose weight and get in shape

Daniel Dunn is just one of thousands that changed their lives for the better through Kickboxing at TSMMA.

Something you will never hear a person say is “I feel too flexible. My muscles don’t hurt enough.” On the other hand the opposite is something you will hear every single day from more than one person. The reason here is because nobody stretches enough. Flexibility is the most neglected part of almost every exercise regimen. I believe the reason is because people lack the discipline to stretch at the end of exercising. I mentioned earlier that most people who go to the gym are bored there. If they make it through their routine, and that is a big if they rarely want to stay another ten minutes to stretch. Even if it may be the most important part of an effective program. My Kickboxing class has stretching in it throughout the class. While punching and kicking we are engaged in Dynamic Stretching, which is stretching through movement. At the end of our class during our cool down period we do Static Stretching. The three T’s of stretching are time, temperature and tension and all three apply here. This will lessen the soreness felt the following day and prevent injury. Both of these wonderful results will allow you to train in the next Kickboxing class. How awesome is that?

Kickboxing helps you lose weight and get in shape

Christine Oringer is an example of what hard work and kickboxing can do for you.

So listen, if you gave me a week I wouldn’t be able to list all the reasons my Kickboxing classes are your #1 option to get in shape. The best way for you to realize it and appreciate it is to come in and try it yourself. The only warning I’ll offer is that if you try it you will love it. Kickboxing will open your eyes to a new improved life with more energy and more smiling. You may even need to replace your wardrobe with new clothes that fit better and show off your new body. Remember that I did warn you.


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See how Karate helped this girl in school

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Discipline helps Samantha in karate

Samantha Earns High White Belt

Of all the back to school supplies needed this fall, karate may be the most important. With the summer coming to a close you can here both the moaning of kids and the cheers of parents as we all prepare for back to school. I know at my house there are mixed emotions. Sadness that the warm weather and days at the pool are leaving but at the same time excitement about starting the next chapter of education. The stores are packed with back to school supplies like notebooks and pencils. Kids are picking out new school clothes and fresh sneakers. Of all the supplies that Samantha will need as she heads back to school she may have gotten the most important one long ago. That supply is her karate training. Let me explain.

As parents we want to provide our kids with all the tools they will need to succeed. Tools like discipline, focus, a strong work ethic and a non-quitting spirit. All of these tools are available for them to gain through training in karate.

Samantha started training with me at my karate school in Westchester before the summer started. As soon as she stepped on the mat I could see we had something special in this young lady. She always had this look on her face that screamed out how focused she was while never having to actually say it. She lets her actions speak for her and they get the message across loudly. Her discipline and effort have earned her the first promotion on her journey. I can guarantee you it will not be her last. She has learned how to harness her energies into a force to accomplish the task she has in front of her. She has learned how a non-quitting spirit can be used to overcome a challenge that seems impossible to get past. She has learned that is ok to fall down from time to time as long as we have the courage to pull ourselves back up.

karate teaches discipline for back to school

Discipline learned in karate is the best back to school supply a child can have

The lessons that she has learned on the mat will translate into school. That makes her training in karate the most important school supply of all.  Her accomplishments in karate have given her the much needed confidence required for her to be successful in all future endeavors. She will not be afraid to ask for extra help in class if she needs it. She will not succumb to the peer pressure that can lead even the brightest children down the wrong path. She will definitely not let any bullies push her around or tell her what to do. She is ready for all the challenges that the school environment have in store for her. Her karate training has prepared her well.

I am very proud of Samantha. She is really a blessing and pleasure to have in class. She helps me on the mat by demonstrating what focus and discipline can do for a student. The other kids around her already look up to her for this. She is on her way to becoming a leader.