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Martial Arts Students in Wayne Getting Ready for Competition

Two boys Grappling on the gym floor during the tournament with referee standing

  The Challenge of Champions will be unrolling its mats again this December at the Raritan Center in Edison NJ.  Thousands of competitors are gearing up now preparing for this, the largest Mixed Martial Arts tournament of its kind in the country. Many martial arts organizations hold tournaments.  Many of them are discipline specific, forms, […]

Tiger Schulmann’s Kids Martial Arts helps kids Build Confidence

Two boys sparring at Tiger Schulmann's Wayne

Training in Kids Martial Arts has more than just the obvious benefits, such as self-defense, self-discipline and physical fitness.  The ability to stand up for yourself can not only be frightening to a young child or kid it can create intense stress and worry.  Training at Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts helps the kids become […]

Confidence from Kids Martial Arts Deters Bullying

Older Boy Bullying a Younger Boy outdoors

Introduce your Child to an Amazing Kids Martial Arts Program!  Put an end to Bullying Today. Animal or human predators alike both go after easy targets, not one that will fight back Did you ever watch one of those nature shows on TV where you see the lion going after the defenseless zebra or gazelle […]

Self Discipline is the Key to Success with Karate

Boy Standing in Tiger Schulmann's equipment

Self Discipline the Key To Success  Successful people have something in common, and it’s not good looks, charm, personality or sense of humor, its SELF DISCIPLINE! Self Discipline is a very powerful thing to have in life! Let me give an example: you have a kid that is talented and gets everything on the first try. […]

Karate For Modern Era On Display At MMA School

Two Girls Punching bags during kids training at Tiger Schulmann's Abington

For years parents turned to karate to help build confidence in their children. Building Self-Confidence takes two things, achievement and a sense of security. Achievement helps build confidence. Self-defense provides that sense of security. Karate was once considered the best way to defend yourself. In the last two decades that has been proven incorrect. “The […]

Benefits Of Karate Taught With an MMA twist

Kids Kneeling on the Floor with their parents sitting behind at Tiger Schulmann's

It is a scene that has been playing itself out since John Evensen joined Tiger Schulmann’s Karate more than twenty years ago. A young parent brings their child to karate because they don’t know what to do. Sensei John Evensen hears about a lack of concentration and attention span and how it hurts the child […]